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xx Name Sabrina Ann T.
xx Alias Sabbie, Sabby, Sab, Asian Bitch
xx Age 17
xx Location Jacksonville, Florida
xx School From Terry Parker High School
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xx TV Show Hey Arnold
xx Song Sarina Paris - Look at us Now
xx Game DDR 3rd Mix Plus 2
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Sabrina stands at 5'8" almost 5'9" with a proud smile on her face. Dealing with website development for over a year she shows that even a newbie like her can do so much. Hell, she learned greymatter with a little help in about 4 hours. Which is pretty damn good when her host wasn't on to help her with the perl directory! Sabrina is Asian, and has strong Asian Pride among herself and her friends, no matter what skintone they may be. She stands behind what she says and always believes in something that she has thought about first. Her goal in life is to live every moment to it's fullest and to show the world what an Asain Middle Class girl is made of.
xx How she got into Webdesigning
I guess it started a year ago when I saw my friends Geocities site. Man it was very, very well definded. Colred links and everything. During my time in my friends RPG Guild I decided I would like to be it's Webdesigner. After time, and time ago. Along with hours and hours to weeks to months of learning codes, tutorials and extra stuff along the way I soon became fond of html. I learned more thru the development of my old domain, and my Livejournal which gave me loads more of experience! In the end, or as it stands now I'm working with images and making things flow so give me a chance!
xx Things in her life
I have to admit I love to shop, Allen can tell you that. He recently bought me three shirts, how sweet. LoL. My favorite stores have to be Forever 21, Body Shop and Style. In Florida trust me theres plenty of malls. And don't worry, I'm not a prep just cause I like shopping, I'm a full fledged going around the clock girl. I'm always doing something--just can't sit around and do crap now can I? I as well love my family muchly. And my cat, Charlie, she's a sweetie pie.. till she starts biting, then it's shit. She doesn't stick the litterbox that much either. Mhmm. Good kittie. In life, I love hanging out with friends and meeting new people. i'm usually not scared to introduce myself or ask for something, unless it's the dough with the parents ya know? :x
xx Furcadia..?
I play on an extremely fun game called Furcadia where you can "let your imagination soar"! A friend of mine, Felorin, developed the game and now currently holds over 2,000 players at any given time. There's ICness, OoCness, Dream Making, Patch making, Art drawing, Games, friends, beekins, and so-so, much more! And I met Allen on the game, who knew he lived so close to me? Furcadia offers so much to an internet user and gives all a chance to explore this 3 dimensional game on four paws, or as well call them Anthros! But you can be a human you know? :p
xx I wanna talk to your Asian Ass
You can usually call me if you want to talk to me that much. Talk to me on AIM and if you're okay I'll give you my phone number. But you cannot redistribute it in anyway, and you have to pay for the phone bill. But if you'd like to keep our talking purely Internet, here are some forms of talking to me. LoL.
xx Aim: Littie Peoples
xx Furcadia: Sabbie
xx Livejournal: Everrivers

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What's Snow Like? by prowess reviews
this is byfar the fluffiest thing I've written. Hermione tries to persuade Harry that Snow is not like Love.Guess who's wrong-Christmasy love story...
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Harry and the gang tackle Voldermont before their sixth year at Hogwarts! But this time can they actually defeat him? And what romance tales will come from their journey?
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Falling reviews
I can't write much to spoil it but it will make you dream and laugh. Mulder and Scully Implied. Shippy :D
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UOPM: The Unforgettable Story reviews
A group of trainers on the road to victory. But they will find romance, action and evilness. One will win and the other will lose but will it cost more than a loss, but a love? Or a best friend? Dedicated to the members of UoPM. Thank you guys.
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A fic about Ash, Misty, Brock and the rest of the gang at school. But they don't know each other, well at least Misty and Ash. New AAML that features a little note that'll help all of us. Dedicated to Final Schyzo and Erina-chan. Enjoy!
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Cotton Flower Blankets reviews
This is my first yaoi fiction. EVER. But I tried my best and it is basically about Gary/Brock. I want to thank Arrow for giving me the courage to write this fic cause of her recent story called: Crab Grass. Thankies. Please review and if you do flame be c
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*Act's 3 and 4 added today!* Ash, Misty, and Brock once again battle Team Rocket after a hard day of arguing, trying to find their way, and just a hard day. Well when Team rocket attacks, the worst thing happens. Will it change their lives....forever? AAM
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As the final pages of a fairy tale are written new one's are being placed in the tale. I can't give much out or you'd be spoiled. AAML warning. R&R please ~~*Sabrina*~~
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Mirrors may brake but I'm always lucky to have you reviews
Late one night Ash, Misty and Brock stayed at a Poke'mon Center. Expecting for a nights rest, Misty gets raped. *Warning* Does not contain extreme graphic parts, but does contain rape feelings and the aftermath of rape. Nothing to serious, but be warned d
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Ash and Misty make a little bet that Ash could or couldn't finish a Rubrics cube. A night at a fancy Resturant or a hambuger Joint lunch, is the prize. What will it be? Read and find out. It's really cute and fluffy. I wrote in a short time so mind the mi
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Ash and Misty get into yet another fight. But this time Misty went to far and left. Now Ash is in danger, will Misty beable to save him or will Misty still not care??
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It's all coming back to me reviews
A year after Ash left Misty and Brock, Misty tells how she feels and there is a surprising ending. It's a songfic. Oh yeah I forgot to write in the story a song Disclaimer: I don't own Celine Dion's song: it's all coming back to me now. Now enjoy!
Pokémon - Rated: K+ - English - Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,667 - Reviews: 10 - Published: 3/4/2001
A Bit too Far the complete series reviews
This is the whole aeries of A Bit too Far. If I get enough reviews, I'llput in a part 7 and tell you what happened to Erin. This is an AAML, like always. It's got a lot of drama in it. So please review and I'll continue. ~*Sabrina*~
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Finally Part 2 added..*Part 2 added Febuary 23rd* Please read and review. It's AAML, pure sweetness, so please read and enjoy.
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Prologue and beginning to the series: Forever isn't always Forever. The first part has no names nut the begnning(Part 1) has AAML Please R&R. oh yeah summary: I cant summerize it. You'd be spoiled!!!!
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I am reposting this because people have been begging me to continue. So I will after 2 long months. I did not want you to go and have to looke everywhere for it. Oh yea, summary: After the group has split up Misty calls Ash telling him she is being abused
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I know the title sounds dumb but the story's kewl! I think. Ash and Misty have all grown up. It has been ten years since Ash has started his Poke'mon journey. Ash sends Misty a letter telling her he is getting married. Misty has to go and save the marriag
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Ash has finally collected all eight Johto badges to go to the Johto league. But this time he feels a bit scared. Misty tries to help him but she feels he is hiding a deeper secret. Can Misty find out Ash's secret or will Ash not tell? Please tell me if I
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A little poem I put together. I am not feeling to good today so I am sorry if you expected more out of me. I'll try to write something better next time. This is AAML, so you've been warned and it's in Misty's P.O.V. I hope you enjoy!!!
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a very, I mean very sappy song about how Ash is scared to tell Misty about how he loves her. if you have read my other storys this is basically it.
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If Poke'mon went to school part 1 reviews
Ash and friends go to school. And guess what? Less AAMR due to my lack of sugar.
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Midnight Kiss reviews
Ash and his friends are headed to Rose City for New Years Eve and he meets a girl which makes Misty very jealous. The all go to a dance, but will Misty be able to tell Ash her true feelings for him before Midnight to get her New Years kiss??? Read and fin
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A sappy ong about Asha dn Misty. misty P.O.V. Happy New year and may all your wishes come true
Pokémon - Rated: K - English - Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 339 - Reviews: 4 - Published: 12/31/2000
Fire reviews
O.k this is the stupidest story I mean song i have evr wrote, I was just bored and my mind is crazy. to much sugar!
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Ash has finally became a Poke'mon master. There is a big party and Ash , well Misty actually Asks Ash to go with her, but Giovanni has other plans for the lovebirds. Part one of two.
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Our song reviews
Ash, Misty and Brock head to Shiny city. Brock leaves Ash and Misty in the city to look for Nurse Joy's. Because Misty is a gym leader she gets a deluxe hotel room for Ash and her. Misty performs some kareokee and after they make up their own song.
Pokémon - Rated: K+ - English - Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,708 - Reviews: 25 - Published: 12/29/2000
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Ash, Misty, and Brock start on there new journey with new twist and turns and something more!! I need reviews good or bad. please.
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