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Author has written 12 stories for Harry Potter, Dragonriders of Pern series, Sonic the Hedgehog, Hunger Games, Legend of Zelda, and Naruto.

Our Story

We are three in one working for Illusion.

We were once just like you, normal with common lives.

Until one day we were cursed to be Wolf, Tiger, and Dove, each trapped in a new form.

We lived through weeks of horror trying each in our own way to accept that which we had become, but like a candle on a dark night; our Savior came.

Our Lord Illusion.

He told us that we had been cursed, and he could only keep us from our horrid beast forms if he was close to us.

So we decided to travel with him to his home, where he gave us all we'd ever desired.

He then explained that there were was things he asked of us.

The first to our surprise was to embrace that which we had always loved, to write out our dreams and ideas, for him to read.

The second was to never leave the castle again, for if we did we would be turned into shadows, to haunt our new home forever.

And upon accepting these rules, we were given all that we had ever wanted, but our freedom was taken away.

About Us

S.L. Evangeline: As the oldest of my three sisters I must first warn you to keep a safe distance from them as they are both mentally un-stable and do, in fact bite. On that note I continue, my name is Samuel Evangeline and my past neither you nor anyone else needs to know of. But after my transformation accident I was given the job of writing for my master, in-turn for the absence of wings and feathers. I will write anything Lord Illusion asks but my preferred choice is Greek Mythology, Harry Potter, and Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Assuming all work for my Lord is completed I will consider writing requests, that is of course, Assuming I am granted that freedom...

Ravin/FTHowler: I am an common teenage, book & writing obsessed Fangirl, who is second in a group of triplets. Indeed, It’s an uncomplicated portrayal, but before Lord Illusion, & even now, it still fits what is, & what will be,me..My daily life is in a constant state of “too busy for this” & “too busy for that”. I have a plethora of acquaintances who relentlessly label me as a “best”friend. Too bad for them the only “besties” I want are my loyal sisters.School,(I figure this is something that always comes up at family reunions, so I should probably bring it up as a general topic to be mentioned here), well I was pretty much a failure, I sucked at the lot, all but, day dreaming, writing, & psychology. While my sister Redspark was incredible at Art of all kinds. & Sam was always astounding at, well, everything.Life as I knew it was simple, not stress free by any means, but I could content myself with being no more than a nerdy, booklover, & Fangirl. Who time & again obsessed over the perfection that was Tom hardy, or Ender Wiggin & additional fictional adorations. Then, with the suddenness of any great novels beginning; everything changed. I found myself thrown into what could only be, a nightmarish adaptation of reality. I was cursed, like one of the children from my stories; I had been transformed into a wolf…For a time, I believed I was a werewolf & if I just waited till morning, I would be normal again by dawn. Of course four days later, not only was I highly doubting that I had a case of the “teenage werewolf”, but I was miserably famished. So I, I did the logical thing, went back to my parents. Turns out the community, doesn’t enjoy wolves breaking through their screen doors & into the kitchen fridge. It also should be notified out it’s horrifying to get shot at… I then learned to hunt. Only in the weeks following, I realized that my parents would never recognize or accept me, & I couldn’t live with the idea living in the woods, in fear of being shot by hunters.. So when Lord Illusion showed up & offered to turn me & my sisters back into our human forms. I didn’t hesitate.Now being human again & living with Illusion, I get to do what I enjoy most; write without interruption.

RedSpark: Hey there! I’m Andromeda Redspark! Yeah yeah, I know, the name’s weird, right? But most people who tried to make it sound normal for their own sakes would usually just call me Andie, and honestly it took all my will power not to sick my cats on them. The only people who would graciously refer to me as Redspark were my sisters, and, in turn, I tolerated their own eccentrics as well. Apparently I’m the youngest of us three by a few seconds, though I still want to see the birth papers to prove it, and between keeping my sisters from killing each other, myself from “severely injuring” one of them, trying to get Ravin to at least smile, and putting up with Sam’s bipolar-ness, I had my work pretty much cut out for me. One of the things me and my sisters have in common is writing epic stories that tell of heroism, tragedy, and what ever else is on our minds. One of my other favorite pastimes was hanging out with the neighborhood alley cats. I don’t think even my sisters believed that I could talk to cats, but there was definitely no way for them to deny it once I was turned into one. Yup, that's right, I was turned into a cat. A very large cat at that. So large in fact, that I had to get away from my hometown to avoid *ahem* causing panic. I mean, how often do you see a tiger moseying down your street in the morning? I had always thought it would be great to become an agile feline, but turns out some really crazy people absolutely love tigers... and their fur... So, doing my best to avoid getting tranquilized, skinned, or locked up in a zoo, I wandered aimlessly through some park forests, making good on the fishing skills an orange tabby had once taught me. But after a few weeks of this and having only gotten partially over the inevitable shock and confusion of my situation, everything suddenly changed. And by change, I mean I changed back into a human being. I met the man responsible for turning me back from fur to flesh and was drawn in by the promise that he would be able to keep me as a human. But, only if I were to come back with him to his castle. I, having always been the irrationally suspicious one of the group, was hesitant to comply at first, though he made it very clear that whatever ability he possessed would wear off once he disappeared. Upon hearing that my sisters had already accepted his offer, I agreed and soon found myself in a realm unlike any other. And while I am able to live out my fantasies like I had only dreamt about, the castle in which we stay has its own dangers. And though the man of this castle gives us whatever we want only in exchange for our writings, I can’t help but wonder if our curse was truly worse than this captivity...

Frequently Asked Questions!

What We Do: We write new story's for our Lord so he can continue to create a world which in turn keeps him alive.

What We Write About: Anything and everything fanfiction (and some of our own story's which will not be posted here) Cross overs are a blast and we love OC's (mostly ourselves!). Though we try not to use them.

To ask questions of your own, you can PM us or email us at FeatherTrinity(AT)Yahoo(DOT)com

The Feather's Challenge!

We "monthly" challenge each other to what we call "The Feather's Challenge".

We give each other 30 songs each at the beginning of each challenge. (There's only three of us so we get 60 each, you can change this if you want)

Each day we have to write 500, or more words of a short fanfiction based off one of the songs we're given.

This normally goes on for 5 weeks, each week being a different challenge (1st week being Whatever we want, 2nd being Cross overs, and/or Disney/Harry Potter/Percy Jackson, or our own books)

We have to write at least 3 each week of the category's picked using three of the songs given, the other 4 days we have to at least write 500 words on whatever we please.

After 5 weeks we get a 2 week break to write on whatever we want, and then back for another Feather's Challenge!

Feel free to use our challenge with your friends!

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