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Hi. I'm Zeina. Welcome to my dark, twisted world.

I specialize in "That '70s Show," specifically and preferably with dark or unique plots.

My biggest booming story right now is I Don't Want To Give Up. I highly suggest you check it out.

I also have a series of cute little one-shots.

Other than that, my portfolio is rather small. However, I am working on adding a few more storylines to my name this year.

My favorite couples:

That 70s Show

Hyde and Jackie (of course)

Donna and Eric

Occasional Donna and Hyde (they seep chemistry)

Red and Kitty (FOREVER)

The Vampire Diaries

Damon and Elena

Caroline and Klaus

Jeremy and Bonnie

Bates Motel

Norma and Sheriff Romero

Dylan and Emma


Hannibal Lecter and Will Graham


Rocky and Adrian


#5: Kitty Forman

She's badass. Nothing else to say.

#4: Fez

Fez ultimately made the show. His humor and pervertedness really set 'That '70s Show' for what it was. His humor was unique, subtle, and oh-so-hilarious. Despite the comedy, however, Fez probably is the most thankful person and has the most love for his friends on the show, besides Kitty Forman. In the long run he would probably risk his lives for his friends that he seeks approval from so much.

#3: Jackie Burkhart

Jackie really grew into her character. Starting off as a shallow brat, she learned how to love, especially when reality hit her and she was left by her parents. In the long run, Jackie grew smarter and began to realize that being pretty wouldn't get her places by itself. As Jackie learned, she became a vital part of 'That '70s Show' and actually gave good advice to everyone around her. She has a heart of gold.

#2: Red Forman

Red Forman is TOUGH. If anyone rubs him the wrong way, they can expect a threat for his foot up their ass in a unique way every time. Beut on the inside, Red Foreman is a softie, and although he act like he hates them, he can't live without the six kids living in his basement. And did anyone ever notice that he never really lives up to his threats of putting his foot up anyone's ass?

#1: Steven Hyde

He's not number one because I have a MAJOR crush on him. Steven Hyde was beautifully done in 'That '70s Show'. As the show progressed, the writers did a fantastic job of gradually progressing him too. Starting off as someone who wanted to be left alone, Steven Hyde gradually grew in morals and was shown by the end of the series to appreciate friendships and relationships more than materialistic and worldly possessions. Although he still tried to act like he didn't care about anyone, his character really grew, and the viewers could see that. It brings shivers down my spine to see how much he's grown. He is also probably the smartest and most clever in the group.

My favorite musicians/bands:


Led Zeppelin

The Beatles

The Rolling Stones



John Lennon

Justin Timberlake

Michael Jackson

Kanye West








Dr. Dre

Ice Cube

Elton John

Pink Floyd



AND SO MANY MORE! I live for Hip-Hop and Classic Rock.

About me:

I'm from Detroit and proud, baby.

I love That '70s Show, it's the most beautiful show ever made. It's funny, but at the same time genius.

I have a MAJOR crush on Danny Masterson, but mostly just Steven Hyde.

I like to see the beautiful in all people.


Bob: Hey, there, kids. Where've you two been?

Donna: God, Dad! Can't we be gone for a minute without you making all sorts of accusations? I mean, God, it was just a minute!

Eric: To be fair, was a little more than a minute.

Jackie: Steven Hyde, you were right. We will never be friends. We'll be more than friends. Because now I love you!

Hyde: Oh my God, will you shut up?

Donna: Oh, it's kinda cold.

Eric: Here, take my jacket.

Donna: I love you.

Eric: God, we are such a... perfect couple.

Jackie: I'm cold, too.

Kelso: Well, damn, Jackie. I can't control the weather!

Kelso: I just saw a UFO!

Hyde: Oh my God! What an unbelievable coincidence. I was just telling Fez about how dumb you are!

Kelso: Don't touch that! It's breast milk!

Fez: Breast milk... from real breasts? [looks at Donna's chest] What don't they do?

Eric: Donna, I think I know how to be subtle.


Fez: Um... I am a painter from a foreign country, and this is my gift to America!

Police: Get off the water tower!

Fez: [raises his arms] People of America, I give you..."Genitals in the Sky"!

Kitty: What's wrong with you? Were you dropped on your head?

Kelso: Yes! I was!

Kitty: [shocked]

Kelso: And before you everybody had the good grace NOT to mention it!

Hyde: Look Kelso, I never felt this way about a girl before, okay? And that pretty much beats our third grade pact. And I’m sorry, but I want to be with her.

Red: Eric, let me tell you a little story. When I was a boy, there was a ballet dancer, and all the other kids made fun of him.

Red: But years later, when he came back to town, he had achieved his dream-he was a dancer with the New York City Ballet.

Red: And you know what happened?

Eric: You learned a little lesson about judging people unfairly, huh?

Red: No, a bunch of guys got together and beat the crap out of him.

Hyde: Jackie...I love you.

Hyde: So Forman, ramble on, keep on keeping on, but most of all, my friend, rock on.

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