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Author has written 2 stories for Fairy Tail, and Detective School Q.

Name: Ash

So far I've started two stories, but i haven't finished either of them... My first story was "Another Dragon Slayer?" for Fairy Tail. While I was in the middle of that story, I started "Dan's First Student" which was not smart on my part. I plan on continuing that story when I'm done with "Another Dragon Slayer?" and I have an overwhelming amount of ideas for other stories, including sequels and others.

Update: Another Dragon Slayer is done and I cringe omg going back and reading it is so hard oh god I was so proud of it too. Dan's First Student is currently being rewritten because I've had a few people ask me to continue and it's been at least 4 years since I watched or read the show. It kills me thought because I had the whole story done but I hated it so I'm rewriting with my better story telling abilities than is displayed in either of my stories.

I am a beta reader so feel free to look me up anytime!

Okay! Some rules I live/write by:

1.Always finish the story. Always.

2. Don't require a certain number of reviews before you update. I think that's just wrong. Besides, it just means that much more when you get a review. I get up and do a happy dance when I get a review, it means that much to me. But when an author requires a certain number of reviews in order to update, the reviews become something created out of necessity and they lose their meaning. When a reader takes the time to make a review, even when they don't have to, it's one of the best feelings in the world for authors.

3. Spread the love. If you want reviews, you got to review yourself. I try to review on every story I read because I know it makes my day when someone reviews on mine.

4. I CANNOT EXPRESS THIS ENOUGH!! Punctuation is just as important as the story itself! When the punctuation is terrible, it just takes away from the story. I can't tell you how many times I go to school and see some of my friends' English papers filled with bad grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Dnt u just lik srsly dislik senctences tht tak time to figgure out wht they mean and also when they don't make sence and when they use your instead of you're and they're instead of their and when sentences run on and complex sentences aren't really complex or, when a sentence, has too many, commas, that distract the reader? I will admit, no body is perfect. Yes I will admit that I have made errors and I undoubtedly will continue to make errors. But what I'm saying is rereading wouldn't hurt. I have reread a couple of my stories and saw grammatical errors that had me cringing.

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Dan's first student reviews
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