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Howdy All! lol Welcome to my page! I'm glad you took the time to check it out, and I'm sorry it's pretty boring... I'm too busy with school and writing to update this type of thing. Enjoy my first story Remember Rio! I love it so much and I hope you do too! :)


VERY IMPORTANT!!!!!!! I am a 16 hour college student and being so, as much as some of you wanna throw things at me, I CAN'T WRITE VERY MUCH ANYMORE!!!!! I will get around to my stories, but I am very busy as a full time student with a part time job. I'm sorry that some stories have been left in the midst of editing and that some aren't complete. I do plan on finishing them, but in time. Thank you all for your patience!! I really do love you all!!! :D Watch your emails, I may surprise you wit a chapter at any moment. XD NEW NOTE!!!!! IT'S SUMMER AND I'M DONE WITH CLASSES, SOOOOOOOOOOOO DESTINATION UNKNOWN MAY BE FINISHED SOMETIME. ;) PLEASE NO CHASING ME WITH PITCHFORKS AND FIRE...


What I lack in genious I make up for with ENTHUSIASM! ;)

*My Favorite thing to say: "Be careful what you say; it may remind me of something that needs to be sung!"*

If you have ever seen an animated movie so many times that you can quote it word for word, AND you do at random times...You may be me. XD

If you die in an elevator, be sure to push the UP button.

Side note: I will be updating/adding more detail to/making smoother the following stories:

Remember Rio, Return to Rio, Canary Corner: The Chicks Story, Shen Again.

I felt that these stories needed a little more...well lots of stuff, so if you've read them there will be some new stuff coming your way!!!!

Thank you to ILOVENICO1000X, EmmerzK, ScienceWolf, and the many others who have helped me get my HOLY WOW THERE'S A LOT!! Sorry guys, I just can't seem to count that high! :P Thank you so much for reading my stories though!!!!

ALSO! Sunshine on a Cloudy Day is my most recent work. Let us see how Nico and Sonny first met...tehehe!!

Also Also!! Crossed Tides is within the Pirates of the Caribbean genre, and I am greatly urging you to check it out!! :D

ALSO ALSO ALSO!!!! DESTINATION UNKNOWN is officially up in the Rio genre and I hope you check it out!!!!


My Original Characters (OC's):


Remember Rio:

Sonora: "...Sonny for short." Spunky, kind, and beautiful female canary who has lived in Rio all of her life. When she was younger she had been attacked and nearly killed by a bizzarre owl named Luis. To this day she still has three scars from that night. She is deeply in love with Nico, and they have three chicks Diego, Selena, and Gwyn.

Nora: Small Bumblebee hummingbird who is constantly talking too fast and is always full of energy and sunshine. She escapes Phillip's prison to find Nico so that he can free Sonora. She is in love with Pedro. She is also Sonny's sister-in-law, and mother of Raymond (Ray) and Elena (Ellie).

Patrice and Josaphine: Sonora's best girlfriends! They have known each other since they were fledglings and are always there for each other. Partice, or Patty, is a bright blue flycatcher with long, thin tail feathers that end in a circle of the same bright blue as the rest of her feathers. Josaphine, or Josie, is a pretty Scarlet macaw who was caught by the people at the Blu Bird Sanctuary who examined her and placed a gold identifier ring around her leg.

Fernando: Patties hubby, he's a green parrot.

Albert: Albert is a huge brown spider, who works as an apothocary and helps save Nico and Sonora form thier constant injuries.

Luis: Spotted owl smuggled from North America by Phillip to do his dirty work. He originaly worked for the macaw, but was abandoned after he failed his first task. Thinking hie perdicament was Sonora's fault he stayed araound Rio and waited untill the time was right to strike again. He's now back in North America, causing no more trouble.

Return to Rio:

Phillip: Hyacanth macaw who used to go to school with Nico. After losing Selena to advice from Nico, Phillip vowed revenge. He almost had it, but Selena came back as an F.N. (Feathers in the Night) and saved our couple from his plans.

Selena: A gorgeous quetzal who was wrapped in a lot of trouble with Phillip in high school. She befriended Nico and he had helped her get rid of Phillip and get on with her own life. She knew that Phillip was a danger to bird kind so she became a F.N., or Feathers in the Night, a speacial organization of Top Secret crime busting birds. She returned just in time to save Nico and Sonora from his ultimate plan for revenge.

Clarissa and Raul: Sonora's parents who are also canaries. Clarissa is a little overprotective.

Tia and Rupert: Tia is a tall spindle legged crane that was trapped with Sonora and the other girls because of Phillips plans. She is a brave bird who knows how to use her size to her advantage. Rupert is a Rosey spoonbill and is in love with Tia.

Consuela: A talkative little green finch who was trapped.

Angelica: A patient rose-ringed parakeet. Also trapped.

Fiona: Blue and Gold macaw. Fernando's cousin. Also trapped.

Lattie: Shy Cockateil. Also trapped.

Inkfeather and Shade: Black Cockatoos that work with Selena on her cases.

Canary Corner: The Chicks Story:

Diego: Sonny and Nico's only son. He spikes the feathers on the top of his head into his signiture "crest" and HATES it when his uncles ruffle said "crest." In the spirit of Carnivale he wears a black sequined vest that his mom made for him.

Selena: Diego's sister; named after F.N. officer Selena because of her valor that day at the waterfall. The short feathers on the back of her head are tipped brown and her eyes are sparky hazel. Her singing voice is the perfect mixture of Sonny and Nico; rich, smooth, and lyrical.

Gwyn: Diego and Sel's sister, she is considered the youngest of the hatchlings, even though they were all born at the same time. She looks exactly like her mother, bright green eyes and all. She's a bit timid and prefers dancing over the singing that her brother and sister excel at.

Raymond (Ray): Pedro and Nora's only son. He looks, acts, dances, and sings exactly like his father. He and Diego do almost everything together; this includes getting into trouble.

Elena (Ellie): Pedro and Nora's only daughter. She is a little Bumblebee humming bird like her mother, and some birds say she may even have more energy than her mother. She and Gwyn practice a lot of dances together, and all three of the girls are the heart throbs of thier school. ;)

Thomás: Josie's hubby, brightly colored Scarlet Macaw, who also has a gold identifier ring.

Sunshine on a Cloudy Day:

Ana: A higly annoying rainbow lorikeet that is from the east side of the jungle. She and Sonora have...problems with each other to say the least.

Raul and Clarissa:Sonora's parents. Clarissa is a lighter yellow in color and has bright blue eyes. She is very protective of Sonny, and rather skeptical of Nico. Raul is a more golden yellow and has deep emerald eyes. Raul loves all of Sonora's friends and gets along with Nico right off the bat. He worries about Sonny too, but trusts her to make good choices.

Antonio: Paradise Tanager, and Sonora's first boyfriend. He was in cahoots with Ana from the start just to hurt the poor canary. He isn't all bad though, you'll see. XD

Tadeo: Raggiana Bird of Paradise, and Sonny's cosmic older brother. He has a lifelong quest to find Kingdom Paradise, something like what humans call Atlantis, except it is in the middle of the Amazon rainforest. He had to leave Rio to go back to his girl, Arianna, and will only be able to visit Rio during the week of Carnival. THIS WILL NOT BE THE LAST YOU SEE OF TADEO!!!!! hehe spoiler alert?

Kung Fu Panda 2:

Shen Again:

Lien-Hua (Lotus flower): Peahen, daughter of the late master He-Lei, cherry-blossom light pink feathers accented in white, and darker pink. Lien was a maid at the Gongmen City palace for Queen Li-Hua. She was banished for falling in love with Shen and forgetting her place, and getting in the way of King Peng's plans for a pure royal bloodline. She has been in exile for twenty years in which she fled to the Valley of Peace to train in the Jade Palace and become a master like her father. Now she is returning to Gongmen City to right the wrongs from all those years ago. Twin brother and sister (as in the brother and sister are twins and Lien is the oldest...), Genji-Feng and Bo-Chen.

Li-Hua (Jade flower): Shen's mother and queen of Gongmen City. Tan plumage with red accents. She is very kind and accepting of Shen and Lien's love, and tries to talk her husband out of his plan to keep the bloodline pure.

Peng (Fabulous bird): Shen's father and king of Gongmen City. Lapis blue feathers with green and white accents. He HATES the fact that his son is in love with a commoner. Part of the reason Shen snapped.

He-Lei (Harmonious thunder): Lien's late father and master at the Jade Palace. Ruby red plumage with orange, yellow, and light pink accents. He was murdered when Tai Lung first went mad. He sometimes visits Lien in her dreams to help guide her.

Bo: An artistic little sugar glider. She leads a legion of Lien's falcon's and has been stationed in Gongmen City recently. One of Lien's best friends.

Sacred Flame:

Genji-Feng (Gold phoenix): Lien's little brother. Golden feathers with a sunset rainbow of clores for his accents. He is a very confident young peacock, and always does what is necessary for his family and friends.

Bo-Chen (Precious/comanding dawn): Lien's little sister. Same as her brother in terms of plumage. She is very much like Lien in ways of fighting, thinking, and emotional control.

Sariah: Pure white she-wolf who has lived as a hermit in the tunnels within the mountains to the west of Gongmen City. She's a touch crazy, but a good friend to Shen, Genji and Bo-Chen while they are stuck. She's nearly twice the size of Lang (aka: Boss Wolf), and really scares the feathers off the trio when they first meet. She is spunky and an incredible ray of sunshine wherever she goes. She has a little thang for Garrett. ;)

Talon and Chase: Sariah's parents and leaders of Snow Pack.

Garrett: Young muscular alpha male of a clan within Snow Pack. He is kind, funny, and sarcastic. At times he acts more like a teenager than anything else, especially around Sariah.

Master Shilee: A gangly okapi from western China. She, along with masters An and Jade, is part of the Masters Council and fights with a bamboo staff like Monkey.

Master Jade: A sparky, full of energy, cheetah from southern China who fights with incredible speed and accuracy. She wrote the Seven Scrolls of Stealth.

Master An: An older female red panda from eastern China, who has a little bit of a thang with Shifu. Their fighting styles are very similar.

Rafael: Evil leader of the Black Moon pack who wishes to rule all of China starting with the Gongmen Province.

Chi: A pretty cornflower blue crane who owns a florist shop in Gongmen City. She and Crane met on the night of the Reconstruction Festival and, after Crane had his epiphany, she and the spindly Kung Fu master fell in love.

Pirates of the Caribbean:

Crossed Tides:

Captain Meara Baine: "Tall Celtic woman, with a sturdy build. My hair is light, sandy blonde and as straight as it could be. The whole mop was pulled back in a tight bun, but a few of my bangs escaped to frame my face. Though my favorite part of my appearance would have to be my eyes; pools of deep emerald green, with a lighter green circle around the black center." Baine's explanation of her reflection in a mirror. She is a very spirited, and smart woman, who has made her living freeing slaves from slave ships, plundering gold and riches from Navy and East India Trading Company ships, and searching for spoils around the world.

Sylvia: Silver winged falcon, and loyal companion of Captain Baine. Meara saved her from a fire and she has been ina life debt since. Wise, slightly cocky, brave, and loyal. Sylvia had the gift of tongues and can speak to any language ever invented. She is training Marlow to be an agent for Meara like his father.

Marlow: Barred owl, and courageous companion to Meara. He was born on the Siren's Island where Meara was marooned. His father, Ben, told him all sorts of stories about what he had seen while traveling with his mistress. He want's to be just like his father, like any good boy would.

Anad: First mate of the Queen Anne's Revenge. Tall African man with tribal markings all across his skin, and deep-set black eyes. He is very muscular, and holds no pity in his heart for any creature.

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