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Hey i'm SolemAngelMil also known as Queen_Of_Cherri_Poptarts and I haven't thought of being a writer or anything until I gotten a birthday present...


"Sis! I got you a birthday present! HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!!!"


Yeah... Birthday present is my fav. game, Tales Of Symphonia WOOWOO!!! . I pretty much love every game as long as its either a bloody violence one, as in Call Of Duty's (World At World ZOMBIES!) to RPG's. Yeah. :)

Ahem... Anyways, My info...

Games I like: Call Of Duty's, Gears of wars, Lara Croft, Blue Dragon's, Harvest Moon's, Final Fantasy's X-2, Shadow of colossus, Pokémon, Tales Of Symphonia, Tales of Symphonia: DOTNW (Haven't finished. Damn you Alice and Decus! *shakes hand at game* And I'm near the end...), Tales of the Abyss, and many more.

Anime: Murder Princess (Even though there's like 6 episodes...-_-), Toradora!, Tales of the Abyss (Abridged? I haven't watched the Japanese dubbed on a website 'cause its always blurry and I can't read the subs... >:0), Bleach , TOS (Haven't finished... Have no idea what episode I was on sadly.), Angel Beats! (Cried my eyes out on the last episode.), Soul Eater, Akame Ga Kill, and many many more that I just can't remember at the moment...

Likes: Really funny people, Cappuccinos (is that how you spell it? *shrugs* oh well!), Food, Sweet Tea, TV, Music, Video Games (Heehee), Reading Fantasies, taking vacation's, driving four wheelers, taking a walk with my cute dogs, waterfalls, and Horses!

Dislikes: spaghetti (YUCK!), Mazzio's pizza, Fiction, and lastly being an adult because adulting is awful and tedious. Oh welp, someone's gotta do it.

Uh activities?: Band (When I was still in high school), art, drawing, writing, reading fanfiction and this site Luna-something. And watching Anime. I have recently tried my hand at crocheting but I'm pretty terrible at it.

Sports I like: Volleyball, Basketball.

I also have a Deviant Art account and my address for that is . I am MeganAngelFreak so if you have one, that's good I guess. I'm pretty new at that though, so... Yeah XD

DRLforever702 is my best friend in real life! I'm helping her since I've been on FanFiction for awhile now and that I know how some stuff works around here -_-. So be nice to her, she's a beginner at writing stories. (She literally does not get on it worth a shit anymore...LOL OOPS I DIDN'T SAY ANYTHING!) is my FictionPress profile, which is the same as this... Almost. I have it because of DRLforever702, so yeah XD

I read Tales of Symphonia stories, Tales of the abyss (even though I just bought the game for PS2 and don't know bunches bout it... O.O),Tales of Vesperia, (Me have no clue if blastia is different from fonon and mana... Man I'm dumb), Blue Dragon, Kirari -or Kirarin- Revolution (HA-HA, I think its funny_) and other random stories.

If You laughed at the game TOTA (TOA if others call it) at Ion's, Dist, and Sync's voice, and watched the Tales of The abridged series to see the difference, than you should Copy this onto your profile and wish good luck to your friends that have no clue to what you're laughing about :) (Ahem DRLforever702, ya know your the bestest!)

If something happened in your life and u call it a miracle, copy. (When my house burned down, and in the smoke was a figure of an angel)

If you hate homework, COPY NOW! (THE DREADED HOOMMEEWWOORRKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????? Wait... What was I supposed to do again?)

If you dropped your phone in public places numerous times, and it was embarrassing to you, copy. (Ten times in total on bus, school, McD's, Arby's, and Chinese restaurant. Don't ask)

Who Loves adventure? ("MMMMMMMEEEEEEEE!") If you have a favorite actor that plays as tomb raider, or AKA Action hero, copy.

How bout books? (Fantasy, and fanfiction of course)

What about tripping? Have you ever tripped before? (Yup, Basically Imma Klutzy person)

I made these up, 'cause I was bored! >.

My Stories

The closer the bond, the better?: Ummm discontinued, because I'm going to go back and redo it when I have the time... My mind was a 13 year old girl when I wrote that story. Looking back at it, I haven't had the slightest clue as to what I was thinking... 0_0 I'm literally almost 20. Damn.

The game just started: Well... Haven't been writing it awhile... Need to play TOS again...

Innocent: I AM ALMOST DONE WITH THE CHAPPIE! But, I need to re-watch the episodes up to the point that I haven't watched from then.

TOKI- Tales of Kittens I: Good god, I started on a chapter only to have some plot bunnies come and stab me to death... Or should I say kittens lol ;)

The Tempest and the Lavender Flower. Oh wait, it's the BLOODY Lavender Flower : Its on the laptop. And I upgraded to a Microsoft Surface so I'll get to it later, Mkay? >_>

Any stories thinking about writing?: Note that I'm THINKING about them. I either can't write them because I don't have a source, or because I have no time. Though, If your interested in writing them, as long as you ask, then I will allow you to use it. But you will have to make up the plot and etc.

Oh Brother

Yuri Lowell/ and Gang, Tales of Vesperia Romance/ sadness

There's a girl all alone, that's running from the knights. But then, what's part of the problem...? She has no idea who she is, where she is, and whats going on. She's special in certain ways, and Yuri see's something in her, but what? "Uh... I think I'm lost." Yuri/OC

Tempest and the Lavender Flower. Oh wait, it's the BLOODY Lavender Flower

Sync the Tempest/ Asch the Bloody, Tales of the Abyss, Romance/ Drama/ Angst

Venessa the Lavender Flower is new to the god-generals, back when Asch gets kidnapped, which was seven years ago. So what happens when the fourteen year old meets Sync the Tempest for the first time. They experience everything together, that changes their lives forever. "Why am I here in the first place Bubba?"/ "Because you're the only compatible marriage material that Master Van thought-"/ "Master Van this? I didn't know I was going to be engaged!" Next thing happens, all hell breaks the Fiances up, but will they see each other again? "Venessa... I'm... Sorry..."/ "NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!" Venessa is my OC.

What kind of name is Lavender Flower?

SyncXVenessa(OC), Tales Of the Abyss, Humor One-shot

When Sync and Venessa meet for the first time. "What kind of name is Lavender Flower?"/ "Oh you'll soon find out."

Child of the Night, bring forth your powers

Tales Of Vesperia, so-and-so genre

Tanya was an ordinary 20-year-old that just graduated from her two-year course in fencing. Her boyfriend breaks up with her, and she soon find herself in her new house that her parents bought her in Arizona. And also in the pasture-like flower garden, and breaks down, to only have a voice. Just a voice talk to her, and bring her forward a new life.

Oh Honey, this journey just started

Tales of the Abyss, Adventure/mystery/romance, Asch the Bloody

Rei was different... In his eyes, that is... just who is this person that has so many... Secrets? And WHY is she a god-general? And, what the hell is with those mysterious powers of hers that she can't figure out if she can use? Mystery for a reason people! Rei is another OC, and no, if I do this story, its not about me or based off me.

What did I do wrong?

Tales of the abyss, drama/sadness; Asch the bloody

(Based off the ending of Oh Honey, this journey just started) Rei's feelings when she was there before... That happened. And what she did to...)

How to Save a Life

Song-fic (Off of The Tempest and the Lavender Flower)

Tales of the abyss, drama, Sync the tempest, Asch the bloody,

What Venessa tries to do before the world went white... Literally!

WTF is a 'Chosen one'?

Tales of symphonia, Humor/ Adventure

Lisa, a random 15 yr. old girl that is coming home from school from some random day, gets into the world of Sylvarant. Badaboom!

This isn't my Goodbye

Tales of symphonia, not-sure about the genre

'All I remember is that I fell of my motorcycle, after that speeding car hit me... Flying over the hood of his shiny yellow BMW, and falling off the cliff. Turquoise blue waters greeting me as a woman with green hair fell with me, and said, "It isn't your time yet Vera, because you, haven't found what you're fighting for."'

Again, I'm just thinking of doing those stories, but I have no idea of what I should go off with to tell you the truth. But you, yes, you have an idea or something, like wanting to use my sayings, or self-inserts, or even my oc's, please feel free to ask and say that they belong to me. Thankies!

You are now exiting SolemAngelMil's profile.


sincerely, have a GREAT DAY,


Luke Fon Fabre: Ahem, announcement! :3

SAM: What is it? -_- I gotta go to work in a couple of minutes and have my whole existence be there for approximately 8 1/2 hours so make it quick...!

Luke Fon Fabre: Who-ever reads this... We have something that we are letting people do!

Guy Cecil: We are letting ANYONE make their own version on TOKI, because they actually like it! :)

Tear Grants: So if anyone wants more details, PM SAM, and we got it ;D

Anise Tatlin: BOOO You forgot if they want to draw the covers! An-And the one-shots!

SAM: Oh right! Thanks Anise *7

- I am currently letting people make one-shots of any genre of who should be with Charlie. Please ask me first before you do something. All teenage plot for my OC, Charlie, belongs to me.

- If you draw a cover photo for TOKI, please say its for TOKI, and tell me so I can ask you if I can use it as a cover. BTW, I will change it every chapter, so everyone can see the artistic side of the story.


SAM isn't my real name, just a username. My real name isn't on here anymore dued to how I had some stalker issues... >_>*) I SO do not need to go through that a third time.

And to everyone who remember who the Fuck I was before shit went down, I am so sorry it seemed like I disappeared off the face of the earth. I kinda got busy with life, and: shit happens. I've had my heart broken a few times. Reflected on myself as a human being, my brother got into deep shit, and now I'm back to dating. And let me tell you, he is SO FUCKING CUTE.

SAM logging out. See ya dudes and dudettes ;)

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