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Hello fellow writers.

My username VaderSpike is obviously a callout to my favorite fictional characters: Darth Vader from Star Wars and Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

My favorite interests are Buffy, Angel, Transformers (Beast Wars particularly), Star Wars, Harry Potter, The Big Bang Theory, Firefly, La Femme Nikita (The original, not the remake), and Smallville.

Most of my fanfictions are only when I feel a subject needs a continuation and/or more closure. Nikita was in desperate need of that, and a season about her first term as 'Operations' would have been really neat to see (And come on, Operations deserved a much better death than the one they gave him!). As for Buffy/Angel, they still had their own big evils to fight against (The First Evil and Wolfram and Hart respectively), so I felt I should give them more closure than the shows provided (And also, I REALLY wanted to find an excuse to kill off Dawn. Somebody had to).

The Star Wars story was something I had worked on for ten years and was based off of home movies I'd made when I was younger.

I am also a big fan of parallel and alternate universes, which was what inspired the parallel Buffy world story (Which actually crosses over with Buffy Season Eight) and the Beast Wars story of Terrorsaur being alive instead of Waspinator. While not really an 'alternate' storyline, the Chaos Bleeds foursome that I did was really just to replace the horrific and stupid last four episodes of Buffy season five. I mean, look at the comparisons: C.B. had Faith, Ethan Rayne, Sid the Dummy, Kakistos, Adam, Ripper, Anyanka, The Initiative, and The original Sunnydale High School come back, and a great storyline. Whereas Joss's version had too much Dawn, Glory, and Ben to stand, the gang being chased around in a winnebago by medevil knights (Really?), and that POINTLESS sacrifce of Buffy's. Don't get me wrong, Joss Whedon is the most brilliant storywriter of all time, but . . . come on, man.

I have no ideas or plans for Big Bang, Firefly, Harry Potter, or Smallville projects. They are either currently still going, or had good resolutions.

I'd like some more reviews on my stuff to get an idea of how good my writing is. So . . . please review. Thanks.

Favorite Buffy/Angel, SW, BW, BBT, Firefly, Nikita, HP, Smallville characters: Spike, Vader, Dinobot, Sheldon, Wash, Operations, Remus Lupin, Lionel Luthor.

Worst Buffy/Angel, SW, BW, BBT, Firefly, Nikita, HP, Smallville characters: Dawn . . . and, uh . . . well, I don't really have an characters from the other shows that I don't like, so just Dawn, then.

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The Source
For those of you who read my 'Buffy Season 9', here is the script for the episode that would have been the season/series finale. For those of you who haven't read 'Season 9' or 'Season 8', read those before reading this. Or don't, do whatever you want! It also concludes for 'Angel Season 7'.
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How much would the Beast Wars have changed if Terrorsaur had survived instead of Waspinator as originally intended? Updated and now in narrative format. Hopefully it will be easier for you all to read (I had problems identifying separation of scenes in the previous version).
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