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Author has written 2 stories for X-Men: The Movie, and Lord of the Rings.

I am a truly blessed 34 year old mother of 3. (Yes I said 34 - I know scary eh). Slash – while I do not object to slash fics, and I have read many that I have liked - I Do not ever write them - I have no skill there - If I have any at all :o) Mary Sue – here are my thoughts on Mary Sue – please read on: Tell me truthfully who among us has not read a great story or movie and wished themselves into that place. Really would Fan Fic even exist if not for this premise? If a book have moved us soooooo much that we to want to be a part of that realm I think that the book has done its job and more. Sure things can get toooo sappy or tooooo unreal but hey just look at what the soap opera's can get away with these days - god I think Port Charles is into Vampire slaying...Don't get me wrong, one of the other hunky men I might allow into my bed (other than my husband) would be Angel, vampire and all. All I am saying is there are ways to write self insertion fiction that can truly enhance a story and new story line.

Who is to say that all great writers do not put themselves into the characters they create? Maybe Tolkien wished himself to be the man the King of Gondor is, or wanted to play a small part in a huge game like Sam Gamgee who is forever faithful to his childhood friend in all places of peril. Or that Diana Gabaldon did not wish herself into the arms of James Fraser, Or that Anne Rice never wished the immortal life of her witches or vampires on herself? It is all around us... in many forms...we must be flexible in our views. If I do not like a fiction or it does not touch me in some way I will not read it. The choice is mine to make. I will try never to criticize someone if they have written a MarySue good or bad, they did not force ME to READ it.

I am a member of a Mary Sue Yahoo Group not so much because I write Mary Sue’s but because I LOVE Hurt/Comfort fics and Generally MarySue’s are a great source of these and I love the info I receive from the list owner Panthera Jarre In, She writes “ the only thing more sinful than writing a MarySue is writing a successful MarySue. And then you compound the sin by seducing other people to write MarySue. Let's see, I've been called "The First Evil", "The most blatant MarySue in the JossVerse", and "a cult". I like that last one! Kinda like the first one, too. I once read that the "greatest MarySue" ever was Luke Skywalker. Joss Whedon has said publicly that Xander Harris on "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" is his MarySue. If it works for Lucas and Whedon, why not me? Oh, I think Anne Rice was definitely writing some MarySue. Somewhere around here I have an article that traces MarySue novels back to Victorian times... The best MarySue movie ever was "Romancing the Stone."

Anyway luck to all and rememeber the Pen truly is Mightier than the sword.

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