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Author has written 11 stories for Young Justice, Harry Potter, How to Train Your Dragon, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Gravity Falls, Merlin, and Rise of the Guardians.

Hey, Dreamgirl here. If you're reading this I hope that means you're a fan of my stories. If so YAY! I'm really into Young Justice right now but I can only watch it online because I'm so steamed at CN right now! See about a year or so ago they introduced two new shows called 'Tower Prep' and 'Unnatural History'. Theses shows were absolutly AWESOME! But then CN canceled both! >:( And they boh had like a bijillion views every night because people absolutly loved them. So the only legitimate reason they had to do that was because they weren't cartoons!

I realize that it's 'cartoon' network. But still it was really cool that they had a live action show. And after those two went down It seemedLoire there waslust nothing to watch anymore on that channel. Their real popular shows were jusaaa how's about abousute randomness with no meaningful plot (if they could be considered plots)or intriguing characters. It just numbed my mind.

Have I made you mad with all my CN trashing? Well sorry but I these are things I feel are important. Especialy since it effected what I expected YJ to be.

There I said it. I judjed Young Justice on it's channel. I'm not gonna lie. For like he first few months thought it would just be sheer crap! Then one day, out of curiosity I decided to watch the firstepisode becaus I had started watching the 'Teen Titans' episodes online again and I remembered seeing a different version of Robin on a Young Justice promo before I got mad at CN. I watched it and was blown away! It was so much more...realistic, then I had been expecting and supplied actual limits to what a person could do.( Like when Robin's rope ran out) And more real like teenage realationships. Like in almost any cartoon I'd seen before it would take MONTHS for the guy and girl to wake up and realize they liked each other and they wouldn't get together until the series finnaly. But here SuperMartian actualy happened!

And I think I like Wally's and Artemis's romantic tension better. Caus they aren't best friends or anything. And it makes things just a lot more funny when they try to deny loving each other because they're supose to hate each other!

Any way I might go to a catholic high school next year so...

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