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Author has written 2 stories for Dynasty Warriors, and Teen Titans.

hey everyone! my name is ambermaree.x or all my friends just call me bambi, so any note made henceforth from this account will always be written as bambi. :)

x. Currently doing nothing with my life. Taking a break from uni because I've been offered a good job for my age. Uni is definitely something I will achieve in life, but I feel that I would be stupid to pass this job up. Forensic Psychology is something that I've always been interested in, so I'll at least get a major in psychology to branch as a stepping stone should I feel the need to continue this path.

x. Been jamming some Ninja Gaiden 3 Razors Edge recently. Holy fuck. I'd finish a boss or an intense fight, then I realise my heartbeat has elevated to that of me sprinting. Dude. That game is intense as fuck. But I hate Irene, she looks like a cheap blonde at the back of a run down nightclub. Kasumi totally suits Ryu better, my inner 12 year old preaches it as my second OTP.

x. Teen Titans will always be my main domain. Also love Devil May Cry. Favourite characters of all time are...
. Auron (FFX)
. Dante (DMC)
. Nightwing/Richard Grayson (DC/TT)
. Ryu Hayabusa (DOA/NG)
. Snow (FFXIII/XIII-2, anyone else feel disappointed from this game?)
. Vincent Valentine (FF7)

Girls? I find it hard to find a girl that doesn't either lack character development, personality or that to appeal to the hentai fanboys. I like chicks who can kick ass and look gorgeous doing it.
. Rikku (FFX/X2 - ultimate definition of teenage fetish for overgrown men.)
. Trish (DMC. Badass as shit.)
. Kori/Starfire (TT.)
. Kasumi (DOA/NG3RE)
. Tifa Lockhart (FF7)

Coincidentally, you'll find that my fave girls are paired with the corresponding badass in their same feature. Yes. I'm an Aurikku shipper. Would include Serah, but she's not really badass. And if anything, $30 says she had no idea how to fight before Noel showed up. WTF Square Enix.

I've always had a tendency to favour the guys, especially the stoic badass guys who are always associated with the colour red. What can I say? Totes sexy. ;)

"Fuck you, I just want to know the truth but the words from your mouth they just cloud all the negativity. Forces me down into silence, but still I can dream." Bullet For My Valentine, Pretty On The Outside.


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