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Poll: Should I make a squeal to Nevermore? If you are not aware what that story is basically it's my first attempt to write a Creepy pasta. Vote Now!
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Author has written 8 stories for Kirby, Code Lyoko, Mario, and RWBY.

-Kirbywarrior655's bio-

Gender- Male (despite what my fan fics tell you)

Age- 21

Favorite games n' such!




Rap music

Rock Music

South Park

Sucking at Halo :P

Sucking at Call Of Duty XD

Dead space games

Scary games

Cool looking stuff

Something to fuel my ADHD

Interests and such- Music

Video games

Anything tasty and or shiny (proof I have ADHD, crap now I want a shiny Pokemon)

Fun times with people

-End of Bio-

So my profile (in the future) is going to probably have a lot of fan fictions, but not all about Kirby either.

I have some other fan fic ideas I might be posting some time soon. If I like where they are going anyways.

So if you like my Kirby fan fic and or would like to see my OC's running around other games and TV shows (I use my OC's everywhere.) then make sure to follow and eagerly wait for more stories or chapters!

But I guess that's it for a profile description, seeing as I don't have much to talk about yet, so read on people!

Code Lyoko- Whenever I write a new chapter

-Definite stories that will be posted some time-

-Possible story names (for listed stories above)-

Random fun facts about my fan fictions!

- Kirby: The Mirror Warriors

This is my first fan fiction posted, but not the first one I ever wrote

I stopped posting this fan fiction for a while before because my computer broke and I lost around twenty something chapters, I only posted around six or ten at the present time

Jen was not actually intended to be an OC, or Sage Dee, Edge, Joann, and Pat, they were last second entries

The idea of Edge came around when I was watching a sad movie with a friend, as you know he was technically a traitor to Jen

The flow of this story had actually changed twice while I was writing it, the locations kept switching around and personalities were modified. this is why the story doesn't exactly follow itself all that well at times.

This fan fiction is a mix of Kirby: The Amazing mirror, and Kirby Right Back at cha'

This fan fiction was originally supposed to be a humor/adventure fic, with the fights being more humorous and the amnesia problem really being the only serious part of the story, but now it is more of a suspense, adventure, and mystery and contains way more serious themes.

Though Kirby Right Back at Cha' had Blade as a boy, in this fan fic I went with the Japanese anime and made her a girl

-Spoiler alert!- Even though Nightmare is not mentioned all that much in the main story, he is technically the main villain of the story

- Q/A Kirby: The Mirror Warriors

Introduction of my OC Joann, also MOVA, Cecil and Crystal

The most insane 'story' I have EVER wrote

Was made due to a bunch of my friends joking around about my main fan fiction during lunch one day.

When I wrote this fan fiction I imagined Magolor's voice to be the one that Chuggaaconry (famous let's player on youtube) gave him, look it up it's so funny!

Is now taken down, for those who enjoyed it we will miss those random days.

- Kirbywarrior's Story collection

Used to have a very long name of "The daily life of the insane mirror warriors" but I changed it because it was to long.

Chapter four is almost (if not) passing the first chapter when it comes to views

Was going to be my back up spin off, now is just used for holiday specials

- Code Defender

This story is in the format of the show, every thing is fine, then XANA attacks, Lyoko warriors have to save the town while battling on Lyoko, then tower deactivates and everything is fine, again. Lather, rinse, repeat... damn it I ran out of shampoo!

This story actually has no point A to point B flow, I am trying to sort that out right now...

Any ideas I use are sometimes forgotten, seeing as I began writing this years ago and only came back to it every other month

- Legend of Idiots

Made after I played Zelda Battle Quest on Nintendo land for around three hours

From what I wrote so far I can see that this story is serious for a bit, but then funny a few moments later

It's not as insane as my Q/A, but I do insert some random comity into this story

Yes, Pewdiepie was a reference. Do I regret this? I regret nothing, though I believe I could have made a couple better references

- Nevermore

Joann and mike going out was an inside joke from Q/A Kirby: The Crystal Warriors

I rewrote this story seeing as the first time had to much mindless blabbering

This was going to be on the Creepypasta website, though I lacked the account, and found posting it here easier

-Within the Castle Walls

This was originally called "stupid Mario sixty four." It was meant to be more humorous like The Legend of Idiots but in the end I wanted something that was a bit more serious.

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Code: Defender reviews
Due to a strange bug two kids find themselves stuck in a strange digital world far away from home. What will happen to them when they meet the Lyoko Warriors and X.A.N.A? Will they be able to aid in the destruction of X.A.N.A? Or will they fail? Rated T for violence, some swearing, and romance (OCXOC) and possible JxA UxY OxOC.
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Team HRMY (Harmony), an all girl team training at Venus, a Huntsmen school in Atlas, were starting their freshmen year of the school, though even for huntsmen it was kind of an abnormal year, evil is lucking, and it has a stronger tie to the team then any of them know, will they find out in time, or will they find out when it is to late? (set in the past)
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Team BLOP, another team in the RWBY universe has a stronger tie to Torchwick's gang then most of them know. Meanwhile Torchwick's both newer and older henchmen are preparing to sever this tie, will Team BLOP be able to bring down Torchwick and his gang? Or will they fail in their attempts? Rated T for death, combat, some romance, mild suggestive themes, and language.
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Within the Castle Walls reviews
A young couple was tasked with the job of not only rescuing Peach, but Mario and pals as well. Will they be able to save the princess and heroes alike? Or will Bowser, and or something from their past, stop them in their tracks? Rated T for violence, swearing, some romance, and for some blood and gore.
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In the city of Vale there is a new group of huntresses that are undergoing training at Beacon, little do they know what kind of life is ahead of them. A life filled with fighting Grim all day, right? Wrong, sure they did fight Grim, but there was something else endangering life as they know it. Rated T for violence, swearing, and some blood.
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Kirbywarrior's Story Collection reviews
Short stories with some Kirby characters and my OC's living in a house together, randomness is sure to happen in these mostly one-shots.
Kirby - Rated: T - English - Humor/Parody - Chapters: 7 - Words: 8,478 - Reviews: 12 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 2 - Updated: 12/1/2013 - Published: 11/6/2012
Kirby: The crystal Warriors reviews
(sequel to Kirby: The Mirror Warriors) There is trouble in Ripple Star. The only way to save the planet is to find and collect all the crystal shards. However, there is an evil luring far beyond Ribbon's understandings. Meanwhile our old heroes bring the fight to NME's home base, but the battle is just starting. Rated T for swearing, some romance, blood and gore in some chapters
Kirby - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Mystery - Chapters: 8 - Words: 13,337 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 3 - Follows: 3 - Updated: 8/19/2013 - Published: 2/23/2013
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A plan goes horrifically wrong and five friends get caught in the middle of it. Will they be able to uncover the mysteries of their past and present? Or will they remain in the strange world the natives call "dreamland"? Rated T for language, violence, minor romance (OCxOC so far only one), and gore in the much later chapters.
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