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Author has written 13 stories for Buffy: The Vampire Slayer.

Now, here it goes: I am a hiatus writer-meaning if you were expecting any of these stories to be unpdated on a regular basis, or at all, you are going to be disappointed. I've really stopped writing fanfiction for the most part. But yeah, if you're waiting for stuff to be finished, then you may be waiting for a few years... haha, right, sorry about that. There are some finished stories though, if you're interested... But chances are, most of this stuff wont get done. Sorry!!

OK. So here you are-lurking about on my profile and such, so I figure I should tell you a little bit about myself, as a writer and as a person. Horay! Because maybe, just maybe, you're looking for something to do whilst you creep around on people's profiles!

I come from a relatively small town, and moved out of my parents house into an even smaller town farther north when I turned eighteen. I worked with horses for most of my life, but have branched off from letting farm work run my life. I'm hoping to get a new job this summer so I can get some money to pay for school. I currently attend the University of New Hampshire, going for an undergrad degree in Pre-Veterinary Medicine, and eventually plan to attend Cornell or Tufts University for graduate school. Because of my major, I don't have mush time for anything but school, but I still manage to be a huge tool most of the time.

If you are looking for a beta reader, I can do that for you. I've been writing and reading for as long as i can remember, and even though most of my stuff is poorly written, I find that I can do a good job when I actually decide to put some effort into it. I, myself, do not have a Beta-well, actually I do, but he is not so good with the reading, or doing much besides swimming around in his little bowl. Whatever, he keeps me company at my desk, so he's pretty cool. Suds is his name, in case you were wondering; which I'm sure you weren't but, hey, I'm not the one creeping on profile's right now, eh?

Here's what's up with me and writing in general. It might sound a little bit... well, yeah, i can be a jerk, I guess... Now I’ll give you my reasons for me not updating as often as you’d like me to, and why I might be considered a slight jerk...

1. I don’t like you, I like to write.

2. I have a bunch of classes that demand my attention more than my writing does.

3. I'm having a few issues in my life involving other people that may be inspiration at some point in time, but I'm still dealing with them right now.

4. I'm looking for a job-I FULL time job.

5. Um… like I said, I don’t like you.

6. I may not have internet this summer.

Right. Uh… ok, so I lied on numbers 1 and 5. I love you all… just not as much as you would think...

Next. I think I’ll put up that nice little list of Fics that I said I was going to. Yay. Everyone ready? Here goes nothing. Literally.

One Shots/Song Fics

1. Because He Loves Her

2. Follow Your Heart

3. Only They Can Hear

4. Stitch in My Heart

5. Take Me Away

Other Fics Of Mine That Aren’t One Shot (Status)

1. Book One: How Death Changes Life (On Hiatus)

2. But It Feels So Right (Complete)

3. Catch Me If I Fall (WIP)

5. Different Sides of the Track (WIP)

6. Foggy Night (Being redone!)

7. Followers from the Past (Stopped.)

8. Never Right (WIP)

9. Parent Problems (On Hiatus)

Ok, there’s the fics. That’s what’s going on. Don’t like it, email me. IM me, do something, and maybe I’ll do it. I really don’t know. So I’ll throw my IM and Email down here again, so everyone can see it. But please, if it’s not to be my friends, or cuss me out, or leave a review of some kind. Don’t bother me. ‘Kay?


Screen Name: TakotasBaby

Much Love and Luck with the Writing,

~Bloody SunSet~

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