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??????: HAI! A GUEST! *pounces on you* You’ve come to visit me! YAY! *hugs you then clears her throat* Oh yea…How rude of me not to introduce myself! My name is MAYU and this is my DOMAIN! *points to the big sign in lights that says “MAYU’S LITTLE PLAYGROUND”*

Miyako*walks in and blinks at the poor visitor being dragged around Mayu’s room* What the!? HEY! WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING TO OUR GUEST? *walks up to Mayu and slaps her*

Mayu: OWWW!! Hey that hurt! *rubs her arm*

Miyako:That isn’t anyway to treat a visitor *smiles embarrassedly at you for Mayu’s behavior* She acts like this sometimes *thinks for a second* wait…she acts like this a lot. Don’t be worried!

Mayu: *glares* What’s that mean?

Miyako:Exactly what I said! You’re crazy and you need to be stashed in a clinic!

Mayu*tears up*

Miyako:-_-; What a fake…

Miyako:Anyways, sorry for the awkward introduction…sadly, we’re usually like that. *laughes* Oh how silly of me! I forgot our bio’s…

NAME: Miyako (^_^ main authoress of drama and romance)
AGE: 15
SPECIES: human (-_-; so original, huh?)
HAIR: Black
EYES: Brown
PERSONALITY: clever, bright, stressed out by Mayu most of the time, hardworking,
Dislikes slackers and braggers like Mayu (as you can see, I’m those smarty, goody-goody kinda people! HOW TEDIOUS!)

Mayu*pops up and pushes Miyako out of your view with a grin*

Miyako*falls to the floor and hits her head* Itai… *sees stars*

Mayu*smiles* She’ll wake up sooner or later. And back to me! This is my bio!

NAME: Mayu (authoress of comedy and angst…what a combination!)
AGE: 14
SPECIES: Feline/ human
HAIR: Magenta/ purple
EYES: Sky blue
PERSONALITY: adorable, enthusiastic, emotional, happy-go-lucky, feisty, aggressive, and always wants attention (^_^ I LUV ME! *laughs smugly at Miyako* AND at least I’m not BORING!! *grins*)

Miyako*glares* At least I’m not a catty-lunatic! And at least I’m not a ridiculous
impractical harebrained fool, like you! *mumbles foul words*

Mayu:What was that, oh dear FRIEND of mine that I care for so much?!

Miyako*grumbles* baka…such a phony friend…

Mayu*pouts* Stop using words I don’t know!!! And stop claiming that you know Japanese! You know
tagalog only, remember!?

Miyako:If so then you should just use English instead of acting like you know Korean!

Mayu: At least I know more than you!

Miyako: -_-; I don’t think saying ‘I love you’ and ‘hello’ in Korean shows knowing much…I think it’s
more like being in denial…

Mayu*dumbfounded* EH?

Miyako:DOMO! (Japanese) or KAMUSTA! (Tagalog) or just plain HELLO! (English) I could say ‘hello’ in over 20 other languages, but for now I’ll just stick with those three… *smiles* You’ve just came through my domain! Welcome to my humble abode!

Mayu*walks in* Talk about humble! There isn’t anything here!

Miyako:What are you talking about? I have a desk with my Dell Notebook, a chair, and a… *notices
Something then gasps* OH MY! YOU’RE RIG--!

Mayu*laughs* Say it!



(2 hours later…)




Miyako:Fine then! If I say it will you leave me alone!?

Mayu*grins* okay!

Miyako*mumbles* You’re right…

Mayu: Can’t hear you!


Miyako:I’m planning on finishing a chapter on a story about Trigun…Of course, it will include one of my most loved pairings, VASH & MERYL! But I’m sorta thinking some of knives and meryl mixed up in there and maybe some Milly and wolfwood… I’m not exactly sure, but keep your eyes open for some of my stories. ^_^ ok BYE 4 NOW!

Trigun: The Romance Continues reviews
PG for now...The story continues after Vash's return with Knives in the desert. Meryl helps Vash take care of his wounded brother, but is Knives beginning to care about the lowly spider himself? Is he beginning to become jealous of his twin brother becaus
Trigun - Rated: K+ - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,005 - Reviews: 11 - Favs: 4 - Follows: 2 - Published: 1/4/2003