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Good news: So I got some great news, which hopefully will excite some people. I'm back! Or, at the very least, I'm back to writing, although I can't say anything about when it will be published, I'm definitely writing. The reason for my lack of progress was for 3 large reasons: Stress of college, a rather broken laptop keyboard, and writer's block.

I definitely managed to get a hold of the college situation, although my enrollment had to be pushed back a year due to financial difficulties, but I'm not on such a hectic schedule anymore scrambling to get ready, so I'm MUCH more relaxed about the entire thing. In some ways getting pushed back was a terrible thing, in other ways it helped quite a bit.

The keyboard problem is quite funny, as now I currently have 3 laptops that I own, and only one has a messed up keyboard. I got two new ones in two different set of circumstances, but I managed to fix them up and all my writing is being stored on those two new ones.

I can honestly say that with the way my head can't stop thinking, I've smashed writer's block in pieces. If there was a machine to put thoughts to paper, I'd have a 100k word H/Hr story. I won't say much about the story, but I will give this little bit: It's set after the DH, focused on Harry, and has little bashing of any characters (A tiny bit of Molly bashing, but not nearly as bad as the usual for me.) It will definitely be H/Hr, but Ron won't be bashed at all, and he will play quite the part. It will also feature the Gryffindor boys (Neville, Dean, Seamus) as the main cast as well, and Hermione's parents play a part. All in all, it's a story I'm excited to get to work on, and quite a different from the way HPPK went.

A note regarding my story (Harry Potter and the Power of Knowledge):It has come to my attention that my story was deleted from this site. This was done without my knowledge or permission, although honestly, I'm rather relieved it was deleted. Whenever I said the story would not be abandoned, I meant that I would not simply ignore it and not update out of sheer laziness, however I found myself in an unfortunate position of myself not liking what I had written.

In all honesty, HPPK was crap. It was highly cliche, and (in my opinion) had only two redeeming characteristics, those being the Potter Family History, and Phoenix Corp. (although I was rather unsatisfied with the name of it). Apart from that, I really did regret much of the choices I made while writing the story. This lead to a period of hiatus where I took several weeks to read over my story and notes, trying to find where I went wrong. I rather believe I went astray when I began writing for the viewers, and not for myself. I wrote several things into the book, simply because they were popular and not because I liked them. This is something I really do regret.

While I don't think the writing of it was complete crap, it could have been highly improved. I am aware I have a problem with keeping in one tense, and I did try to rectify that.

Another part that I found myself dissatisfied with was my readers. Even when I got reviews, they were either three things:

1) They would simply say something like "good" and nothing else.

2) They would ask a question that was right there in the chapter, showing they didn't really read it.

3) They would tell me to update soon.

People, this really doesn't help me as a writer. Now, I'm not asking people to flame the crap out of me, but pointing out some flaws in my plot/writing would have helped me greatly. It takes like 10 seconds, and it shows you actually read my story, rather than just briefly flicking through it.

Despite my thoughts on the matter, I don't really appreciate my story being deleted without any sort of warning, so if a mod or admin could send me a brief message explaining what I did wrong, then it would be much appreciated.


My thoughts on the various characters:

Dumbledore: There are plenty of things to say about Dumbledore, and in all honesty on the debate of Manipulative vs. Innocent Dumbledore, I myself sit on the fence. I can see plenty of times where Dumbledore was a manipulative dickhead, but yet I don't believe he did it with malice in his mind, he was just an idiotic old man who got caught up in his own fame and decided he knew what was best. I enjoy both Manipulative and Good Dumbledore stories, although in all honestly lately I prefer Good Dumbledore stories more, as they just have less angst and more actual plot.

Molly: I hate Molly. It's as simple as that. When I read the fifth book, there were several moments where I was hoping she would die, just so for one second we could be there without her ridiculous ranting about Harry, Sirius, or Fleur (although Fleur was more towards book six). The moment I started to hate her was the complete bullshit scene in the GOF where she gave the cold shoulder simply because of Rita's article. That right there drove me crazy, and showed that she was no better than the regular Wizarding Public.

Ron: Don't like him. I don't particularly hate him (although I don't respect or like him in any way) and I don't agree with him and Hermione getting together. That pairing could possible only lead to domestic abuse. (Despite what some idiotic morons may say, shouting and screaming does not equal sexual tension. It equals anger. In reality, "passionate" relationships usually never work out. The best example of this relationship in my opinion is in the TV show The Unit, between Mack Gerhartd and Tiffy Gerhardt. There are some good moments, but most of the time it's physical violence, or one of them cheating on each other. I don't think he and Harry should have really been friends, at the most acquaintances.

Ginny: Can't say anything about her, cause really she get's no screen time. Her romance of Harry is stalkerish at best, and that's another relationship that shouldn't have happened. The only thing I know about her is she hates Fleur for no real reason in the beginning.

Hermione: Out of all the main characters, I like her the best. I don't really like her behavior in HBP, and while I understand her taking the firebolt matter to McGonagall in POA, it was a rat thing to do, at least she can say she was looking out for Harry in her own way. See Ron's description for my opinion on the relationship.

Twins: They are definitely my favorite Weasleys, and I gotta get this off my chest. FUCK DH. The fact that Fred died was complete shit, and shouldn't have happened. I love these guys, and I love stories where they play a major part.

Percy: I find it ironic that people give Percy crap for abandoning his family, but not Ron for abandoning Harry. Ron abandoned Harry out of jealousy, Percy abandoned his family because he trusted the government. While I don't like Percy, I don't hate him either. He's just a filler character for me, really.

Bill/Charlie/Fleur: I like all three of these, as much as you can for them not getting that much screen time. I feel bad for Fleur, since she REALLY got treated like shit during HBP.

Remus: I don't like him. I hate that he ignored (yes, he ignored Harry. He had 11 years, and he never once contacted the son of his so-called best friends. It's not that hard to write a letter) Harry. I really don't like that he got with Tonks (how about you go up to your girlfriend/boyfriend and start talking about how you shouldn't be with them, see how they like it) and when he tried to abandon Teddy, that's the exact moment my hatred really came out.

Pet Peeves regarding Author Practices:

There are certain things authors do that drive me crazy, especially when I see it time and time again

"Tribute" stories (copycat stories): When done right, tribute stories are amazing. Hell, I've been thinking about doing a tribute story for quite a while. But what I absolutely hate are tribute stories that are nothing but poorer versions of the original. For example, one of my favorite stories is Knowledge is Power by Oblong. It's a story everyone should read. However, I was reading a "tribute" story to it by a different author that had the exact same characters, same situations, same plot, and basically same writing. It got to the point that by the eighth chapter, I was wondering why I was reading the tribute story, and why I didn't just go read the original.

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