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Beafstew here;

Hello. I am a very busy person who tries to write as much as possible, but school work rarely allows such things. Aspiring comic book artist. Its been a long time since I've written stories for, and I'll keep my old stuff up but it is doubtful I will regularly update the old stuff.

From here, is my description of characters.

Batman Beyond


1- Jo Grayson
Age- 17
Personality: Jo is very shy and uncomfortable around most people, and generally, people do not notice her. Inwardly, she has a lot to say but she rarely is brave enough to say it outwardly. She prefers to be alone and lives to feel the adrenaline of acrobatics. More to come as story progresses.
Attire: For school, attending Gotham Academy means wearing a uniform, which means a navy pleated skirt, a white collared shirt, and a blue blazer which is pointed at the end. Generally, Jo is either at school or doing acrobatics but in her occasional free time she will wear a tight, black long sleeve shirt with a neckline that cuts across her shoulders, and a green pleated skirt with a pair of brown boots.
Physical Appearance: Jo has tan skin, dark, straight brown hair that reaches mid back, arched eyebrows, and large, doe-like green eyes. She has a smaller frame and due to her usual clothes (uniform and workout), does not usually show off her curves. She is a near Olympic level gymnast and is well muscled.

Original Story-

1- Joe Grayson (Nightwing)-
Age: Was 17: Five Year Time-skip: 23
Personality: A cool demeanor on the outside, she seems very stern and aloof. However, she is very temperamental, and extremely protective over her friends. Joe is extremely independent, that being her fatal flaw, as that she won't accept help, even if she's badly injured, and rejects most help. After growing up mostly alone, she prefers to be that way, and prefers to be under the cowl, rather than out of it. Joe has a high level intellect (being compared to Bruce Wayne, having his 'drive, mentality, and manners'.
Attire: A black long sleeved shirt with a deep 'T' cut, a brown leather jacket, and a black pleated skirt. She has a pair of black strappy heels, a pair of silver leaves, and a colorful scarf. She always has a bracelet on hidden under her sleeves, a silver cross bracelet that belonged to Helena. g costume, a tight black suit with the blue across her chest. Black high heels, and domino mask with lens that see far distances. The gadgets are hidden throughout the suit. Joe usually sprays her hair raven black, and pulls it back in a pony tail.
Physical Appearance: Joe has a very striking appearance, with sharp forest green eyes, tanned skin, and long thick brown hair that reaches down to her mid back. She has arched eyebrows, high cheekbones, full lips, and wide, almond shaped eyes, with long, thick black eyelashes. Joe doesn't wear makeup on a normal basis, because she already looks like she is with her eyes and smooth skin. Joe has the tendency to take her looks for granted, and while she knows men consider her 'hot' she brushes off their advances. Underneath, she has small scars from training with the League of Assassins for five years. Joe also, considerably, has what is described, as a 'barbie' figure, with long legs, etc.

GI Joe: Rise of Cobra

1- Corporal Halle Jackabae (Dragon Tongue)
Age: 25
Personality: outgoing, rude, Halle will tell you what she thinks, whenever she thinks of it, she's an attention magnet even though not always wanting it, she usually will be open, unless about her mysterious past revealing only that, 'she moved around a lot'. She finds life a candy store, and treats it that way, going wherever she wants.
Attire: If you have ever seen the X-Men movies, her jacket is like Wolverine's, the tanned lining and circles around her biceps, but the leather is a contrast of black and a light tan. She wears a tank top, hiking boots, and her dog tags. She has (when sparring) dark green mini shorts, bare feet, and her white tank top.
Physical Appearance: Halle has naturally tan skin, golden- amber, brown short, uneven pixie cut (which she cut herself), amber eyes, about 5' 7'' (i've changed her height a lot I know, but i just was brain storming and it makes no sense that Snake Eyes can hang her upside down- so Halle is now shorter). She weighs about 118 lbs, a tattoo on her arm which used to be a brand. Its a red and black Chinese dragon, and when Halle ran away, to hide who she was, she filled it in so she couldn't be found as easily. She has scars on her back from her past, and is strong, athletic, and can knows many forms of martial arts.

Halle's Ninja Garb, sorta looks like this, in this link-

TRON: Uprising

Age: Around 15
Personality: confident (sometimes too confident), a risk taker, cares for others, and flirtatious. She takes orders, but forgets rules. She talks a lot, and finds it hard to be serious unless somebody is hurt.
Attire: A black program's suit(? I don't know what it's called) and white and purple circuits. She has a slight heel, and the suit goes to four knuckles on each hand, and covers the thumb. An identity disk, she looks like any ordinary program.
Physical Appearance:
A natural pale skin color, short hair that's in a pixie cut dyed purple with black tips. About 5' 2'', 118 lbs, slim, with long legs despite her shorter height. A slim jaw, high cheekbones, wide doe eyes and arched eyebrows. Long thick eyelashes and dark grey eyes.\


Age: 15
Personality: very impulsive, bad tempered, and brash. She hates groups, and likes working alone. She's very distrusting, and temperamental.
She's constantly challenged to fights because of her side comments (which she does without knowing) and will accept a fight readily. Alex is also incredibly mysterious, and not wanting to reveal where the others are.
Physical Appearance: chocolate skin tone, with long wavy jet black hair. She has a natural red streak going through the front of her hair. Her hair goes down to her thighs, and she usually wears it down, unless she is running, then she puts it up in a pony tail. Her eyes are red with tints of gold, and she is forced to wear brown colored contacts when she goes into the public. She's 5' 11'', and has an invisible birthmark on the small of her back of a tribal fire. She has long thick black eyelashes, with wide eyes.
Attire: usually, a red zipper hoodie, a black t-shirt (all under) with a black leather jacket, faded and ripped skinny jeans, red biker gloves, and a pair of black combat boots that can connect her to the ground (designed by Kisuke). She also hides an infinity necklace under her shirt.
Abilities: Fire- Range: unknown
Weakness: unknown

Well, that's it, for now! Don't forget to check out my stories and read and review!

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