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I'm a creative free spirit who lives to create and loves to laugh. I can geek out on comic books or read a Greek play first thing in the morning. All it takes in life to please me is a composition notebook and a pen. Inspiration sometimes strikes me at 2:00 am with it's relentless assault. Vivid dreams are the canvas for my stories and my mechanical pencil is the paintbrush. I have been writing fanfiction since i was eleven. In my room I would have a tape recorder and act out shows like X-men, Beast Wars, Batman, Superman 90's version, Rocko's Modern Life and GI Joe Extreme.

my Dad is the primary reason that I'm a geek. My father first got me interested in 30's version of Superman.Then he introduced me to the Hulk comic book and I had my first brush with anime with Speed Racer. Ever since I've been hooked to all these media's



Batman and Iron Man are in a tie for first place. I've followed both of their comics career for over 10 years. So glad Batman is back to being the Dark Knight. Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man I called from day one. Both of these characters represent to me that you can have everything and nothing all at the same time. What they lack in their personal lives, they more than make up for in being heroes. I always wondered what would happen if Marvel and DC did a crossover comic where these men meet. I was disappointed when they paired Batman with Captain America. Bruce of course won. I have to say I love how both these characters translate to film and TV. Wolverine is in second place, he's blunt, hardcore but passionate. His strongest fault is that he cares so much but pretends he doesn't. Logan is the type of man that fights for what he believes in and he also takes risk not because of his healing abilities, but because that's his personality. I love Hugh Jackman playing him didn't call it but it works so well.


Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop is my favorite anime character. He has such depth and mystery. His main problem is that he is tied to the past. He's not suicidal, but death seems to be his only release. His conflict with Vicious over Julia is classic good friends fight each other over what they believe is the greatest treasure. I first saw the show at 3:00am and the first episode I saw was Black Dog Serenade which was about Jet Black. I became addicted to the show after that episode and I was inspired that I wrote and my own episode when the show prematurely ended. I will be publishing the fanfic about that one day.


The Fire Nation Family from "The Last Airbender" are the most intriguing to me.

Zuko was an angry and conflicted child who just wanted to make his father proud. Without the strong support of his Uncle he would have been truly lost.

Iroh, the tea loving Uncle is an underestimated character: people often think he's useless when in actuality his past is marked with more pain, blood and sorrow than any other character. I truly believe if his son hadn't died he would have gone on to be a more ruthless Firelord than Ozai. His bad experiences shaped him into the calming and peaceful man he is in the canon.

Ozai, the ruthless Firelord is a misunderstood character. I believe his hatred for Zuko stems from his strong similarities. Ozai at one point was probably emotional and supported by his mother Illah. When she passed, his world became black. Azulon cared nothing for his son so Ozai tried to please him, which never worked. He continued his father's cycle of abuse. People may not believe it but Ozai can change; however it would take a very long time for that to occur because his pride is the only thing he has left.

Azula is another misunderstood character she is a product of her father's demand for perfection and power and her mother's lack of affection. I don't believe she went crazy, but instead had a mental breakdown. Azula doesn't know how to truly love anyone, but instead shows that she cares through manipulation and exerting her power. She has the propensity to change only if she is removed from the environment that shaped her.

Ursa is portrayed as a pure character when in I believe she has some flaws. For one she killed her father-in-law Azulon. The other flaw is that she gave Azula no affection what so ever. We know this from a flashback of "Zuko Alone" she is never seen with her daughter, but Iroh and Luten are playing with little Azula. Ursa could have been suffering from a postpartum attachment disorder. From what little information we do have about her it can be assumed that either she is alive living in an Earth kingdom village or she was killed. I like to think she is alive, but not living peacefully.


I'm a huge fan of crime dramas such as the Law and Order series, Criminal Minds and Sherlock Holmes. Sci Fi like Star Trek and Star Wars. Period Action such as Xena Warrior Princess, Hercules, Spartacus Blood and Sand. Calamity Jane and Aeon Flux. Love all types of Anime like Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo, Fullmetal Alchemist:Brotherhood, Dragon Ball series(except for GT), Afro Samurai, Big O, Blood Plus. Cartoon lover of Daffy Duck, Tom and Jerry, Invader Zim, Hey Arnold, Rocko's Modern Life, SpongeBob Squarepants, Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends and too many others to list.


Book 4: Air: Exodus

Six years after the war, Azula returns to the Fire Nation palace with a scroll on her hip and a baby in her arms. How did she leave the asylum? What is she doing back? What is the scroll about? How did Azula become a mother?

Book 4: Air: Out of the Ashes

Zuko is growing accustomed to the role of Firelord; yet his personal life is turned upside down when loyalties are tested, his ruler ship is questioned and his mother is found.

Book 4: Air: Water and Fire is Air

Aang has strange tattoos on his back that unveil a location of an ancient Air Temple that reveals he is not the last Airbender. The Gaang along with Azula go on an adventure.

Mr. Brightside

After a near death scuffle with Spike, Vicious returns to the one person he can trust. One shot

Big Black Horse and a Cherry Tree

Edward has feelings for a boy she just met. Oh no no...Spike person and Fay Fay help Edward tackle hormones. One shot

Untitled-Crossover FullMetal Alchemist and Avatar the Last Airbender

What if Colonel Mustang was born Fire Nation and Riza was trained to be a YuYan archer? What if Alex was an earthbender and Olivier was head of the Dai Li? What if Edward and Alphonse were advanced waterbenders? What if Scar was a surviving airbender looking for revenge? How would their presence effect the Gaang and alter history?

Untitled Ursa-centric fanfic

She had to leave behind everything, her nation, her home and her children. How can she truly forget when within her grows the very reminder of what she left behind? The story of Ursa and Ozai's love and her banishment.

Mother Earth

What became of Toph when she left the Gaang she goes on an adventure and finds love that's what she does.

BoomSokkalakka- One Shot Series

What does Sokka do after breaking away from the Gaang? Does he stay with Suki? Will he eat absurd things from walls? Does he get back his meteor sword?

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Dance of the Bison Lord: An Azula Story by proudinfidel reviews
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"The Avatars body will be aglow, creating a map, The Four Nations will unite; Water and Fire is Air, marking the airbenders return." This is the legend and who better than the Gaang and some new allies to heed the call of adventure! Sequel to Book 4: Air: Exodus and Out of the Ashes
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