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Writing Style/What to Expect: I enjoy writing in the past tense, usually all-knowing sort of point of view. Forgive me if I'm not using very literary terms. DOWN WITH U LITERATURE (not really, I love you!) I enjoy boy-love/yaoi/gay relationships in my stories. If you do not enjoy this, I highly doubt you will find anything worthwhile in my contributions. I don't normally go all out with steaminess in my stories, however. I try to focus on the relationship and the story more than the smut. Cuteness over hawtness! Though, in my opinion... cuteness CAN be very hot. I like a lot of twists in my stories. Drama llama frequents my brain, what can I say? So let me break that down for people that don't like all that rambling. Dramatic Yaoi Cute-Hawtness

!!February 18, 2011

I apologize again! I am ever so behind in making new chapters for things. I plan to soon be moving and in much better writing conditions so that I can start kicking around some old projects again. One that I am most wanting to tackle again and perhaps even rewrite in the better writing style I've formed over the last few years is my FF9 fanfiction, Petrified Lover. It was frozen for a while now as I was writing it while replaying the game because I'm rather anal about being accurate and keeping everyone as in-character as possible. Unfortunately, my game suddenly decided to not get past one point. My plan is to get it as DLC on my ps3 sometime soon and try reworking the fic while replaying the game.

Again, I swear to you all that I do read every review and listen to what you have to say. I love getting comments, the good and the bad. They help me to improve on my writing. I thank you all for that. I actually reread many of the reviews recently. It just makes me feel so guilty for not being more active here. I wish I could be, but fanfiction is a difficult thing at times for me. I am a perfectionist when it comes to fanfiction. I want to be completely submerged in the genre to its very roots when I write something based from it. I want the characters and story to feel like it's from there. I want those that read it to feel they're experiencing a story from their favorite genres that simply was kept underwraps. That's my goal at least. So, if I don't feel I'm 100% feeling the genre, nothing is going to be put down. I write for you guys, the fans, and I hope that comes forth in what you find here. I just can't thank all of you enough for those who do read and review. You guys are my rocket-fuel, seriously. Thank you and I hope you remain patient with me. I promise I will do my best to not disappoint! Thank you~


Please be sure to check out my blog! I plan to update fanfics and other things there. Do not be shy! Comment there if you rather! Try the Grym Portal and navigate to my other blogs. I have cosplay(Closet), art(Blots), and even my dollfies(Doll) are shown there. I plan to make more frequent updates on my writing status as well. Check it out ^_^

Also outlink to my DA. I have original writing there for viewing/feedback for the time being (this could change). I'm pretty active there lately.

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