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E'cha and hello to all who have stumbled here! I am Rusty...or at least that's the only name your getting out of me. Wanna know a few things about me? Sure! Lets get the basic crap out of the way! First off, My birthday is on September 4th and currently that makes me 22...I live in Indiana, just a breath away from Ohio, but I hardly ever leave my house for stupid, derpy reasons. I drew the avatar you see to the left of all this nonsense and I'm amazingly proud of it!

At night I sneak into your house and eat every last cashew in existence from your jar of mixed nuts. Why? Because I know how much everyone loves cashews.

During the day, I sustain life by feeding on Cheez-Its. Yes...There is a difference in taste between Cheez-Its and Cheese Nips and I beat those who dare to bring me the Nips.

I play video games far more than I watch anime so odds are, that'll be the things I write with all the love and care I can muster. There are a handful of manga series that I have gathered over the years, but it'll be a while before I even dare to put how I want to see the story on any form of paper. This is not because I am some kind of perfectionist or fear people bashing it all the way to the equator and then all the way around it (I embrace your hatred as much as your love), but because I feel like I'm tampering with the story...especially if it's not even finished yet. Don't feel the same way about games, but maybe thats just me.

I love the crap out of Pokemon and Kingdom Hearts! I don't understand my love for Children's Card Games, but it's there!

I'll pair anything with anything as long as it makes sense and isn't widely illegal. Straight/Gay/Lesbian and all those fun little deviations send my mind on a luxury cruise. Most often, the stories come after epic one-shot lemons that I refuse to post anywhere. After that, they usually make it into the story I begin. I do not deny my perverted tendencies and try very hard for them not to ruin my story, and hopefully I haven't yet...

Also, I have an obsession with obsession and tend to love things before I even really know much about it in the first place, so I have scatter-brained stories and ideas that may never even see the light of day. What fuels this brain of mine? The amazing writings of others and music...especially music. I'm probably one step from being nothing more than an audiophile, but that is just fine by me.

I also have a few other places I lurk on the internet, in case your curious, but I don't want to seem like I'm shamelessly advertising the other hide-outs. If your curious, you can always message me on here and I'll be glad to tell you...messages can also be used if you just want to pester me. Perhaps you followed the trail from my dA account (It's the pretty link for my Home Page, if your curious)...if you did, I am super happy to hear it!

Even though I really hate insanely long 'Profile Pages' filled with crap (They exist and I hate it...Give me my stories, fool!) I feel it'll do to give update dates on the sluggishly written stories that are in process of being updated/posted here in the near future.

In The World Of Pocket Monsters

Restoring Balance - After everything had settled down in the world of Unova, Touko has an unsettling dream for a purpose that she'll have to find out with the help of the very person she doesn't want to see. (Frozen until after Thanksgiving...Chapters have been completed, but holidays suck in their preparations and general busyness.)

Right Where It Belongs - A disturbing AU of the Black and White Poke-verse that popped into my mind as soon as I had the 'brilliant' idea to listen to Nine Inch Nails while playing the game (Frozen until after Thanksgiving...Chapters have been completed, but holidays suck in their preparations and general busyness.)

Gracidea - A little story about Gym Leaders Erika and Jasmine on a trip to Sinnoh for a gift of flowers. Same-Sex relationship found here, so don't even look if it offends you (Currently only written on paper...Curses to the holidays.)

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Restoring Balance reviews
After everything had settled down in the Unova Region, Touko thinks she can finally have a normal life. A dream crushes the very idea and she finds herself needing answers...answers that will come from the one person she doesn't want to see.
Pokémon - Rated: T - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 17 - Words: 33,892 - Reviews: 20 - Favs: 24 - Follows: 25 - Updated: 12/21/2012 - Published: 8/27/2011 - Hilda/Touko, N H./Natural H. G.
Right Where It Belongs reviews
AU: The story of two people who have led very different lives so close to each other...and the walls that surround them. M for the loads of darker themes crammed in here.
Pokémon - Rated: M - English - Hurt/Comfort/Suspense - Chapters: 4 - Words: 8,761 - Reviews: 14 - Favs: 8 - Follows: 14 - Updated: 11/17/2012 - Published: 8/29/2011 - N H./Natural H. G., Hilda/Touko
Soul Silver Stealing reviews
It's Halloween night and a rest in Azalea Town's Pokemon Center leads to a scary story that comes true in the most horrible of ways. :: Contains moderately descriptive blood scenes.
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A Kingdom Hearts "Destiny Challenge" featuring Riku. Challenge by FanFicNet author Wishing-Fire.
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