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Hey all! Ari (Seventh Sage) and Sage (Sage of Zelda 64) here! Well, your probably wondering why we have this loverly new combined account... Answer? Well, Ari had the idea for us to write a collaboration story. Basically, she works out most of the plot and the depressing stuff, I work out the fluff, humor and action. It works out pretty good. ^_^

ANYWAYS, now that we've started writing it, we didn't know which account to put it on... ;_; So, we got the bright idea of making a new, combined account. And since we plan on writing more than one collaboration story, it made sense. So, there you go. Explanation in two paragraphs or less.

~Ari's Addition~

Meh... That was Sage. Now, my turn to rant. Except I don't really have anything to rant about. And we are too planning to collaborate on more stories, we just don't know what they are yet. *glares at Sage* Alright, I don't have anything else to add... Do I? Okies, go read. Yes, you, go read the story now. ^_^ (Once we get it up, that is. This might take a while...)

-Sage's Addition-
Hey! Whatcha glarin at ME for?? YOU'RE in charge of the plots, I do the fighting and pointless fluff! *nods* And we DID get it posted, so you can all go read and review. REVVVIIIEEEEWWWWW!! *Heero Yuy TM Death Glare*

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