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Author has written 19 stories for Phineas and Ferb, and Big Bang Theory.

Hello universe! My name is Marisa, and I love to write.

Anywho, my current thing is Phineas and Ferb, as is evidenced by my fifteen stories.

Phineas and Ferb ships:
Phinabella, Canderemy, Ferbetchen (for their child/teen years) Ferbnessa (once they've grown up), Baljinger, Milly/Buford (because Milly and Ginger share the most screen time and Milly and Ginger seem to be closer than other Fireside Girls. Best friends date best friends in my universe), and Adyjango.

Also, I personally think that Irving will grow up to have a crazy crush on Ferb, but Ferb won't reciprocate his feelings. Poor Irving. =(

Future plans: the story of how Stacy could possibly become the President of Uruguay and a story about the hot tub from "Lotsa Latkes"/"Bully Bromance Break Up". Phineas seems to like hot tubs a lot...XD

Also, I've got this whole cool thirty-story arc planned for my next generation, but I don't know if I should post it here. I feel like I should post that stuff on deviantART. But if y'all want to read it, I'll gladly give you the opportunity.

Furthermore, I'm writing an original story called Farmer's Daughter, which will be on Fictionpress if I ever get around to finishing it. I've written five chapters of it so far. It involves farms, a Victorian-era city, a land of pixies, and an extremely stubborn protagonist.

As far as other interests go, I'm an actor/singer/dancer/crazy person, I have a boyfriend who rivals Phineas in obliviousness (even though we've been dating for 23 months), I skipped a grade, I hate cotton candy, and I usually have my nose stuck in a book. Oh, and I'm a night owl.

I have recently become interested in The Big Bang Theory (aka I watched all of Seasons 4 and 5 in three days...), for two main reasons: it has the television equivalent of my relationship, and it alternates between nerdy and dirty humor (which are the two best kinds). I doubt I will ever write fanfiction about it, though, because if I did it would just be a sad Shamy-based rant about my life. It's too similar for me to fictionize. BUT I AM DIGGING THE SHAMY AND AMY FARRAH FOWLER IS MY IDOL.

I added my Phineas and Ferb-inspired self portrait as my avatar. That's pretty much what I look like, except I did the bangs on the wrong side. And yes, half my arm is missing. I normally wear a prosthesis for that, but I figure if I were ever to end up in Danville, Phineas and Ferb would think it was so cool that I was missing my arm that I wouldn't have to wear it.

I have two little brothers, one of whom is in kindergarten. Our neighbors across the street also have a daughter his age, she's in his kindergarten class. Guess what her name is?


Isabella across the street, you are marrying my little brother. Congratulations. I'm your sister-in-law. Nice to meet you.

I've kinda got a storyline going here with some of my Phineas and Ferb stories...they go in this order: "The Awkward Properties of the Collision Theory", "The Advice Column/Love Isn't Fun, It's Stressful!", "Secret For A Reason", "A Day in the Life of Katie LaVance". There's probably some "Drabble Days" drabbles that fit in with my general plan, too. (Technically, "Sophia and the Werebear" and "The Miserable People" fit here as well, but they take place twenty-four years after the first generation.)

My favorite books are a very random assortment. I'm mostly a sci-fi/fantasy/dystopia reader, and I like reading less well-known books, but I love books that are in series too. Hence, my odd collection.

My favorite books (I starred the ones you probably have not heard of):
*Graceling Kristin Cashore
Ender's Game series (but not the Bean ones...only the series about actual Ender) Orson Scott Card
*Wyrms Orson Scott Card
Brave New World Aldous Huxley
*The House of the Scorpion Nancy Farmer
Nineteen Eighty-Four George Orwell
Animal Farm George Orwell
Uglies series Scott Westerfeld
Eragon Christopher Paolini
Inkheart Cornelia Funke
*Ella Minnow Pea Mark Dunn
*Dancing Shoes Noel Streatfeild
Maximum Ride series (except I've only read the first two, the fourth, and the fifth books...I couldn't find the rest) James Patterson
The Memory Keeper's Daughter Kim Edwards
Anne of Green Gables series (ALL EIGHT OF THEM...yes there's eight, and they're all online...mostly in Project Gutenberg) L.M. Montgomery
*The Little White Horse Elizabeth Goudge

And, of course, Harry Potter. I'm not a ridiculously huge Potterhead, but I did devour the books. I didn't really like most of the movies (really, only 1, 3, and 7 were ones I would watch again).

There is very little I dislike reading, but here is the full list.

Books I don't like (plus darn good reasons why):
Twilight: because duh, it's Twilight. I was hipster and read it before it was popular, and I still hated it. Stephenie Meyer had a good premise, the whole "fairytale creatures still live among us" kind of thing, but she really did not need to make four novels of these annoying people. Really, one was enough. If you want to see how I think Twilight should have ended, go to YouTube and type in "How it should have ended: Twilight". The result is hilarious, and, in fact, exactly what I imagined in my head.

A Planet Called Treason Orson Scott Card: You probably have not read this book, either, but if you ever come across it, please, save yourselves. It starts off with this totally cool story about a prince who can grow extra limbs, and since that's like a peasant thing to do in his country, he's exiled to this other country to find out their secrets. That only lasts for like 100 pages. Then he grows another whole clone of himself...and he's mysteriously healed by these crazy nomads...and then he finds out his clone is being forced to do all this crap and blame it on him...and then he goes to a forest and learns how to bend time...and then he walks around for three years and kills all these shapeshifters. The end. It seriously does not have a recognizable plot. After he is healed, the story becomes pointless. WTF, Orson Scott Card. You must have been high while writing this.

A Separate Peace John Knowles: This book was also pointless. My apologies to fans of this book. I guess I just did not understand it. But seriously. The stakes did not seem high enough to me. I didn't really care that Finny broke his leg, and I obviously didn't think that Gene did it on purpose, he seemed like a nice guy. Being that that is the entire emotional conflict of the novel, I dgaf'ed the whole time.

Matched Ally Condie: Normally, I would have been ALL OVER this book. It was totally my style. Dystopia, communism that works a little too well. Definitely my kind of book. But, like A Separate Peace, it simply did not have enough emotional conflict. This chick named Cassia is Matched with her best friend, and now they get to get married and have kidlets, the whole deal. They give them these microchips with further instructions about the whole Matching thing, including some background info about the Match. But Cassia's microchip shows a picture of another dude. For like two seconds. At the end of the presentation. Who is an Abhorration, and isn't allowed to get married. Apparently this is enough grounds for her to leave her whole life and the guy she loves. To run away with this kid that she knows tangentially. I would have believed it better if the main heroine were the type to do that. But in the book she seemed like a good little society-obeying robot. So she did not have enough individuality to begin with to go and pull a stunt like that. Really, it was a character problem.

How Much I am Obsessed With Phineas and Ferb:

You own a brown Fedora: Unfortunately, I don't. But I do own the Perry blanket where he's wearing the hat...

"Whatcha doin'?" is a daily part of your vocabulary: Yes, yes it is.

You have a crush on Ferb: Actually, not really. I feel bad for the guy...he's paired with Vanessa, every Fireside Girl on the planet, and a number of OCs. I'd be overwhelmed if I were him.

You know what that little plastic end of your shoelace is called: A-G-L-E-T! Except technically we shouldn't know that since Doofenshmirtz deleted it from our minds.

You can sing the entire theme song by heart: Of course I can! I can also do the "Mom" version at the end of the Birthday Clip-O-Rama.

You have built an –inator before: Sort of...I drew one. =)

The songs they sing are way better than anything on MTV: The songs they sing are way better than any actual popular music.

You know the dangers of garden gnomes: RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!! IT'S GNOME-AGEDDON!

You want to be a fireside girl: Definitely, they're way cooler than Girl Scouts.

It's not wummer, it's S'winter!: I love S'winter! That's every day in January here in California! =)


You built your tree house to be like Phineas and Ferb's: I never had a treehouse. Depression.

You named your goldfish Biff: I've also never had a goldfish. However, I did have a guppy named Alex. He died within 6 hours. Therefore, I don't think I will ever have a fish named Biff...

You think the F-Games are so much better than the Olympics: Yes.

You have once said… "FINE TRALFAZZ!": All the time. Also, I often say, "THIS DOESN'T EVEN MAKE ANY SENSE!!!"

You have had the "Betty's" song stuck in your head: Not really, I've only seen that episode once.

You want the Platypus toy for Christmas because it does nothing!: I HAVE the platypus inaction figure. MUAHAHAHAHA.

You know what stars ACTUALLY look like: Yes!

You have said "OK!" to any of these: I love Bob. I'm glad he's Phineas and Ferb's uncle now.

Phineas and Ferb Christmas is your favorite Christmas: FO. SHO.

You have tried to make a Platypus sound: I can only do it like the French waiter in Summer Belongs To You. It's actually way easier with a French accent. XD

Ferb teaches you new every episode: Not every episode. I did think the pillory fact from "Lotsa Latkes" was cool, though.

You check off the things they have done in the theme song: They haven't made nanobots yet!

You scream when Phineas and Isabella do something romantic: And then I go write fanfiction about it.

You read/write fanfic for Phineas and Ferb: This is

"Gitchee, Gitchee, Goo" is your favorite song: That and "Snuck Your Way Right Into My Heart".

The Next American Pop Teen Idol Star! is soooo much better than American Idol: Definitely! They get cool bands like PFT. =D

You have seen EVERY episode: Almost. There are 100 episodes as of today, so I doubt I've actually seen all of them.

You have the CD: On Spotify I do.

You settle your arguments with thumb wrestlings: I would but I'm terrible at thumb wrestling. =)

You steer clear of parsnips: I've never had them, so I guess that counts...

Dr. feel-better is so much better than Dr. Phil: I LOVE DR. FEEL-BETTER!!!

You almost cried when Perry the Platypus was replaced with Peter the Panda: I cry whenever I hear When We Didn't Get Along...okay, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration, but it is very sad. *sniffle*

Love Händel = best band ever!: They tie with Phineas and the Ferb-Tones.

You built a Baking-soda volcano/Portal to Mars for your science project: Baking soda volcano. Mine didn't recite poetry, though.

You know what S.I.M.P is: SQUIRRELS IN MY PANTS!

You have made a lemonade stand: I had anti-social neighbors as a child.

You google searched Danville (it's in Virgina/California): There's like 10 different Danvilles!

You know what you are going to do today: YES!

You want to name your kids Xavier and Amanda: No, I want to name them Layla and Lucas, actually.

You know some of the Fireside girls name (Isabella, Gretchen, Holly, Katie, Milly, Adyson, and Ginger): This is kind of a weird question, you just said their names...

You want to be part of the O.W.C.A. (Organization Without a Cool Acronym): AGENT M!

Little Suzie Johnson gives you the willies: "Wash away the horror!"

You named your part Chihuahua pinky: I have a Chihuahua, but his name is Cheeto. (It's a long story.) But Cheeto works better with the alliteration thing!

Giant Baby heads freak you out: I just think they're awesome.

You wonder why Linda is never home: She's out getting pie ingredients or something. =)

Phineas and Ferb is your Favorite show: It's the only show I actually watch...

You noticed that sometimes it's Slushy BURGER and sometimes it Slushy DAWG: It's usually Slushy Dawg now. It was Slushy Burger more often in Season 1.

You want to bust your brother(s): Yes. Except they usually try to bust each other. =)


Carpe diem! =D

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