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I'm a boy who lives halfway across the world, awake when all of you are sleeping, and speak a language that most of you don't understand.
Yes, I'm Chinese. And I'm proud to be.

My English training comes from the years I spent isolated from Chinese. I finally came in touch with my mother tongue at the age of seven, and loved it ever since.

I'm less of a speaker, and prefer to write, rather than to talk. I'm serious, but can make a good laugh from time to time. I can us my hand eye coordination to get a good shot on anyone while doing a cartwheel in Quake III, yet I prefer to chip way at the long green bars of HP in Pokémon Online.

Yep, I'm weird.

I love the feeling of accomplishment that accompanies the completion of anything considered to be art, which includes music, lyrics, drawings and novels.

I've written songs since I was nine, and finally managed to get a melody behind those words at thirteen, where I finally learned the guitar. I've started writing novels since I was fourteen, and started my fanfic career at the age of fifteen.

My favourite type is the Fire type, which according to the many analysis online, is 'a hard hitting type with defensive capabilities that leave much to be desired'.

That is a lie! Fire types are fast, and will probably take out a Water type with Hidden Power Grass long before they even hit, and in the sun they manage to take less damage from your Hydro Pump. Then, as I laugh, I'll click on the Solarbeam button and watch you get obliterated. And then,-
But I digress.

My 'mastered' type is the Flying type, I love the hard hitting moves, and the speed they come coupled with. I've been using a pure Flying type team (Mono Flying, for those who actually play competitively) for a long time, and I'm glad to say that I've gotten a 23/1 win lose ratio.

If you like my stories, please review them. And if you like other authors' work, review them too. A review is one of the best things you can do to show an author your support.

And I have a deviantArt account. Here:

Please read and review!

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Timeless reviews
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