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Hi im KHfreak21 i love kingdomhearts kim possible and all sorts of stuff. my religious view is christianity plus i love garfiled and im autistic and im a book Writer and im curently working on saga ITS NOT A FANFIC.Oh and my Profile pic is of my Granpa and his dog


Age 21 as of August 24 2014

I am a Brother of two little Sisters

I found this fic on Oct 31 2011 and is realy well writen but not meny reviews. and has not bean updated sinse 2010 maby more reviews might get the wrighter to update it.

Quot(Self discipline is the basis of self reliance. self reliance is the basis for depending on your self; for without both self discipline and self reliance. we would surely not be able to function in life. Quote by Me) if you follow this Quote you can do anything!!!!

What do you think of this Story idea. What if Danny had a identical twin brother but was kidnapped at birth by THE SCHOOL and was turned into Human/Avian hybrid and was a original member of the Flock and when Danny became half ghost he became half ghost too and when they go to Amity he finds out who his Family is and how crazy it is too be a Fenton and how crazy it is in Amity and with THE SCHOOL on their tail feathers its going to get more crazy.

I now have a Pandora account with two Stations all of it is under my pen name

Quot from EyeShied 21 episode 94 from Hiruma to Morgan: talent can take you so far. Hard work can take you anywhere.

now this has to be one of the most funny thing i have read here the site it comes from Wind Lord by DarthValgaav P.S. Haku is a really bad cook in the fic

The Suna siblings were at their apartment doing nothing much. Baki, their sensei, had left to inform their father of the events that had taken place so far and to receive new orders. Temari was polishing her fan. Kankuro was staring out a window. Gaara, well, he had a lot on his mind. Ever since he came to this village he had been having all these weird feelings. First was with that girl, Haku. He had never felt that way towards anyone in his life. He even spared his opponent when he thought that killing him might make her unhappy. Still, he had no idea why he felt this way. The other feeling was fear. Something about that flying blond caused Shukaku to become restless and panicked. When Gaara had tried to ask his 'mother' why, all he received was silence.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. Gaara let out a sigh, got up, and went over to the door. Walking would help him stay awake anyways. When Gaara reached the door he opened it to find…Haku?!

"Ah…ah," stammered Gaara as he was now face to face with the black haired girl. Temari and Kankuro stopped what they were doing to turn and watch the events occurring in front of them.

"Hello," said Haku. "I was on my way home when I remembered that I had some extra cookies that I had made. And well, you see, I know you are all new here I just wanted to make you all feel welcome. So here." With that, Haku held out a tray of cookies that looked very good to Gaara who stood there like a statue.

When the other two siblings heard that they felt a twinge of guilt. They were planning on destroying the village and this girl was giving them cookies to help make them feel welcome. How do you get over that kind of guilt? Temari gulped as she got up and walked over to the door.

"Ah, thanks," she said as she took the cookies from Haku. "Would you like to come in?"

"Alright," said Haku causing Gaara's heart to skip a beat. Temari then set the cookies on the table and went to make some tea. Gaara and Haku sat down while Kankuro watched from a distance. As soon as they sat down, Haku began to ask Gaara questions. Simple ones really. She asked him what Suna was like, his hobbies, how he was handling being out of the desert, and other such things. Gaara, for the most part, answered these questions quickly while not looking at her face.

Then, things took an interesting turn. Gaara reached out for one of the cookies that were laying out on the table. After all, he could use a little sugar to stay awake and Haku had brought them. So without any hesitation he took a bit and swallowed. Then next thing that happened was that he fell right to the ground.

When his siblings saw this, they rushed to start damage control. First order of business, get civilians to safety!

"Oh Kami," cried Haku as she watched Temari move to her brothers side.

"We'll handle this," said Kankuro. "I think you'd better go."

"But I have medicine," said Haku. Kankuro just shook his head as he picked her up and then began to push her out the door.

"Trust me on this," he said. "It's a family thing." And with that, he closed the door in Haku's face before she could say another word. As soon as the accidental chief was out of the room, Kankuro turned towards his sister as he prayed that his little brother wasn't asleep. If he was, then they were all screwed because when he was asleep the demon inside of his began to eat away at his soul. "Well, how is he?"

"He's a-asleep," stammered Temari. She then gulped. "Whatever was in that cookie knocked him out in a second." Suddenly her eyes widened. "You don't think that they know about Gaara? That girl might have been sent here to turn him lose on us!"

"That's impossible!" said Kankuro. "No one outside the village knows about his condition. Well, nobody that's still alive that is. And speaking of that, why are we still alive?" Temari blinked and turned her attention back to Gaara. He seemed like he was sleeping like any normal person. But he wasn't normal, he was Gaara! Gaara then let out a snore, causing Temari and Kankuro to jump with fright. What was going on?

Meanwhile, inside the seal, Shukaku was lying on his back with X's where his eyes should have been. His mouth was open and his tongue was hanging out of it. It had taken all of his strength to keep whatever was in that cookie from hurting his host and sending it to him instead. The end result was that he not only tasted that awful thing, but he felt everything that Gaara would have felt. The things he did to make sure that his host lived.

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Team Sharingan reviews
What if there is more to Naruto's heritage than we knew. What if Naruto met the Kyuubi early? what if Naruto has the Sharingan and so dose Sakura?. This is a NaruXFemKyuuXAnko story Naruto has Sharingan.
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