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Hello everyone, I am Emcii! Just a few things you oughtta' know about me.

1: I oftentimes like to regurgitate creativity, including, but not limited to
-Making props (think videogame replicas!)

2: I am a vegetarian
-This has nothing to do with anything.

3: If daydreaming was an occupation, I would be set forever.
-I spend a lot of time with my head in the clouds. A lot.

I am a female with an itch for writing-- like a mosquito bite. Gnaaarrrrrr.

You can generally find me with my nose in a book, fretting about deadlines rather than working on them, writing, or planning new material. I thrive in the sunshine and my sense of humor is simply rejuvenating... To me, at least. :D I dabble in many fandoms, though very few force me to fall in love with them to the extent of dedicating fanfiction to them. I am simply too lazy for that.

I used to write a lot more for many fandoms, but stopped because of the lack of motivation. (A scary trend I am seeing as I get older... Wuh-oh.)

However, things have changed because I enjoy Transformers a fair bit. I don't understand how I fell so in love with giant robots, but they are just so engaging, and there is something for everyone in this fandom. I guess as their loyal minion, I just write about them to the best of my lazy abilties. What started out as an Autobot obsession soon became a Decepticon obsession soon became a Seekers obsession. So, I'll probably be spouting random who-knows-what for a while. Simply put, if I write something that I like, I'll post it for all to enjoy. :)

I also love commas.

Sometimes I think about taking on an epic, multi-chapter fanfiction, but so far I have not gathered the courage to do so. I do not want to be one of those authors who draws in a crowd, only to stab them in the hearts and rip out their souls by dropping off of the face of the earth and never updating again.

So I will continue to wait for the courage to come to me, and until then, spam you all with my offbeat-humor-filled oneshots.

Current Projects

(Transformers) Paper Airplanes (Chapters: 8/who knows?) Just a bunch of Seeker-based drabbles for my own amusement. Sometimes I just have to write something, and having a new and fresh plot to write every chapter is simply therapeutic (haha, Transformer therapy.) The chapters are centered around Starscream, Skywarp, and Thundercracker in any and all combinations. It is slash free, and mostly funny because I do not remember how to be serious. It is like my mother ate the 'Funnies' section of our newspaper every morning while she was pregnant with me.

(Transformers) Nortan Antivirus: (Chapters: 2/2. Story COMPLETE!) Kind of my step back into the writing world. It may be a little rough around the edges, but I enjoy it. Primarily Skywarp and Thundercracker centered. During system upgrade time, Skywarp is scared of needles, and Thundercracker is scared of losing his sanity as a result.

Upcoming Projects

(Transformers) Prowl-centric fic. Because nobody, and I mean NOBODY messes with his stuff. (One-shot)

(Transformers) Skywarp, Starscream, and Thundercracker are probably a little claustrophobic. (One-shot)

(Transformers) Lambo-twins-centric. Because chocolate cake and explosions do not amuse everyone. (Probably multi-chapter)

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Paper Airplanes reviews
-Oneshots- Starscream, Skywarp, and Thundercracker, the Command Trine, have their share of stories to tell. These stories, however, are not among their proudest moments...
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Norton Antivirus reviews
It is system upgrade time again, though years of being victim to the Constructicon's unkind bedside manner influences Skywarp to attempt to master the art of evasive maneuvering. Stealth is not his strong point.
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