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Author has written 2 stories for Evangelion, and Pokémon.

Hello! My name is FerbFlecher151! I go by this name on the P&F Fanon and wiki sites as well.

I started writing stories when I was very little, and since then I've been wanting to write more. Please note I put time and effort into my stories and write all rough draft chapters before hand, emphasis on time as stories could take months to update.

Current Stories

Pokemon Story (rewrite) - Updated weekly, every Friday.

Return of Evangelion (on-hold) - I love Evangelion and I love working on this fic, but sadly the chapters are hell to write due to the fact that they are basically retellings of the original episodes - and I don't like copy pasting. However, this fic will return along with updated opening chapters to make it better overall. Expected return date is December 2016.

Upcoming Stories

Epilogue (Cowboy Bebop) - This one has been long in the making, especially since Bebop is one of my all time favourite series of all time. I have a basic outline written and I already know how the first section of the story will go. Expected start date is late early 2017.

Convergence (Love, Chunibyo and Other Delusions) - Not only do I love the anime as a whole, I especially love the fantasy sequences in the show. While I won't reveal exactly just yet I plan to do for this fic, all I will say is that if you loved the fantasy sequences, you will love this fic. Expected start date is mid 2017.

The Mercenaries (Mass Effect) - A massive fic that will rely on OCs from people. Because of this I still do not have enough characters to accurately start the story. However, the only details I will give is that it will be post-ME3 and also be an original story unconnected to the Reaper Wars. Expected start date is 2017.

Fullmetal Progeny (Fullmetal Alchemist) - This one I actually had the first chapter done, but circumstances regarding the quality of it (it was pretty bad) made me can this fic for a while but I still wish to do this one. I am tweaking the story to fit better with the world of FMA, and giving more focus to original characters then originally planned. Expected start date is 2017.

The Magic Wars (Madoka Magica) - I only recently came up with the idea for this fic but I love the idea so much I really would like to do it. However, seeing as that the storyline may change depending on the plotline and events of the upcoming Rebellion sequel, this fic is currently being postponed until more details about it arise. Expected start date is TBD.

Untitled Star Wars fic - I wish to do one at some point, and I have small outlines on what I kinda wish to do with it. Currently waiting on the sequel trilogy to finish first. Expected start date is TBD.

The List of Secrets rewrite - My original story which sadly cannot be found anymore. I still have my original notes however and still wish to rewrite it at some point. Expected start date is TBD.

Favourite Pairings


Shinji/Asuka - This pairing is my life XD But seriously, I think they work really well together and they have a lot of chemistry if written correctly.

Misato/Kaji - Never understood her pairing up with anyone else - these two are way too perfect with each other.

Asuka/Mari - A damn cute couple that always cheers me up. Their interactions in 3.33 only fueled the fire for me.

Shinji/Kaworu - There is a reason this one is basically canon by this point. One of the few yaoi pairings that actually make perfect sense to me.

Fullmetal Alchemist

Edward/Winry - Do you need a reason? No seriously, do you need a damn reason?

Roy/Riza - This one also speaks for itself. Only wish that it was shown in canon instead of being heavily implied and then confirmed by the author afterwards.

Ling/Lan - Another one that was heavily implied but unlike the previous one we never got an answer for it. They work so well together too!

Al/Mei - Al and Mei's relationship was one of my favourite aspects of Brotherhood and I only wish we got to see it more.

Madoka Magica


Madoka/Homura - After Rebellion I feel this one is more one-sided but I still enjoy it. It can be heavily played with too after that movie.

Pokemon (all universes)

Ash/Misty - First pairing I was crazy about. Makes sense considering I grew up with it.

Ash/Serena - This one is overtaking the previous one in many ways, though I might be bias because I really like Serena alot. Also her interactions with Ash are so cute! XD

Brendan/May - This one makes a lot of sense thanks to the manga, but in the games too now thanks to ORAS.

Dawn/Zoey - I might have a thing for yuri couples XD But anyways, I've always felt this one to be more natural then others.

Elesa/Skyla - Watch the Japanese special episodes in B2W2 and tell me that they have great chemistry or don't they?

Ethan/Lyra - It was hinted at in HGSS and I immediately attached to it... I may have a problem XD

Maylene/Candice - Yep, more yuri XD Anyways, I just think this one is kinda hot XD

Mass Effect

M!Shepard/Tali - My favourite romance option from the games. Tali is just too cute, and Shepard is so good to her.

M!Shepard/Kaiden - I was really happy when this happened since I've always had the hints of it in ME1, so glad that Bioware saw it too XD

F!Shepard/Garrus - My favourite female romance option from the games. This one is brimming with so much sexual tension.

F!Shepard/Liara - This one is once again just super hot. I can't find another way to explain it otherwise XD

Miranda/Jack - Somewhat of a crack shipping but I don't care XD

Star Wars

Ezra/Sabine - After that Season 2 finale of Rebels I hope this happens soon because I really want them together before Ezra turns XD


Poe/Finn - Kind of a weird considering how much I love Rey and Finn together, but damn those two had chemistry unlike anything else (even if they turn only to be friends in the end, I know chemistry when I see it).

Han/Leia - Canon for a reason - that tension doe.

Luke/Mara - I want Mara Jade to be canon for two reasons: she's a badass and this pairing.

Anakin/Ahsoka - Anakin and Padme suck thanks to bad dialogue in the prequels, so I'm gonna go with the next best thing.

Kanan/Hera - I'm still debating on whether or not it is canon, but it's still a great couple regardless.

Revan/Bastille - Basically the greatest Legends couple out there. Just saying.

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Co-writen with ZaxSauce12 and exoshon13, in my opinion... the ONLY good thing about Phinabella... is making fun of it. So, here out of good humor. Is a story intended solely to poke fun at the most beloved pairing on this site. CANDERMY! JK. JK. Phinabella.
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It's like any old tale: boy meets Pokemon, boy and Pokemon become friends, boy and Pokemon save the world. A rewrite of a rewrite. Rated K plus for mild fantasy violence, some thematic material and mild language.
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A retelling of Neon Genesis Evangelion. Will start similar, but will change later on. Currently on Season 1. Shinji is a brand new pilot at NERV, but unknown to him, there are more enemies then just Angels...
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