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Author has written 2 stories for Invader Zim.

I do take requests as well as write my own things. I also would like a few new ideas if it seems like I don't publish anything new in a while. Sometimes my ideas seem a little strange, but somehow, it works out in the end. As a child, I never liked reading, until I saw the Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring. Then I couldn't get enough. It wasn't until a few years after that that I was introduced to Manga and Anime. Now, many of my fanfictions are about Manga/Anime. And it was also because of my newfound love of reading that I developed my love of writing too. I just love writing, and some of my stories turn out really cool.

My main OC is Ojamajo Komatsu, my Penname. She was originally White Wizard Katame, who died in a war. But one of White Wizard's friends couldn't stand the loss and brought her back to life. But because of all the damage her body sustained in the war before her death, she lost a good portion of her memories, mostly of her family, and left to seek out a different life, where she could be happy and forget about all the empty holes in her past. Her friends still look for her, since she left without telling anyone, but they try to leave her alone, since she acts different than she did before her death. Because of the difference in personalities, she changed her name.

I make OC's for just about anything I am interested in. But most of the stories I start, I hardly finish. The few I do finish, usually either have a weak ending or are really cool. Any feedback is really appreciated, but just be kind if you have any criticisms. If you also want a story done for you, let me know, and tell me everything you want included in the story, and I'll do my best.

It was recently brought to my attention that while uploading some chapters for a story I was writing, the chapters didn't load right and I ended up repeating chapters. Because I couldn't fix the glitch, I ended up deleting the whole 8 section story and re-uploading it. It now is called Once Human An Invader Zim Story. If there is ever an incident like that again, please, feel free to tell me. I will do everything in my power to fix it and make my stories better. Thank you.

For all who care, here is the profile for my main OC

Name: Ojamajo Komatsu (nickname: Oja)

Age: ?

Height: 5 ft. 9 in.

Hair color: white

Eye color: pale blue

Favorite color: Black

Favorite food: ?

Past: Was once White Wizard, who was married with three children to Gaara. White Wizard died in a war and was brought back by her comrades. But White Wizard's body had been so badly damaged when she died that when she was brought back, many of her memories were gone and her body was stitched back together. Because of the holes in her memories, she changed her name from White Wizard Katame to Ojamajo Komatsu. Because of experiments performed on her in her past, Oja still has the black ink that flowed through White Wizard's veins. The ink can heal any wound she gets and sometimes has a mind of its own. The black tear marks that run down White Wizard's face became two little black dots under both of Oja's eyes. Because of the holes in Oja's memories, mainly of her children with Gaara, Oja left in the middle of the night, trying to escape the life she couldn't remember. While traveling through village after village, she killed every person who thought she was White Wizard. But while she was looking for a trans dimensional portal to travel into another dimension, she came across Zetsu. He had been the one out of all the Akatsuki while she had been a member that she understood. He didn't treat her like White Wizard, but recognized the differences between the two. Even though Oja still had a bit of a temper that flared around ignorant, stupid, and rude people, she tries to keep her temper and is more often than not, pleasant. She always shows Zetsu her more sensetive side. She doesn't always succeed with keeping her temper, but she does do her best to keep her comrades safe. On more than one occasion, she has slipped away when she's upset to take her anger out on some random person, devouring them. White Wizard had once been at the top of her game as an assassin, making someone appear like they'd killed themselves, by someone else, or an accident. Those same skills are present in Oja still. Though much of White Wizard's memories of her family are gone, her other memories are still there.

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