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Author has written 19 stories for NiGHTS, Sonic the Hedgehog, Nightmare Before Christmas, Invader Zim, and Death Note.

5/12/2014: Wooo guess you guys never really saw the last of me, in the way of updates I'm creating a new account and unfortunately I may never continue any of my Sonic fanfictions but for any surviving Lucid Lies fans that will be continued on my new profile. No matter how old this crap is though I'm leaving my profile intact. So yes, grammatical errors I have made years ago are left so you can laugh at and hopefully prove I have gotten better haha. Click right here for my new account!

Here's my deviantART I'm pretty much inactive on it nowadays:

Favorite pairings Info (BEWARE OF THE CRACK PAIRINGS!) The Numbers go for all fandoms.

First of all I do NOT hate any Pairings whatsoever. Including Yaoi/Yuri. But I favor Crack pairnings, I don't only 'Like the way they look together' I have Certain reasons. If you have written/Red any stories with these pairings I will read them If you PM me :D.

Sonic Pairings:

# 1!RougeXFang: This is kind of one sided, but I love these to together. I can see them working together as a team until one screws the other and tries to take the item. I always see Rouge as the type to flirt with all different types of guys and then find one that flirts with her, and she acts like she's not interested at all. Plus, Knuckles is a Hero so Rouge would only like to tease him, Shadow is a Villain (Not to SEGA anymore but meh...) And Rouge will be his friend a little more, BUT she is neutral. Fang is neutral too. So they go together that way, but you know it won't end in marriage and children for awhile...-Plus they will both do anything for a Chaos Emerald- This pairing is a long shot but I have always seen it this way. Ever since Rouge started mentioning Fang in the Archie comics.

BokkunXCream: It's so cute! I can see it happening when they get older, but a lot of people are staring at the screen making a disgusted face thinking 'RobotBunny, How would they have children!?' This a weird reason not to like this pairing. Bokkun doesn't look like a robot, he looks more of a Dark Chao, then you remember the time he drinks 'Oil' . He eats food too, but I was thinking he could be a Cyborg Chao. Now your probably thinking 'ChaoBunny isn't any better!' Have you ever noticed he is smarter and mentally as old as Cream? Also ever Notice how Bunnie from the Archie Comics is Roboticized from the waist down, yet later had children? I don't want to know what Antoine went through but apparently robots can have children. Plus I never thought of it like 'Cream and Bokkun have kids and get married' Naw, It's more of a small crush Bokkun has on her. Sweet and Innocent unlike the couple above...

ManicXAmy: 0.o Don't ask, This one is primarily complete fan made Idea I had. Remember way back in Sonic Chronicles The Dark Brotherhood where Amy Talks about her 'Boyfriend' Dexter and Sonic thinks he's a joke, just made up? I had seen the image of Amy talking about how 'Nice' Dexter is and Sonic Turns around and asks kindly when he can meet Dexter. Amy panics and agrees and runs to Station Square to find someone who will be Dexter for a little while. She bumps into Manic in the streets who had came looking for his brother Sonic. Amy didn't know this and eventually ask if he could be Dexter if she payed him. He agrees and the next couple of days makes Sonic Jealous until his Disguise falls off and Sonic says 'Manic! If you were embarrassed about dating Amy why wouldn't you just tell me?' That was supposed to be the end...And I know it's a complete Crack pairing but that doesn't stop 'ShadAmy' Fans now does it?

ShadowXMaria: I know, they act more of Siblings but this was just a thought, what if she didn't die and she got cured and was taken to Earth? (And the ARK wasn't taken over because Gerald hid Shadow better.) What would happen to the two? I know some people won't like HummanXMobian but it's not like Maria is a Pervert and will ask to have children. She would more likely adopt.

VectorXVanilla: This is one-sided. I don't like them getting Married or having weird kids. I just like it where Vanilla doesn't know that Vector thinks of her that way and tries to impress her but each time falls flat on his face. Plus Vanilla wouldn't want some Crocodile with chains anywhere near Cream as a father. Not even as an Influence.

CosmoXTails: I know she's dead but I wish people would stop hating Cosmo. He said 'I love you' to her, not Cream. Consider this, Maybe when Cream is Older, and Tails got over Cosmo it would work. This is really innocent type of Paring, but it would work. It's one of the only Sonic Pairing that is one-sided that I like. A lot.

Sonic Triangles (In Order)I love triangles and twists. But some of these are not really 'Triangles' I'll explain them the best I can.

FangXRougeXShadow. I Haven't seen much of this at all, but I love it nonetheless. I don't like it when Fang fights Shadow for Rouge, but I like it when Fang is kind of Jealous when Rouge Flirts with Shadow. It causes a small fight but not the kind like 'She's mine! I'll murder you if you don't leave her alone!'. Rouge does mean to make him jealous, but only so later he tries to impress her with stuff like Information on Chaos Emeralds, and other jewels. I truly don't care too much if it ends in ShadowXRouge, or FangXRouge. I Just won't like FangXShadow. As I said I don't hate Yaoi, but I don't think that would work with Fang's past of Flirting. Or the Fact Shadow NEVER hints at Yaoi.

FangXKnucklesXShadowXRouge: This is sooooo hard to explain, but I always thought Rouge would flirt with Shadow and Knuckles, Making Shadow Silent, Knuckles Fluster and Fang mad. This is basically the top couple but with Rouge pushing Fang's tolerance with Knuckles. Knuckles didn't want to get dragged into it, but he fights verbally with Fang over how they use to be Friends, and Rouge Etc. None of This would end in Yaoi, but I would not care where it would end otherwise. -I only like Yaoi with Couples that hint at it. Other's that don't hint at it I don't bother with them.-

SonicXAmyXManic: It's not a real Triangle but I see it as Sonic runs from Amy and she chases him. Manic feels a little bit left out, because in Sonic Underground he feels like he isn't as 'Strong' Etc. He is the least to Sing, Play his Instrument, Fight (the others take the spotlight) and last but not least the last to get screen time. Anyway he would feel a little bit of jealousy and follow her, but Amy would most likely turn him down. Over and Over...Until- Naw.

I don't think the others would compete or anything so that's all for Sonic Couples.

NiGHTS Pairings:

I only have a few, because most Characters are siblings. ' Since there aren't very many I have Triangles here too.

#2! ClarisXJackle. This is what Lucid Lies is based around X3 This is My Second Favorite Paring EVER in ALL the Fandoms I like. Claris Feels Jackle is Insane but as she is around him she finds she has just about as much sanity as he does. After several arguments with Elliot she finds herself liking Jackle more and more. Until Elliot is just a memory.

JackleXClarisXElliot: I love this pairing a lot too. It's when Claris had mixed feelings of Elliot and Jackle, where she battles in her mind over both of them.

JackleXReala: The only Yaoi pairing I like...But technically their Gender less so it doesn't count. Some people are thinking 'THEIR SIBLINGS!" Ahem, NO THERE NOT! Wizeman made them all, making them all his children. But None of them have his DNA making nothing but Ideya to link them all physically. It's like saying we are sibling because we are made of flesh. Ignorant huh? I don't like (Not to be mistaken with Hate) RealaXNiGHTS Because they possible Wizeman could have used the same DNA for them because they are the same size, and practically shape. Anyway No worries readers who hate Yaoi, I will NEVER write about it. Anyway this pairing only works for me when Claris runs away from Jackle screaming 'I HATE YOU' .

Remember, if you like a certain fandom and rather me write about it tell me. 'Cause I don't have an issue with switching them. As complained about over and over I don't write what no one reads.

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