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Author has written 4 stories for Harry Potter.

For those who are taking the time to read this, there are a few things I'd like to mention.

The first is that I'm a college student who writes in her free time. Take note of the gender, please.

I've been an avid reader of Harry Potter since the series came out, and I like fantasy in general.

There are many of you who probably have noted that the only series I write is Harry Potter. I like the universe (though I do change things up when I'm writing in it) and I find it a good way to develop writing skills in general. It's a good way to see what I'm good at, and what needs improvement (description is a hard one for me, so those who are reading, and are kind enough to review, do drop a note on that for me.) I do have many fans already, so some of you might have me on alert when I make an update to my profile. That's a good thing, and you'll see why in a moment.

For my series, I'm going back and editing the stories. I've been absent for far too long, and, before I can get back into writing them, I need to refresh what has happened. Which means rereading everything I wrote, and that, in addition, means fixing the mistakes I come across as I go. I don't think many changes will come about, but it is possible. I'll post updates here, so for those who are interested - keep a note on my profile. It will be a bit before I get around to it (midterm and finals and about three tests are waiting my attention) but I will get there. So, please, be patient.

Additional Info: It would seem that I have gotten to the revisions a bit sooner tan I thought I would. Due to this, I have updated a few chapters in one story, but, unexpectedly, it would seem that I am working on two of the four stories. The list below will state which ones are on hold, and waiting to be reread and revised, and which ones I am currently looking through.

Stories (4)

Current: When Darkness Sings: The main story being worked on, and the one I'm the most involved with. 'When Darkness Sings' is a story revolving a young Harry Potter (named Hadrian in the story) and his relationship with Tom Riddle as a diary. This also details how things could change, and a different way of seeing how being neglected as a child, and a magical one to boot, would impact a child. Slash.

Current: Stormborn: This is a Hermione/Tom story. It revolves around Hermione being shot through the Veil, and, as that means she died, her soul ends up in the body of another person. Caught in the past with the possibility of creating an alternate reality, she is forced to move forward with caution while also dealing with the students in the Slytherin House that she is resorted into.

On Hold: Fade to Black - The Serpent and the Stone: Another story I am working upon. It is the story of Hadrian Potter and his twin Alric, and how things would change if he did have a brother and if his parents were alive. Currently on hold. Slash.

On Hold: Of Light and Shadow: This is a complete work. It is essentially the story of how Harry Potter's mother died at sea, and then his dad getting ill. Could possibly be continued at a later date. Pairings (if any) undetermined.

Story Updates

13, April 2014: When Darkness Sings, Chapter One Rewrite Posted. 3,300 Words.

14, April 2014: When Darkness Sings, Chapter Two Rewrite Posted. 4,700 Words.

17, April 2014: Stormborn, Chapter One Rewrite Posted. 2543 Words.

22, April 2014: Stormborn, Chapter Two Rewrite. 2,500 Words.

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