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Author has written 14 stories for Ouran High School Host Club, Kingdom Hearts, and Beyblade.

Hello, I'm Zia, 22, French Canadian and writer of whatever the hell I feel like writing. Mostly terrible, terrible humor. All my fic is stashed here, because getting a writing journal is effort, especially when all I write is freakin' Beyblade.


Once Upon A Dream - Status: Complete: This is actually kind of small, now that I consider the length of things I type. AxelRoxas friendship, mostly, kind of insanely odd. I wouldn't say I'm particularly "proud" of it, but it was fun to write.

Seashell of Wishes - Status: Dropped: While I loved the concept, my attention span for Ouran was only about as long as the anime lasted, I'm sorry to say. The idea of the fic itself was actually spawned by a Naruto-fic I had planned. It was a mock RPG, in any case.

Prototype K - Status: Dropped: THE SERIES KEEPS UPDATING AND THE PARALLELS DON'T WORK AAAND I'm lazy. Yep. Again: Loved the concept, failed finishing it.

A Series Of Unfortunate Beyblade One-Shots - Status: On Hold: Proving that my maturity level did not change in seven years, I've started to like Beyblade again! This is a series of one-shots all based around stuff friends and I have decided is "so-very-canon" while rewatching the show. Well, okay, the kittens one started because we decided it was so-very-canon that Takao would get Kai a kitty, and then it kind of ... expanded from there. Currently next on the list: G-Revolution get "The Talk"! Numerously. Fail ensues.

Other planned one-shots in this series so far: G-Revolution get "The Talk"

So Team BBA walks into a bar . . .

G-Revolution movie night!

this is on old because i can't remember the plotline to any of them, what. what even. what.

Seeing Trilogy: Status: Complete! A series of fics in which Kai introspects and I show I am unable to be completely serious by making terrible jokes. First one: Kai and all the G-Rev, is done. Second one is Kai and Takao, because Takao demands to get to scream at Kai; it happens right after SiU, when the rest of the team has already left. The third and final one is Yuriy and Kai, a few days after the first two. ... Because YuriyKai friendship is amusing in that Yuriy is a jerk, Kai is a jerk, and Yuriy gets shafted a lot. Yay. :) BASICALLY: me trying to get a hold of Kai's voice (by the third I feel I've managed to do this) and my take on the oft described Takao/Kai friendship and YuriyKai friendship.

Part 1: Seeing is Understanding
Part 2: Seeing You As You Are
Part 3: Seeing Things in a Different Way

And Then We Had Breasts: Status: Complete: So Dazzley and I got to talk about the abundance of girl!Kai fics, decided that the entire BBA team would be hot as girls, and our shared liking of TyKa made her tell me to write genderswitch!TyKa. AND SO I DID. This fic has no other point than being gratuitous yuri, mock every KAI IS ACTUALLY A GIRL fic out there and show that I disbelieve personality switch just because the character has a different gender. Also, making Rei say "I am surrounded by lesbians" as many times as I can. THIS IS A CRACKFIC. I apologize for its existence. It's a parody and pure proof that I am 100 percent bisexual. ): no seriously it's so bad you guys i regret nothing and everything at the same time

High School Never Ends: Status: In-Progress: Chapter 14, aka TAKE IT TO THE MAX is up!!! FUCKING INCREDIBLE!! Chapter 15 is in the works. For realz. This will not be abandoned because Dazzley will punt me if I do. ): REGARDLESS! A mock high school AU fic, this is mocking almost every known cliché in ... everything really and somehow making it better and into a coherent, funny-yet-poignant story. Yeah, good luck with that, self. This fic is TyKa... that will only happen in year 3, ha ha ha ha ha. GENERALLY FRIENDSHIP FIC, and Kai-gets-shafted fic because that is always fun to write. Each year corresponds to a season. Currently in the works: Chapter 15 or "Wow are we actually doing that project now"! It's Takao's birthday, and unfortunately Kai's invited. What could POSSIBLY GO WRONG?

Year 1: Your Own Personal Hell (in progress) (14/25)
Year 2: (TENTATIVE TITLE) Your World Spins Madly On
Year 3: (TENTATIVE TITLE) Your Own Worst Enemy

Mud: Status: Complete: IT'S OVER NINE THOUSAND! Takao tells Max the overly long, overly funny, and not-all-that-fluffy-and-romantic story of how he and Kai got together the night before. Max interrupts a lot. Gift fic for Dazzley. Written in a style I will never try again, aka the 'I interrupt storytelling time' style. Now back to your regularly scheduled High School fic, plzkthnx ;_;

Breaching the Subject: Status: Complete: Takao has never been able to breach the subject of sex with his boyfriend, aka Kai. This will be remedied, whether he wants to or not. THIS IS BASICALLY AWKWARD AND HILARIOUS FIRST TIME ALMOST PORN, and I'm so, so, so sorry.

Faith And Trust And Pixie Dust Minus The First Two: Status: Complete: Kai is a fairy. It turns out the only thing he has in common with ye olde fairy tales is the wings, though. No, I'm serious. That's the entirety of the fic. Also I guess there's some TyKa or something. Crack!Supernatural AU yet set in the Beyblade verse. Yes.

A Series of Terrible Life Decisions: Status: Complete: what the fuck is this Kingdom Hearts bullshit doing in my beyblade fanfics I mean what. This is the story of the time I stayed up all night to write a one-shot real lifeish oddly styled KH!AU from Axel's POV when all I wanted to do was write a drabble where Xion was trans. what is my life


YOPH Chapter 15: FOR SERIOUS BEFORE 2014 seriously serious seriously

Here's a general thank you for all the faves/alerts/reviews/pms/comments/whatever! It makes me terribly happy to know you guys enjoy my fics. :) Thanks.

last updated: December 1st 2013

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Your Own Personal Hell reviews
Mock high school AU. Takao met Kai during summer school, but little did he know the troubles that would follow him because of it in freshmen year. Kai's not your typical rebel; luckily Takao's not your typical idiot. He'll figure Kai out sooner or later.
Beyblade - Rated: T - English - Humor/Friendship - Chapters: 14 - Words: 93,828 - Reviews: 140 - Favs: 74 - Follows: 74 - Updated: 12/1/2013 - Published: 4/13/2009 - Tyson G./Takao K., Kai H.
A Series of Terrible Life Decisions reviews
Real life styled AU: Axel knows he's a terrible person, but adding two kids like Xion and Roxas into the kind of lifestyle the Organization has might not be as bad a life choice as he thinks it is. Everything else in-between, though, definitely is. You either die a tragic hero or see your life become a comedy of errors. The answer's just a matter of the choices you make.
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Dazzley dared me to write genderswitched!Team BBA with gratuitous yuri. So I did. A day in the life of girl!Taka"k"o and her teammates. Contains girls kissing, talk of bust sizes, gratuitous humor, the loss of my sense of shame and shameless flirting sob.
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