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YO YO YO I'm Lulu and yeah I'm a avid roleplayer :)

I joined a few months ago to make a review but now I love it, I'll right a story soon...but I'm afraid I'll suck.

-Forums I'm on-

Prescott High (I play Marek and Kiara)

High School RP! (My friend Sarah's check it out pleaaasssseeee)--I play Lindsay

A Supernatural RP-- I play Lindsay...again and a guy named Brian.

--Roleplays I'm the admin of-- (I play Jaylyn CHECK IT OUT)

I love readinfg so if you need a beta just shoot me a PM :D

--About Moi--

I am pretty damn epic if I say so myself :P. And modest too. I love reading and writing and is very focused. OMFG LOOK CAKE.

My Rant On The Volturi

AHEM* WHY THE FUDGE WEREN'T THEY INCLUDED MORE. That was the only reason I read Twilight they had the dark and sexyness realll vampires should have. Jane could just fu* burn people in their minds. But noooo lil miss perfect Bella had to have the perfect power.

--Back To Sweet Me--

I am obsessed with the supernatural and food. And X-Men. But there is one person on here that is more awesome than all of them and if you know me you know my obsession so she must be pretty fucking cool. Her name is. *Dun dun dididid dun didi dun* *Dramatic drumroll.* SARAH!!!!