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Hello! I haven't really told you guys a lot about myself!

I'm SoulCaliburess! I've grown up with the games Soul Calibur and Tekken, in particular, Soul Calibur, and hence I had entitled myself after my love of the game. I'm the administrator (Sophitia Alexandra) on the Soul Calibur Roleplaying website, 'The Stage of History'!

I love writing, art, acting, you name it... I like to be creative .'' I'm quite fond of writing about Soul Calibur and Tekken, and this is when I found out about Fanfiction! It wasn't too long after when I discovered roleplaying, in which many fanfiction writers tend to enjoy! In the light of roleplaying and my favourite game, I recently opened the site!

Writing, along with art and acting, to me, is a way of expressing yourself truthfully. Beneath the words, or in an artists case, the pen strokes, lies something in which tells a lot about you as a person. I'd like to take the to a full advantage and express myself as much as I can! .

Tekken fanfiction 'A Drop of Vengeance' is up and in progress! Read the Prologue, Chapter One and Two! Update: Chapters 6 and 7 are ready to read! And thank you for the support, via Favourite Stories, etc, I truly appreciate it! This one seems to be the most popular out of the three I've written... So thank you! :D

I'm also writing another story, a Tekken fanfiction, 'Blood Temptation'. It's something that I may come back to, but I originally wrote it as a writer's block relief, but now I see it to be a potential story! So R&R, and tell me your verdict! Updated three chapters in a row for this story! *boom!*

Tekken X Soul Calibur Comedy Crossover 'Tekken Calibur: The Switch' is onto the site! Note: I will only continue the story if people actually like it, so review to your hearts' content if you want me to carry on writing it. I'm thinking about continuing... maybe a review would give me some inspiration? ;) On hiatus until I figure out how to continue this.

Soul Calibur fanfiction 'The Stage of History' is complete and ready to read! If you like it, R&R and let me know! Thank you if you have favourited! C: I am considering writing more Soul Calibur fanfictions in the future! I'm planning on finishing my other fanfictions in time for the release of Soul Calibur V, so bear with me, SC fans!

I'm most likely going to do oneshots nowadays due to my hectic schedule, but I'll keep the main fanfics going (unless I have 0% inspiration... haha...)! It's most likely that I will turn the oneshots into actual stories: I've got so much ideas going on in my brain, I just need to pin them down in oneshot form until I get round to writing them properly.

Oneshot List:

The Kazama and the Chang:- (Jin X Julia) [Once upon a oneshot...]

Sandals VS. Bangles:- (Xiaoyu VS. Heihachi) [Oneshot]

If you do bother to read my fanfictions...Thanks for reading! :D

Soul Calibur Mains (Favourites first!): Seong Mi-na, Sophitia Alexandra, Amy Sorel, Setsuka, Kilik, Cassandra Alexandra, Tira and Hilde von Krone

Tekken Mains (in the order of how often I play as them): Asuka Kazama, Ling Xiaoyu, Alisa Bosconovitch, Julia Chang, Jin Kazama, Lars Alexandersson, Jun Kazama (was and will be when TTT2 is out on consoles) Lili Rochefort, Nina Williams, and Panda, of course ;D

I would like to take the time to thank Namco for their amazingness. Without you, my life would be A LOT different now.

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