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My name is Carla, I am quite young for my age, and I am a huge fan of the Harry Potter series - my main focus is on the Marauder Era involving the love story circulating between Lily and James. In my own opinion, the Marauders - sans Peter - and Lily are still very much alive, as are all the other deceased, but loved, characters in the Harry Potter series.

I write about Lily and James simply because it never satisfied me to hear that while James loved Lily, since they first encountered one another in First Year at Hogwarts, and this love was not reciprocated; and the two eventually befriended and later married one another; and then later died aged 21 years of age; and that was the end - I wanted more. I wanted to know the characters before they were married, because it always fascinated me to see the Marauders and Lily in their prime. I wanted to know more about them than what J.K.Rowling had provided. So that's what I intend to do: I intend to provide everyone with the untold story of Lily and James before they died. (Knowing me, there'll probably be a lot of stories based on them).

Anyway - I live in England and am very much a British person, though if you had to ask: No, I do not drink tea - in fact I hate the damn stuff! Seriously! Who wants to drink something so bitter and tasteless? Ugh! It makes me cringe at the thought.

A little side-note here: Considering I am still at school, I may not be able to update novels of mine due to a heavy amount of exams. Though I'd love to say I'm a genius and don't need the extra revision, unfortunately I do...Therefore, please do not think I have abandoned my stories and intend to leave them unfinished and on cliff-hangers (believe me, I know the sucky feeling that receives and I will never do that to you - I'm not that cruel!) Each of the stories I leave on here will be updated as soon as possible and when I am available. Every ounce of time I have goes to this site simply because writing is, in my opinion, not a way of expressing myself - though this is an added bonus - but a way of living. I can't not do it.

With that in mind, thank you for even clicking on my name and reading this, or my books (whichever) and I sincerely hope you enjoy everything I post up.

Warmest regards,