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I'm back here again...-_-. Why am I back, because I wanted to come back I guess. I figured that my reason I wasn't writing was because I was swamped by Rp'ing a log time ago so this time around, I won't Rp(as much) and hopefully I'l devote more time to fanfics. Now for a little info.

This account is actually run by a multitude of people consisting of my friends and I. Theres about 2-5 girls and 3 guys. We each come up with our own stories, help out the others story as well as appear in them as well. Note that there will be lemons written for parts they'd occur in some of the T or lower rated stories as those will be written by Alli-I'll try to persuade her to either go on her old account or just make a new one.

Welp, seems like this account almost died but hopefully something will be produced. Anyway we're back

Introductions, roles, info and other tidbits.

Name(s): Kai, Azel, Minato-at times.

Role: Leader/Writer.

Info: I'm the main writer as well as Leader/Director. I'm a fair but stern leader which is reflected in my main char Kai. More to come soon hopefully.

Personality: I'm friendly, patient and understanding but if something manages to annoy me, I make it known. I can also hold a grudge and people say I'm too much of a yes man. I do go through mood swings as one moment I'll be happy and at another time I'mm be glad.

Name: Dax/Flintlock

Role: Ideas, characters and editor.

Info: The crazy half-Aussie and half-african in this group. I'm more or less Kai's knight as I'm not too good with diplomacy and the like. I do tend to say "mate" a lot even online since I feel it helps define me. Welp thats all I guess, cya mates, don't have a hissy anytime soon ;)

Personality: I'm your typical party guy I guess. I'm optimistic and helpful and a bit flirty at times. I'm far too lazy for my own good and one thing to add is that Alli hates me.

Name: Ragna/Naota.

Role: Motivator, writer, ideas, whatever I'm useful at :D.

Info: Overly optimistic in real life but my Ocs tend to be pessimatic or depressed. I'm the owner of Naota Kasumi in Kais beyblade story.

Personality: All I can say os optimistic :/

Name: Allison-Prefers Ashe or Kelly

Role: Something I guess

Info: My hatred for Dax burns brighter than 1000 supernovas. Also all the guys are my servants, especially Kai-dono

Personality: I'm a possible psycho and sometimes have murderous thoughts towards a certain someone. I'm extremely vengeful but otherise don't cross me and I'm fine.

Name: Not telling but I prefer Mimi or Pheobe

Role: Don't have one yet :P

Info:...Allisons my sister.

Personality: Sweet, bubbly, but with a hint madness as well as other things

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