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Don't bother contacting me on skype if you don't give me any indication as to who you are. Even then, I won't engage in a video call with you unless I'm certain you're trustworthy.

Name: Jon
Age: 25
Home: The deepest, darkest corner of human imagination and creativity
Hobbies: Writing mostly, though I do indulge in gaming on occasion. Not as much as I used to though.
Personality: When I’m around the right people, I’m usually talkative…though I have social anxiety issues.
Sex: Male

Favorite Movies: Avatar, Back to the Future, Saw (not much of a movie buff in all honesty)

Music: Ozzy Osbourne, Motley Crue, Metallica, Nirvana, Ted Nugent, System of a Down, Slayer, Tool, Megadeth

Television: I mainly watch pro wrestling.

Video Games: Skyrim, Oblivion, The Sims, God of War, Mass Effect, GTA San Andreas, Uncharted, Fallout 3, Infamous, Pac-Man Championship Edition DX, Super Stardust HD, Mortal Kombat, Civilization V, Stellaris

Role Models: George Carlin, CM Punk

Favorite Anime/Manga: Sekirei, Monster Musume, Death Note, Is this a Zombie?!, Ah! My Goddess!, Hell Girl, Highschool of the Dead, Higurashi, Akame ga Kill

Top 5 Favorite Sekirei:

1. Tsukiumi (she's my favorite because her name rhymes with "screw me" and that's all I can think about when I see her.)

2. Uzume

3. Benitsubasa

4. Matsu

5. Akitsu

Most Hated Anime/Manga: Freezing. Why? Well, below this entry is my epic rant on said subject. Let the verbal eradication begin!

My Epic Rant on the Freezing Manga/Anime (RAGE!!!)

There comes a time in everyone's life where he or she come across something so retched, unspeakably offensive, and devoid of any semblance of decency. Freezing is one such thing.

My experience in watching and reading Freezing was equivalent to having your drunken father take you to a candy store, only to trick you into entering a nearby alleyway to sell you off to a bunch of child rapists to pay off his mortgage. There, they proceed to mercilessly beat you to the point of disfigurement, violate you, set you on fire, and douse the flames with their peach flavored urine before the wild raccoon's come to eat out your empty eye sockets.

Yeah, that sums up the emotion I felt indulging myself in the series quite nicely.

The fact that the creators made Satellizer, an innocent young woman, go through vast amounts of degrading physical, emotional, mental, and (what I find to be the worst of all) sexual abuse throughout the entire series even AFTER suffering at the hands of her twisted, sick-minded, incestuous little brother constantly throughout her childhood and teen years made me feel bouts of rage the likes of which I've never felt in years. Having been a victim of relentless physical, emotional, and psychological abuse throughout my own childhood and teen years from both my peers and very own family members (if I can call them that), to see this kind of touchy subject which I have first hand experience with handled in such a tasteless, unrealistic, and piss poor manner made it all the more retch worthy and offensive to have to sit through!

Then in the Siblings Arc, she is forced to live through this shit again and despite becoming so honor-driven, strong willed, and determined to fight since her last encounter with Louis, actually SUBMITS to the mother-fucker and calls him her master! WTF?! Seriously! This goes against every bit of character growth she gained over the course of the series!

And if that wasn't enough, she actually rescues Louis from drowning because of Stockholm Syndrome, saying something along the lines of "Oh, he's my brother and I love him no matter what."

I call fucking bullshit!

That's like saying because a serial killer like Jeffrey Dahmer or Albert Fish is related to you, that automatically inclines them to forgiveness and therefore abolishes them from facing any sort of consequence for their actions against society.

"Yeah, he killed, tortured, and/or raped dozens of people, but he's my brother, so it's cool."

See how much sense that makes?

Keep in mind that this animal slaps her around to the point of where she becomes bruised, ties her to a bed post and whips her, molests, fondles, and tortures her by inserting needles into her breasts and nipples, and treats her like his pet; even going as far as to force her to eat fucking dog food! DOG FOOD!! And after showing us all of that, now you're telling me that just because he doesn't know right from wrong, we are not only supposed to forgive him, but also excuse the cocksucker from facing ANY sort of consequence for his actions?! WHAT?!

The act of Satellizer rescuing Louis from meeting his end, and Aoi destroying the evidence convicting him of his crimes was not only stupid beyond comprehension, but very selfish on their part as well. Now Louis is free and has nothing holding him back from doing these horrible acts again, meaning that Aoi and Satellizer will be responsible for all the pain and suffering any of his future victims will endure, and have no one to blame but themselves. They had the chance to end it all (On TWO separate occasions no less!) but decided to say "Fuck it (and in turn, the audience)" and let him go on to live his undeserved, retched life in comfort. And don't fucking tell me that "he's changed". Bullshit. This so called "change of heart" happens just shortly after the spineless craven raped her! I don't care if he never penetrated her. In my eyes, the suffering she had to endure over all these years was equivalent to-NO, even worse than fucking rape! There is no way in hell the animal changed just like that, so don't you dare try to defend this!

So yeah, all of that anger, frustration, rage, and disgust that I felt and experienced reading through not just the Siblings arc, but the entire goddamn series, WAS ALL FOR NOTHING!

That's one of the biggest problems this series has: It feeds on your hatred and anger, tricking you into reading/watching more and more getting you to hope for some kind of revelation that would pay off the negativity, and it ultimately NEVER COMES!! The series infuriates you with the constant abuse Satellizer endures and fails to deliver a gratifying payoff to make any of the frustration worth it! It pisses you off for the sake of pissing you off, and that pisses me off!!

Why not just walk up to me on my front porch and slap me across the face while you're at it?

Now Satellizer's gonna go back to Japan and get a bunch of burgers and happy meals to celebrate.

Fuck you, you're not gettin' a goddamn happy meal you pathetic little twat, you let a rapist back out on the street! Shut the fuck up!

The ending to the siblings arc was not deep, it's not thought-provoking, it's not a clever or artistic plot-twist, IT'S SHIT! Plain and simple! Festering, dripping, rancid, maggot-infested, DOG SHIT!

This is made even worse by the fact that Satellizer's suffering is used as an excuse for "fan-service", which means people are supposed to get off to it! Well, this "Fan" was not "Serviced" in the slightest. Rather I was disgusted and repulsed by every time she was stripped of her clothing and dignity, because not only is she being objectified to the individuals in the manga, but to everybody in the entire world who actually reads this bunk spunk! In other words, the people who enjoy getting off to Satellizer in this manga/anime are doing THE EXACT SAME THING THAT LED TO HER EMOTIONAL TRAUMA AND HAPEPHOBIA IN THE FIRST PLACE! Which means they are just as much to blame for her suffering as the people who abused her in the series!

Don't know what I mean? It's already been established that her fear of being touched is extremely intense. Crippling even. Now imagine yourself in her situation, with the added knowledge that images of your sexual abuse are on the internet, and that millions of perverted, sick-minded otaku are looking at them, masturbating and fantasizing about TOUCHING YOU! Can you imagine what that would do to her?! Hasn't the poor girl suffered enough in the series already?!?! The creator forces this poor woman to relive her pain for the sake of "pleasing" his audience and getting them to jerk off and crack a smile!

Even when it wasn't forced, every single time I seen her clothes ripped from her body in moments that were supposed to be "lighthearted" and "funny", I shed a tear for her. I cried for this poor, traumatized young girl because I've been there in her situation and know exactly what it's like to be abused on a relentless and consistent basis by the ones who are supposed to care for you (by that I mean the physical, psychological, and emotional abuse she endured, not sexual), and every time I saw her naked body exposed for the world to see in this tripe, I sensed her having to relive her horrible past time and time again. A part of me died inside each time I seen it!

Naked boobies should NEVER make a man cry tears of sorrow! EVER!!

Don't get me wrong. I LOVE fanservice. I find it to add an extra layer of charm and humor to any anime/manga, even if it is used excessively. Why else do you think I love Sekirei and Sora no Otoshimono so much despite all of it? Because those animes use it tastefully, and don't utilize it to torture and traumatize the female characters! They use it to have fun! Here, it's used to further distress and demean Satellizer, who has already dealt with enough of this senseless abuse in her lifetime for any normal person to attempt suicide ten times over! Need I remind you that each time she was shown naked and violated, it was to prompt the reader/viewer to masturbate and FUCKING LAUGH?!?!?! I know what fanservice is, and this is FAR, FAR from it!

It would have been a defining character moment for Satellizer to stand her ground against Louis and fight back. Even a simple kick to the balls would have sufficed! But that's not something the sick fucks with rape fetishes could get off to, now is it? What other reason could justify the way the creator graphically portrayed her sexual assault in the siblings arc?! To make us feel anger and disgust? (Because we haven't felt enough of that already by this point, right?) Yes, it did, but there was no reason to force the reader to suffer through it in it's entirety, and scar Satellizer even more than she already was! Especially if you weren't going to kill off the bastard who did it to her in the first place! It was clearly just there as detrimental spank material!

The makers of this series obviously have more adoration AND RESPECT for the sick, twisted perverts who indulge in this series solely to get their sexual fix, rather than the loyal fans who read/watch it for the story and characters! The evidence I provided here supporting this claim is overwhelming! Seriously, why not just make this a hentai?! At least then you're audience wouldn't expect any amount of dignity to be present, let alone decency!

Anyone that thinks the creators of this series cares about or has any degree of respect for their fans are either:

A. Blind to the concept of logic and reason



In spite of all that though, what pisses me off most of all is the utter lack of respect the creators show towards their audience.

You don't build up a character as cruel, evil, and heartless as Louis el Brigid to the point where your audience not only anticipates, but DEMANDS his head be served to them on a silver platter and fail to deliver! And you sure as hell don't try to justify his actions after showing the animal partake in said actions in graphic, soul-crushing detail!

There is absolutely nothing likable, redeemable, or sympathetic about Louis' character at all, and trying to make us feel sorry for him not only insulted me on an intellectual level, but a VERY personal level as well!

Having only been writing for a year, and still developing my craft, I have come to learn that having someone choose to take the time out of their day to indulge themselves in your work is an honor. Every individual view, review, and critique you receive is something that you should always cherish (considering that it isn't a flame, of course). Keeping that in mind, you must also treat your readers with respect and adoration no matter what.

It doesn't matter if your story is very well written, has a great cast of characters, and oozes with originality. If you insult and blatantly disrespect your audience like the creators of Freezing have done time and time again, any positives your story may have had become null and void.

What surprises me even further though is that people choose to continue reading it even after the raping of all senses known as the Siblings arc. Choosing to further indulge yourself in the story after that point pretty much tells the creator of the said series that it's okay to show an utter lack of respect for your audience and repeatedly stab them in the back time and time again. Which it isn't!

I for one am shocked that the fans of this haven't boycotted the series after that giant middle finger called the siblings arc, and demanded the cocksucker who made it to give us the closure we rightfully earned after suffering through it! And I don't mean just any kind of closure. I mean having Satellizer herself gut the no good bastard like a stuffed pig, dismember the body, and mail his decaying organs and severed limbs to his sick and demented family on Christmas Eve! Happy Holidays, motherfuckers!! Justice served!! Howzit smell?!

But nope.

You all just bend over and accept the creator's big dick getting crammed up your asses. Christ, people, this story is just as much yours as it is the creator's! You humbly invested your time and soul into this story, so show some balls and fight back! Let your voices be heard! Let them know this shit is unacceptable and that WE! WANT! BLOOD!! How the fuck can you all just sit there and be okay with an inhuman monster like Louis el Brigid still walking the face of the earth and take this deliberate act of injustice on the creator's part with a grain of salt?! The fact that this series is so popular (ranking at #22 on manga reader's most popular overall manga series) despite it's hateful, flat out disrespectful, and irredeemably loathsome content makes me absolutely sick to my stomach!

"But Phen0m, the story gets much better after the Siblings Arc."

Looks to the sky*

Oh is that a bird? A plane...? Oh no, it's just the flying fuck I don't give.

I haven't read past that point because I find the author's decision to build up to Louis' demise only to intentionally fuck us over in the end six ways from Sunday to be deplorable and absolutely unforgivable. I refuse to endorse him and this repugnant pile of sewage refuse he has the nerve to call a romantic comedy anymore! I gave this manga more than enough chances to redeem itself, and each and every time the creators built up anticipation for a gratifying outcome, they fucked me over, as well as everyone else who stuck with them!

Hey, if you're gonna fuck someone in the ass, at least have the common courtesy to give them a reach-around for Christ's sake!

Throughout my entire time with this series, not once did I crack a smile, chuckle, or feel any semblance of satisfaction. The only purpose this "romantic comedy" ever served was to make me feel anger and disgust the likes of which I have never felt while reading a manga, watching an anime, or indulging in ANYTHING for that matter! So much so that it brought tears to my eyes, which NEVER happens to me! (And not in the good way as in the content touches your heart. OHHHHH NO! These are the kind of tears you shed after having your soul crushed to the point where you beg someone to end your life to extinguish the agonizing pain!)

There is nothing romantic or funny about an emotionally traumatized young woman getting senselessly tortured, abused, and molested to the point where she develops a fear of being touched, and in turn making her suffering into a running theme and use it as an excuse for eye candy and "character development"! That is awful! Absolutely. GOD! AWFUL!! No amount of words I can muster can even scratch the surface of how much I hate this series!

In fact, I actually hope that the Novas destroy everything in their path and kill everybody! That's right, I found this series to be so insufferable that I'm actually rooting for the main threat and antagonists of said series to succeed in their ambitions to wipe out humanity! It's not like anyone would miss most of them anyway. Everybody who isn't a main protagonist in this series is either a rapist or a complete douchebag to begin with, so in my eyes the Novas are doing us all a favor!

You know what? Kill off the protagonists too while you're at it. The degree of stupidity they exerted in the Siblings arc MORE than warrants a horrible, violent death!

I realize I said earlier that I felt for Satellizer on a personal level as I could relate to the level abuse she had to endure, but that act of selfish stupidity she enacted made me lose every bit of respect I had for her. Her pinheaded decision to save Louis' life and let him roam the earth again without facing proper justice gave people who've had to deal with the same degree of issues, pain, and objectification she dealt with in life a bad name! Not to mention that pussying out in the face of her past and submitting to her abuser again made us look stupid, pathetic, and weak! She insulted me, and everyone else who have been unfortunate enough to walk in her shoes, and mine as well.

My main problem with Freezing is that Louis never faced proper justice after the siblings arc, and is free to rape, torture, and molest innocent women again. I can understand if you accept Satellizer finding it in her heart to forgive him (to an extent), but that isn't the point. The point is that any of the future victims he can (and given his character, WILL) have won't be able to forgive THEM for letting him go, because in the end, it all falls back on their decision to let him roam free in the first place. They had the chance to bring him to justice on two separate occasions, and decided not to, which means they are ultimately responsible for any damage he might do and how many lives he can very well ruin. I used to love and respect Satellizer a great deal, but I just can't bring myself to respect someone who does something so mindlessly dangerous as letting a psychotic and sadistic rapist/domestic abuser roam the earth and risk harming others again with no clear indication whatsoever that he changed or will change at all. Everyone is responsible for their actions despite what mental illness they may or may not have, and just because he abused his older sister out of a very twisted sense of "love" doesn't excuse him from facing consequence. Understand what I'm getting at?

Let me put it this way, Freezing is currently 50 chapters ahead of the Siblings arc, and Louis is still alive.

Need I say more?

Fuck this series.

And before you ask, the reason I know that is because I looked up spoilers (which I NEVER do BTW), since like I said, I refuse to delve any further into this decrepit cadaver in hopes for a satisfying payoff which will never come.

And if mentally scarring and nauseating the reader/viewer was what the creators intended, then congratulations. You intentionally succeeded in making an insufferable and down right offensive pile of shit. I hope you're fucking proud.

As of now the creators of this series are on my permanent blacklist.

I would rather get laid by a razor blade than to EVER lay eyes on this series or any of their creations again! End of story!


Now that that's off my chest, here are some fics I'm working on/plan on working on:

Completed projects:

...Tell Me

One-shot romance/erotic fanfic, detailing what very well could have happened if Matsu hadn't interrupted Minato and Tsukiumi as she requested him to make love to her. Based on the events of episode 10 of the Sekirei anime, "The Night Before the Escape."


Tsukiumi desires to be with Minato more than any other person in the world. Out of an impulse, she requests him to make love to her, only this time, Matsu doesn't interrupt them at the crucial moment.

Current Projects:

Saw: The Trials of Minato Sahashi

Status: Currently in the process of being rewritten. The rewrite will be published as its own separate fic with "Retrial" added to the title to indicate it's the rewrite. The original will remain as is.


Caught up in the midst of a plot to capture Minaka Hiroto, Minato Sahashi is thrust into a game of life or death alongside sworn enemy, Benitsubasa. With each of his Sekirei's lives on the line, the two must work together as a unit to save them. Over the course of the nightmarish trials, their experiences of both triumph and heartache bring them closer together.

Fun Fact: The working title for this fic was originally "SAW-kirei" but I scrapped that idea within the first minute of it entering my head. lulz

A Veil of Passion


Despite having an Ashikabi and loving her dearly, Uzume feels somehow emotionally drawn to Minato. Unable to suppress her feelings, she offers Minato the chance to become more than just friends...which he eventually accepts, much to the chagrin of his own Sekirei; Tsukiumi in particular.

Rated M for suggestive themes, sexual/erotic content, and crude/raunchy humor.

Queen's Blade: Chronicles of the Alestorm


In a matron-commanded world stifled by conflict, one pirate captain believed to have been long since dead rises from the ashes to reclaim what is hers. The infamous series exposing scantily clad vixens to shirt-shredding combat joins forces with a universe inspired by hard rock and heavy-metal to bring you this epic!

It's worthy to note that this is my first non-Sekirei related story, crossing over Queen's Blade with the world of Brutal Legend. It will feature Captain Liliana in the main role, and the plot of each chapter will be based on a specific hard rock/heavy-metal song.

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