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Hello again, all! (Not sure if anyone even reads the updates that I do, but, whatevs. Those of you that do visit will be "in the know" as they say). Aaaanybutt, so here's the down low: I just posted chapter 3 to Frost Taming Fire and you can all be content that it's almost as long as chapter 1 and 2 put together and has a lot of goodies that happen in there. Okay, now time for the bad news. I've been doing nothing but writing this story for over a month now and regrettably a lot of things in my adult life have been put on the back burner: I still have to figure stuff out for the coming semester, I haven't check my mail in weeks...shit...did I send that check in the mail yet? What I'm trying to say is, relish this long chapter because it's gonna be a while until I can get around to posting another one. I do have a general idea of where I want this story to go, but there are just as many things that I haven't figured out yet and so that's gonna take me some time to figure out as well. So, again, it's gonna be a while, but just be patient. I probably will post another chapter by the time summer is over and I have to go back to school. Alright, well, if you have any questions, comments, concerns or advice on which direction the story should go in PM me any time, I'm never bothered when it comes to writing. Thanks for sticking with me, everyone! 7/15/15


Hello. I've chosen to call myself A Midnights Dream, but you can call me Jay if you want. I decided to name myself that because I had recently started to keep a dream dairy around the same time I created his profile. And I thought, well maybe I could get some of my best stories out of my dreams. It was then I realized that my dreams are entirely stupid and crazy and don't make any sense at all...they're completely ridiculous and if I wrote about them every one would just laugh at me TT.TT

Yup, there's not much here, but there's not really much to talk about. Send me a PM if you want.

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