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Behold the random goodness of yunalesca78's LiveJournal!

I am Yunalesca, keeper of the final aeon. I like salmon, cheese, and bananas. The Coven will rule the world using these seemingly harmless items. Be afraid. You are not safe. We are coming for you.

I live in Oklahoma. As I celebrate my twenty-fifth year upon this mortal coil, the temperature climbs steadily into the triple digits. I look upon the summer months with fearful loathing, for I am an ice elemental surrounded by the blazing fires of hell. I want to live in Zanarkand, where it is cooler, and where normal clothing may be worn without fear of melting.

I am the fourth member of that fearsome institution known as the Coven. We reign supreme over this land of dreams and imagination. Do you have the courage to challenge our might? We are Refugee, Pierson, Rin, nakigoe-chan, and yunalesca78, and we challenge thee to e-mail us!

...And now, back to sanity. Sort of. ^_~

Thanks to all of you who have put me on your Favorite Authors list. There are getting to be too many of you to list (thirteen of you, to be precise), but I love you all. Hugs!

I am now working on three ongoing fics, as I am less than sane. They are the following:

Final Fantasy X: Apocalypse
The attempt to destroy Yu Yevon has failed, and Seymour has become Sin. Can Dona, Isaaru, and the rest of the survivors find another way to defeat Sin forever, before it's too late? My first AU fic, and my pet project.

The Final Summoning
The story of Lord Braska's pilgrimage, in his own words. It's in first-person narrative. I'm a sick, sick woman.

The cast of FFX reflect on various events in their lives. Main focus is on the lesser-known characters, although some of the well-known ones make a few appearances, too. My first fic.


On, my poem about the Oklahoma City National Memorial. Dedicated to my mom. Find the correctly formatted version on my website.

The Accidental Conqueror
Only Laguna Loire could take over the world by accident. Spoof on the classic 'Twas the Night before Christmas. Whimsical and fun. My answer to the Challenge of the Coven.

Change of Heart
What was going through Squall's mind on the Ragnarok, before he decided to go back and rescue Rinoa from the Sorceress Memorial? A brief, highly angsty Squinoa.

Extra! Extra! Read All about It!
No restaurant is safe when a herd of hungry Yoshis comes rampaging through the land. Article from the Chocolate Tribune. I wrote this seven or eight years ago as a high school creative writing assignment, before I even knew what fan fiction was. I got an A on that assignment. ^_^


To Save a World [tentative title]
The story of Yunalesca's past--her escape from Zanarkand and her quest to defeat Sin.

[untitled--prequel to The Final Summoning]
Braska's life before he became a summoner. It'll probably be a big one, so I'm not starting it until I finish The Final Summoning. Inspired by that little conversation Rin and Tidus have on the airship, right before the battle with Sin.

[untitled--sequel to FFX: Apocalypse]
I know it's a bit early to even think about this, but you have to admit, it's an intriguing idea. For obvious reasons, I'll start it after I finish Apocalypse.

Yup, I'm a busy girl with masochistic tendencies. I love my life. ^_^

And now for a shameless plug...

Promise of a Dream, the newest tri-collaboration by the Coven, is now available for your reading pleasure. Refugee, Rin, and I are now responsible for turning the plot of FFX on its ear. Find it on The Coven's profile page. Enjoy!

RECOMMENDATIONS more to be added

Current works include Echoes of the Past, and Fifty Days. A great man.
Fellow Auron addict and terrific writer. Able to create kick-butt OC's who are NOT Mary Sues. See Unintentional.
Loyal Knight and author of Knight of Spira and its sequel.
The Coven's newest member, and the one who introduced me to the anime Noir. A lovely and talented writer.
The queen of the FFVIII area. Start with Crimson Lies and go from there...then give yourself a shock by reading First Contact.
Apple Pie
Author of the most beautiful Selvine I've seen yet. She also did a short FFVIII piece with a pairing you never see. What pairing? Find out for yourself. ^_^
The Angel of the Lion
Songs of Yesterday=Squinoa goodness!
Angel of the Faith
Excellently written post-FFX piece called Final Fantasy X: Journey and its sequel, Return of Light. Bring tissues, though.

"It's time for this rambling thing to end--
I'm off to bed, my sanity to mend."

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pls pls read and review this! it's my first fic. consructive critisism is welcomed.
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