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The correct form of my pen name is Tìsrusewä Karyu, meaning "Teacher of the Dances" in the Na'vi language. The diacritical marks are not accepted by the software driving this site, hence this notice. I am working towards my national certification to become a ballroom dance instructor, so this is the most descriptive name I can make in Na'vi. I am also an information systems security engineer, but there is no way to express those skills in Na'vi that I have seen.

I am on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002854287298. Or, search using my pen name without the diacritical marks. Occasionally, I will put a status report on my works out there. See entry below dated 16 March 2012 for more Facebook info.

I have one published work of fiction, a satire on a day in my life as a freshman in college, written for my Freshman Composition class. It caused me so much grief, I wish I never wrote it. Please, never poke fun at teachers in writing who can mark you down in spite. I also took a Creative Writing class, but got slammed so bad in it I swore I would never write fiction again. Guess I'm getting senile in my old age, because here I am releasing fictional works again. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

(24 August 2011, Jake's birthday) My first story is Spirit Fliers. It gives my ideas on training an ikran beyond the flying scenes in the movie, and the relationship between the ikran and its rider. Also touch on the relationships among clans that is more routine than massing against a common enemy. The movie hints at four ceremonies that were omitted. The Dream Hunt is part of the deleted scenes on DVD, and this story gives my description of the other three. It is a stand-alone short story with all original characters, and is complete as it stands. I may add episodes that fall in between chapters two and three, but have nothing planned at this time. One reader sent me an interesting idea using the main characters, but that would be a separate story. It is not a concept I have ever thought much about, and needs much work on my part to make it a compelling tale.

(18 December 2011, second anniversary of Avatar) The Hunting Party is a series of related short stories about a hunting party. It, too, has all original characters from a clan not mentioned in either the movie or the game. The goal is to describe living in the wild to fill in the large blanks hinted by the film. The first episode is "The Hunting Party: The Waterhole at Pa'li Mesa" and takes place on the afternoon of the second day out. I hope my Muse and my life allow me to complete enough of this storyline to make a coherent contribution to you, my readers.

As this story has so many characters, here is a list to help understand the players. It will change from time to time as the story develops.

(Updated on 1 June 2012)

Dramatis Personae

The Adult Hunters (three mated couples on their annual hunting trip)

Äkaynu, mate of Txìtey, older sister of Tiunu, Leader of the Hunters for the Waterfall Clan

Txìtey, mate of Äkaynu, older brother of Potey, leader of this hunting party, hunter and best leader of hunting parties on pa'li

Potey, mate of Keti, younger brother of Txìtey, hunter

Keti, the mate of Potey, hunter and teacher of pa'li riding and handling

Tiunu, mate of Lew'it, younger sister of Äkaynu, hunter who also works with crafters of leather and jewelry and sings

Lew'it, mate of Tiunu, hunter who also plays drums and sings

The Adolescent Hunters in Training (four unrelated children)

Larotan, older boy

Ti'mì, older girl

Mäsay, younger boy

Zeyuo, younger girl, youngest member of this hunting party

Other Waterfall Clan members mentioned but not participants in the Hunting Party

Lukeka, mate of Tänaru, Leader of the Waterfall Clan and leader of the warriors

Tänaru, mate of Lukeka, Tsahik of the Waterfall Clan

Sotsen, mate of Hirsu, retired Clan Leader

Hirsu, mate of Sotsen, retired Tsahik

Veyno, retired leader of hunters

Pizia, deputy leader of warriors

Huhemi, deputy leader of hunters

Syuzi, leader of healers

Hakmi, leader of food preparers

Kxeyku, hunter and lead ikran trainer

Kuzìpì, hunter and archery teacher

Pänìfay, hunter and fire-making teacher

Lätxey, bowyer (weapon crafter specializing in bow making)

Kekiwa, hunter, former teacher of fishing, and now teacher of net and hook fishing

Zìrteme, father of Zeyuo, hunter and new teacher of bow and spear fishing

Omzam, mother of Zeyuo, hunter

Wrrtse, father of Mäsay, hunter

'Uka, mother of Mäsay, hunter

Kätsay, father of 'Uka, hunter, deceased

'Ura, mother of 'Uka, gatherer and food preparer, deceased

Kipi, father of Ti'mì

Pipxì, mother of Ti'mì

Sutxì, father of Larotan

Lì'mu, mother of Larotan

Ngisey, hunter and ikran mentor of Txìtey

Kxetsi, father of Keti, hunter and ikran mentor

Witsey, older brother to Peysay, early pa'li party leader and hunting instructor for Potey and Keti

Peysay, younger brother to Witsey, hunting instructor for Potey and Keti

Lrrfey, boy hunter in early pa'li party

Steysi, girl hunter in early pa'li party

Red Rock Clan members mentioned but not participants in the Hunting Party

Talokxì, mate of Repxozì, Clan Leader of the Red Rock Clan

Repxozì, mate of Talokxì, Tsahik

Peyza, hunter, remembered Äkaynu

Utay, injured hunter, remembered by Äkaynu

Sufovi, Utay's mate

Zaypin, hunter, mated to healer

Lewia, hair dresser

Märayi, sister to Sufovi

I have eight episodes planned for the Hunting Party, with two published to date, both of which occur in the middle of the story. Of the three stories I have started now, "The Hunting Party" is my favorite. Here, I can delve into my own story line and explain everyday life for the Na'vi. The movie makes their life seem so idyllic, yet it clearly is very hard. By their nature, the other two stories require more "exceptional" events. I would love to hear how your understanding matches with my vision.

(Updated on 29 June 2012)

Episodes in Chronological Order

The Hunting Party: Waterhole at Pa'li Mesa (released 18 December 2011)

The Hunting party: Pa'li Mesa (released 1 June 2012)

(25 December 2011, Christmas) A double-header gift to my readers. Pandora: Genesis pre-dates the "Time of First Songs" and gives my ideas on how Pandora was constructed and inhabited by the Na'vi. Having read so many science fiction stories over the years, there are many concepts here whose origins I have forgotten. Pandora: The Final Solution starts immediately after the movie. The premise of this story popped into my head right after I saw Avatar for the first time, when my reaction was "Why are they doing this?". Maybe someone else has written this, but here is my contribution with what appears to be the obvious low-cost solution for RDA. Although I am smitten by the lifestyle of the Na'vi, these stories show I can write other settings. Now I have three stories started, and will continue them as best I can. Getting reviews will help me decide which to extend. Don't judge a story by its first chapter.

(16 March 2012) The map of the complex used in Pandora: Genesis is now on my Facebook account. Wish I could put it here, but this web site doesn't seem to accept it. I exported the drawing as a JPEG file, and added it to Facebook as a picture. Hope it helps you understand the Pandora complex better.

Irayo, ma frapo. (Na'vi for "Thank you, everyone.")

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