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Author has written 2 stories for Assassin's Creed, and Final Fantasy VII.

About me: My career interest lies in digital art and publishing.

*Notice 1-14-14*

Guys, I'm not dead, nor have I given up on the story. I have a hard time writing for it, due to inspiration, but I haven't given up. I HAVE been working on it in a different way. I'm still re-writting chapters. Once I've finished that I'll be working on updating the story.

You can also find me on Deviant Art: SomberNocturna -

I write as a hobby, I don't plan on becoming a serious author, I doubt I'm capable of it anyway ;p

Random things I find annoying when reading Fanfiction stories ;p

1: Self-Inserts or plotlines/situations based on actual events of an Author's life.

2: Author's Notes popping up within the writing in order to explain something they wrote.

3: Using 'This is Fanfiction' as an excuse to write poorly.

4: Melodramatic/Cliche writing.

5: Putting lyrics in a story.

6: Using Canon characters, but writing them OOC.

7: I'd say Mary-Sue's are annoying, but it's a generalization.

*Taming a Huntress: Re-written Chapter Changes*

As I've mentioned, I feel like my writing style has changed over the course of writing TAH. When I look back at the beginning chapters, I don't like what I see. I've taken on a different style and I want the story to be consistent with it so I'm going back through the story to edit all the chapters. Because of this, not only will I be changing the writing style, but sometimes I'll be altering the scenes and dialogue as well. I feel like I completely rushed Savra and her characterization in the beginning and I need to change that. So, that means that certain events in the story will be rewritten to match how I initially wanted to portray her. I'm talking about a complete change to the scene, so because of that I will be making a list of the chapters as I edit them. In the list, I will name the chapter and what I changed. So for those who want to know if there are any huge changes, occasionally check this list. You can decide if you want to check out the newly updated chapter and the altered events. I will update the list after I replace the chapters so keep an eye out!

  1. Chapters 1-17 have all been rewritten so far, just basic editing a few changes to the dialogue, and correction on punctuation. Any major changes are posted at the ending author's note of the rewritten chapter.

I've been spending most my time on FictionPress lately so if you guys are interested in reading my stuffs go on and check it out XD I'd love to see your thoughts and comments.

FictionPress Account - Sombrette

My stories I've been working on:

- Passage to Ithorah:

Summary: Young Huntress Roeve finds herself traveling with an unlikely group on a journey that will shatter myths that have been told for centuries, on a journey that will shed light to her hidden past and bring consequences for her future, all the while leading to the Battle for Ithorah.

- Hüna:

A secret seen is a secret no longer. A man has gone to great lengths to keep his past transgressions silenced. Years later, he discovers a mistake was made by not truly ending the threat of exposure, and vows to do whatever it takes to keep his crime hidden.

- Guardians of Woe

Summary: Forsaken by their Creator, humanity unknowingly relies on winged guardians to keep the shadows at bay. Some shadows however, will not be vanquished so easily.

If any of you write on Fictionpress and are looking for reviews for your story, come check out this awesome forum a good friend of mine created called Labyrinth. It's a fun place to chat with other authors as well as receive feedback on your stories.



Savra Fanart by Asuka Saruwatari

Savra Fanart #2 by Asuka Saruwatari

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