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Hello. I'm actually a very old member of this site, happening to get a new account. My actual old registered account was in '05 and I was lurking for years before that, if that gives you any idea as to how old I actually am to this site. I have rped and been into many fandoms for those years as well. I would continue on my old account but...I'm just a tad embarrassed of some of the things on it. But I refuse to take them down at the same time and use that as a life lesson to myself and where I've come from.

I love rping and typing quite a bit. Forgive me if I start to ramble on (A bit of a Southern tenancy, really. By the way, hi, I'm from Arkansas and proud of it.) or get too attached to descriptions. I try to keep things short but I always get lured in to typing unnecessary bull a lot. I apologize. I'm rather fond of romance or smut and honestly don't care if anyone is infuriated by that. Speaking of which, my favorite is yaoi. Just to give you a warning and heads-up as to what most of my fanfictions contain. Don't like? How did you wander onto my page in the first place, then? Get off.

I like to watch boring courtroom shows, watch the news, read the paper, get into political discussions, watch documentaries, and so on. Yes I'm boring but I find it rather fun. I adore any Russian culture or history (Which was WHY I was brought into Hetalia four years ago, not the other way around. Yes I've been into it for four years.) and I just plain like history. I will get into heated Civil War discussions with you if you're an ignorant yankee who don't know squat. But don't let that put you off, I adore yankees as long as they give us hicks a chance like I do them. I know my history and politics quite a bit and actually research each thing heavily because I care about them. By the way, I also play States!Hetalia if you're interested. I even have my own states forum up and running that I'm in charge of: ...Feel free to join, definitely

I'm available online a lot and you can get ahold of me some way or another. My main messenger is skype, if you'd like to get ahold of me. My skype is 't.riddle.' (Include both dots). You can also get ahold of me on my Deviantart page too (Which I listed up above for my 'homepage') . I'd love to meet new people and rp with them. My favorite series are those series that I'm mainly interested in right now and would love to rp or talk about.

Oh, and for a keyword, 'MF' means my favorite. As in, my favorite character. But I have many more likes or pairings, just ask.

Favorite Series:

Hetalia (MF: Russia, MF: Egypt, MF: Romania)

Harry Potter (MF: Tom M. Riddle Jr., MF: Draco Malfoy, MF: Sir Cadogan, MF: Percy Wealsey)

Yume Nikki (MF: Shitai-San, MF: Masada, MF: That guy who sits on the bench on the bus/train. Yeah, him. eUe)

Series I Like:

Many. I won't type them all out but I'll give you an idea. I love many video games (I'm an avid video-gamer), animes, and shows, too. Lupin the 3rd, Legal Drug, Bioshock, Dead Space, Saiyuki, OHSHC, Death Note, Metro 2033, Katamari Damancy, Legend Of Zedla series, Harvest Moon, Pikmin, You Are Emty, GTA series, Fruits Basket, Star Ocean series, Case Closed, Tru TV, Courtroom shows, and so on... I could go on and on talking about things I like. Just ask and I'll tell you if I like it or not. I'm pretty open minded. I typically go for anything and give it a go.

Favorite Generes:

Romance (Mainly yaoi. I don't mind hentai and I don't care for yuri. I'm willing to give it a chance though, if you think you can impress me.), sci-fi (Mmm I can't help it, I'm a sucker for games like Star Ocean), horror (Oh I have such a hard-on for horror it isn't even funny. Saw series is my forte. I loooove scary movies and shows.), comedy (I laugh so easily it isn't even funny. No. I'm not joking. I laughed for days when I heard the joke "Why did John fall off his bike? Cause someone threw a refrigerator at him!"), and probably a few other things like action and adventure and whatnot. I don't care for girly drama or any of that bull. It annoys me.


Our story was deleted because someone felt like playing godmod. There was nothing honestly wrong with our fanfiction and I clearly labeled, warned, and so on. To the person responsible for this I hope you're happy sitting in your basement. To the many people who followed this story and kept up with it- We're sincerely sorry and this is an unfortunate turn of events. We will be reposting this story on which I will provide a link for soon enough once I get that sorted out and taken care of. I hope you will continue to keep along with us and I'm sorry for all of this. I intend on reuploading Serpentina back onto this site, however, a censored version because apparently people are too childish to handle reading something and have to ruin it for everyone else. In the meantime enjoy the uncensored version:

Here is the link to the adultfanfiction uncensored version:

Aside from that I'd like to sincerely thank the administration for living in the dark ages and not setting a simple age restriction coding into your site that prevents underage users from viewing mature content. This would kill two birds with one stone and I do not understand how, for a DECADE, this site has insisted on just being so behind and ignorant rather than fixing this very simple problem with a simple solution. It is ridiculous and I have emailed the site about this, requesting for them to not only bring MA back but to set up a simple system that restricts users depending on age to what they can and cannot read rating wise. Let's all hope that fanfiction actually loves its users and will not throw our basic human right to speech and throw it in the mud. Thank you and good day.

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