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Hello everyone new and to those that have previously followed me. For those new, welcome! I’m glad you’re here for the ride of me and my pretty much useless brain trying to make stories happen. To those who knew me before, I’d like to start out saying I’m sorry. You might have noticed that I’ve had a page change from when you last saw me, and I hope that’s a sign of a good thing. My last time being here I wasn’t able to keep up with my story and probably left a lot of people upset, I know I am whenever an author stops writing for no reason, but between personal life and personal interest I just lost any will to keep it going. But recently I’ve taken a class that has gotten me inspired to write again and all of my little plot bunnies are trying to hop out of my head and onto paper. As I’m redesigning my look I should have at least a few stories already written and finished, so at least I won’t leave anything on hiatus again. As for finishing everything I want, well that remains to be seen.

What started my want to come back into writing fanfiction is something I like to call the “Feathered” series. It’s a set of plots for different fandoms that all revolved around one concept, so I decided to make everything into one series and give it a fancy name. Now before I get into what the series is about, I will say this: any story in this series is not connected in anyway to any other fandom in the series. Meaning that if I write one plot in one fandom, that same plot will not be continued in another fandom, nor will the two fandoms collide. Each story in the series is a oneshot, so it begins and ends in that one chapter and will not be revisited unless I make a special or something.

Now here are the basics:

There is a universal group up in the “heavens,” “space” whatever you want to call it called the Guardians. They are the overseers who decide which person on the world belongs to which Winged. They may or may not be mentioned in the story and there may or may not be a flashback where the Winged is in the universal space either looking down or conversing with a Guardian. But there will not be any Guardian original characters. I personally hate OCs and will do everything I can to make sure that one is not brought in.

Winged is the person in the pair who, essentially, has wings. They are the ones sent to protect the one person who was born to be with them. The rules about Winged can change from story to story, but it will probably mostly stay that once a Winged shows their wings to their Beloved, then the two will immediately form a connection. And, me being me, means that they will become lovers. I don’t think it’ll come into play very often but the Winged have certain situations that can change their fate.

One, if the Winged dies protecting their Beloved they are reborn to the Guardians and can await the rebirth of the second to try all over again.

Two, if the Beloved dies protecting the Winged, the Beloved is reborn to the Guardians and the roles are reversed once the original Winged dies.

Three, if the Winged and Beloved die together and at reasonably same times then they are free to decide to either be reborn in the world again or have their spirits go outside the realm of the Guardians and keep the same faces and memories as when they died.

Four, if the wings of a Winged are suppressed for any reason the Winged will feel pain starting from their back then move throughout their body. If they are torn off they will either die immediately or, depending on the strength of the bond they had before, the Beloved can tie them to their soul and then have the same option as Three whenever they actually die.

Five, if the Beloved rejects the Winged anytime after finding out that they are connected, the Winged will return to the Guardians, stripped of their original wings and forced to regrow new ones, each time becoming more tattered and less beautiful until they are entirely accepted by a new Beloved that can restore their wings.

Beloved are the people that don’t have wings that are soul bonded to the one that does. They are the ones on the world that have the power to accept or reject the Winged and essentially have the power to decide what happens to the pair. After accepting the Winged, a Beloved is the only one who can continuously see the wings when not called out.

For this series, every universe and every person in the universe will be aware of Guardians, Winged, and Beloveds, just so that there is no long explanation why people are sprouting wings all of a sudden. It is known, it is accepted, and it is understood without having to go into major backstory, which is why at the beginning of each story it is recommended to read all this before getting into anything.

The deeper I go into the series the more I may add, but until then these are the basic guidelines to help you get into the series. I hope everyone enjoys and feel free to tell me what you think.

I generally will try to put up a story/chapter every Saturday to keep me writing and already have a bit of a list completed so at least know that I am pretty much set for the next six weeks at least.

These are the pairings that I work with. I probably ship in a lot more fandoms, and more within each series but these are my main ones that I already have stories planned out for:

Tsubasa – Kurogane x Fai

D.Gray Man – Kanda x Allen

Death Note – L x Light

Pandora Hearts – Gilbert/Raven x Break

Yu Gi Oh – Seto x Yami

Attack on Titan – Eren x Armin

07 Ghost – Castor x Labrador

Pokemon – Green x Red

No. 6 – Nezushi x Shion

K – Kuroh x Shiro, Mikoto x Munakata

Free – Makoto x Haru

Fullmetal Alchemist – Roy x Ed

Karneval – Yogi x Gareki

Vampire Knight – Kaname x Zero

Fruits Basket - Kyo x Yuki

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