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Personal: I don’t feel like telling you.

Likes: Anime, Good Fics, Lemons, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

Dislikes: Yaoi, Harry Potter series, Twilight series, Sakura/Naruto or Hinata/Naruto fanfics (Unless they are well written and have a good plot.)

Hobbies: Reading fanfic

Dreams: To have a harem (a man can dream can’t he), no more noob-tubes on Call Of Duty, Naruto doesn’t end up with Hinata or Sakura in canon (In my eyes neither of them seems right for him.)


Before I list the challenges you should know that if you take up the challenge then you have to make name the story yourself. For info on how to take up any of them see the bottom of the page.

Naruto Challenge 1:

Plot: Kushina gives birth to twins (Naruto remains a boy and his twin is a girl) and Minato uses a seal to trap the Kyūbi’s soul into Naruto and its chakra into Naruto’s sister. Over the years Naruto grows up neglected and hated by the village while his sister is treated like royalty and loved by the village. Whoever takes up this challenge can choose whether Naruto will remain loyal to the village or betray it.


1) Naruto must be at least ANBU level by the time he graduates.

2) Naruto must be skilled in, but not a master of, fūinjutsu, ninjutsu and taijutsu.

3) Naruto must be very perceptive and intelligent.

4) Naruto must unlock the Rinnegan either before or during the Land of Waves Arc

5) Naruto must receive the Cursed Seal of Heaven during the Chūnin Exams.

6) Naruto must have a summoning contract with Foxes.

7) Kyūbi must be female. (You can choose whether or not they get together or if they have a mother-son relationship.)

8) Uchiha Massacre never happens. (Sasuke becomes an arrogant but loyal-to-his-friends person rather than a revenge bent emo.)

9) Gaara and Naruto must become friends at an early age after Minato takes his family to Suna for a diplomatic mission. As a result of this Gaara doesn’t go insane and his uncle (I forgot his name) remains alive.

10) Must have Minato and Konoha bashing.


Optional Extras:

1) Naruto can use a katana.

2) Naruto can use medical-ninjutsu.

3) Tsunade didn’t leave Konoha.

4) Gaara’s father doesn’t get killed.

5) Gaara can learn medical-ninjutsu from his uncle.

6) Naruto can have another 2 summoning contracts with:








7) Naruto can have two bloodlines other than the Rinnegan, choices below:







Naruto’s Major Relationships:

Minato and Kushina – Both of them hate Naruto because they believe the Kyūbi’s soul has taken him over but they have no proof and if they kill Naruto the Kyūbi’s soul would escape the seal and its chakra would escape from his twin resulting in their children dying and Kyūbi being reincarnated.

Naruto hates them because they neglected him since day one and left him to fend for himself.

His Twin – They both love each other (Not in a romantic way unless you’ve decided she’s part of the pairing) and both of them feel more connected to each other than usual siblings because they share two parts of Kyūbi.

Generally she tries to help Naruto as much as she can by doing things such as teaching him things Minato and Kushina taught her like the Rasengan and Chakra Chains. She is also the only one that acknowledges Naruto as part of the Namikaze family.

Konoha – Most of the population of Konoha hates Naruto except for a few who don’t see him as Kyūbi.

Because of the amount of hate for Naruto that comes from the villagers Naruto hates it to the point where he is barely able to restrain himself from burning it to the ground when he gets provoked.


Main pairing: Naruto X Harem

Naruto X Kin X Tayuya X Guren X FemHaku X Mei X Kurotsuchi X Tsunade (Kyūbi makes her young again)

You can add: Naruto’s twin, FemKyūbi, Hinata, Sakura, Temari, Ino, Ayame, Anko, Kurenai, Shizune, Samui, Koyuki, Amaru or Mikoto (You can add any number of the girls listed to the harem, heck add all of them for all I care.)

Naruto Challenge 2:

Plot: Naruto manages to beat Sasuke at the Valley of the End. As they return Naruto begins to think Sakura will finally go out with him but upon arriving back at Konoha she insults and degrades him before confessing to and kissing a barely-conscious Sasuke but that causes Naruto to finally snap. Naruto gouges out and destroys Sasuke’s eyes then attacks Sakura and almost fatally wounds her. Kakashi, Tsunade and Jiraiya are barely able to stop him from killing them. Naruto then gets sentenced to exile and he goes to Iwa. (I thought it’d be interesting to see him being raised by the village that hates his dad and Konoha.)


1) Naruto must become a serious ninja.

2) Naruto must get stronger over the time-skip then in the anime/manga.

3) Naruto must obtain Dust Release either during or after the time-skip

4) Must have Sasuke, Sakura and Civilian Council bashing

5) Ōnoki forces Naruto to live with and go on missions with Kurotsuchi so she can easily keep an eye on him.

6) Naruto and Kurotsuchi have to become a couple


Optional Extras:

1) Tsunade can reveal Naruto’s heritage before he leaves.

2) Suna, Snow/Spring and Wave can cut all trading with Konoha.

3) Naruto can have a harem but Kurotsuchi must be the main girl.

Naruto’s Major Relationships:

Sasuke and Sakura – Both of them must hate Naruto and if it’s revealed he contains Kyūbi they must hate him even more.

Naruto must have thought of them as his friends but after what happens when returning to Konoha he must hate them.

Konoha – Konoha hates Naruto and Naruto hates Konoha.

Ōnoki – At first Ōnoki is very untrusting of and hates Naruto because of Minato but accepts that if he becomes as powerful as Minato and becomes loyal to Iwa then Konoha will fall. As time goes on he begins to trust him more and starts to think of him as family.

Kurotsuchi – Like her grandfather she must hate and not trust Naruto at first but he grows on her after a few years of living together. Kurotsuchi can’t start to fall in love with Naruto till after the time-skip and even then she has to be a tsundere. (Someone who is cold and even hostile towards another person before gradually showing their warm side over a period of time.)


Main pairing: Naruto X Kurotsuchi

Optional: Naruto X Harem (YOU CAN’T USE SAKURA OR HINATA! You can use any other girls from Konoha but they’d have to turn traitor. Other than that you can choose any girls you want but the max number of girls for the harem is 5 not including Kurotsuchi.)

If you would like to take up one of these challenges then PM me saying which one you're taking it up.

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