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I am Jack Strife. Is that my real name? Maybe. The name doesn't affect the words. Keep guessing. Have my summaries puzzled you? Good. Do you not like puzzles? Too bad. Start thinking. There are no wrong interpretations to puzzles without answers. Start thinking. People do this less and less. It makes me sad. We have the power to affect in many ways. We can do this through words. But do we? For most, no. We instead abuse this power with cleache's, man-mad writing barriers, and meaningless words. It makes me sad. But oh well. I do not write to change or push, i write to write. I cannot help. It gets to me. But i try not to care. Caring leads to more dissapointment. I'm sorry. I'm being melodramatic again. I hate that. To quote a very dear idol: "i love life, there is just so much shit to deal with" - Thom Yorke. Ahh...i am tired. I leave now. I do plan to update this when i feel like it. Thank you for reading. Keep reading. Questions for me? Leave them in a reveiw or something. Or contact me. I don't care. That's all. I'm off. Keep thinking -j-a-c-k- -s-t-r-i-f-e-