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sup sup i'm serenity, i'm awesome and weird, yurs yurs hallo goodbye goodmorning goodnight
name: Serenity
age: 11
weight: not telling
height: around 5'7
fave anime: hetalia
best friend(s): Cheyanne and Haylee
fave animal: Dog

i love homestuck and

I'm an amature writer. I'm not very good at writing fanfics but i do write multiple poems!

The battle field of shadows

The night, the day, the shadows, the shade, I stand on the battle feild with my sword in my hand, standing alone, all by myself. I am strong and i'm feirce. Though theres a chain on my neck, holding me down, to the battle feild ground.

Green, blue, red, pink, all the colors flow around, i see them, i hear them, i smell them, i am truly uniqe. I shall forever stand alone. I am fighting a battle both inside and out. My sword is a feather, though small and not strong, it is all I need to win.

The silence through booming noise, block out the enemy fire. White clouds through grey smoke, I am powerfull enough to stand tall through the war. Emotions zooming over head, fire of passion flaring through the forest of confusion. Red scattered on the ground as I look down. I stand in the shaows awaiting my fate, fighting the torment and dodging the names.

My heart beats wildly as I run in the night, Threatining to pop out of my chest. I have no true name, I have only one true purpose. But what the purpose is I have yet to find out. The shadow of night surrounding my heart. This is where I belong. On this night on the battle feild, I bid you adew.

Mirror mirror on the wall, I may not be the prettyest of them all, But on the inside I’m strong and sweet, no matter how many times I’m pushed around, I will get right back on my feet.

To use a feather as a sword, I will by win this battle within. Try as they might I will not fall, raging emotions defending my walls. Words are thrown as emotions flare, I have to listen to those who really care!

Sometimes it feels as if I don’t have a place, mocked and ridiculed, yet I still have a smile on my face!

Mirror mirror on the wall, mirrors are the worst of all! Judging you’re outsides when theres so much within, I’m weird and I’m proud, I’ll live without a sound, calming seas as the colors flow around smelling tastes and tasteing smells, only the uniqe can sense these features, closing they’re eyes and knowing what it means to truly be alive, Not wraped in plastic and covered in paint, but being they’re selves and caring for others!

Mirror mirror on the wall, Inside is the best of all.

Flying through the sences of touch and feel, seing and smelling, hearing and such. I soar through the time and space of creativity and stone.

What are the emotions I feel in the stony cold? heating up the rays of time? I sense the bareness of the landskape, without a care in the world! I see, I hear, I speak, I smell! What is this in the darkness? A sense of warmth, standing in the freezing cold Strangers walking through the street, disguised as smiling fools, this makes no sence, everything is plastic, full of paint, why hide your identity when theres clearly so much more?

The heat sends shivering rays of warmth, heating me to the bone. What could cause such a kindly feeling? Warm and strong... is this what its like to have a friend? I sence this though the plastic ridden fools dont, what is it exactly? this enticing feeling of care? i've never felt or seen or heard before! I have no reason to hide behind my old, plastic soul

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