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Guess I should update this, it's been awhile. What started off as a part-time job doing dispatch work for my police department has grown into a full time job, and all I can say is it's great being back in the saddle again, so to speak. So I admit I'm not on the site as much as I used to be, but I still keep track of my favorite writers and try to review whenever I can in order to support them and keep them encouraged.

I just wanted to say after receiving a few comments accusing me of not being a writer or challenging me to write work of my own that I do actually write, believe it or not. I'd initially started college to become an English teacher before I decided to go into law enforcement instead. However, what I write is pretty personal and pertains mostly to the things I've dealt with during my law enforcement career, so I write my experiences down as a catharsis. Because those tend to be intensely personal and private reflections, I don't feel comfortable sharing those stories on a site and I hope folks would understand that.

Because my free time is so limited anymore, I would also like to note that I will no longer be available for consultation should any writer have any questions about law enforcement they'd like advice on.