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I have gotten many messages about translating my stories into different languages, and to all future people who want to ask, please don't waste your time for I WILL SAY NO. Granted, I'm not saying this towards the people that have asked (I highly appreciate and respect you all that have you asked me before acting), but this is geared towards those people who did NOT ask me for my permission.

It is AGAINST the RULES of FanFiction to translate a story on FanFiction without the permission of the author on FanFiction.

If I see ANY of MY stories in different languages I will send a warning to you through private message to remove the story within 24 hours. I will report if it is not taken down.

I have had it with people stealing my work, as you all know I have had issues with for over a year. I am taking action now to those who are disrespecting me as a writer/author on FanFiction.

I felt like I needed to do one of these...

So, I'm known as 'Elielephant' or you can call me Ellie, doesn't really matter. And no, Ellie is not my name, but I do love elephants.

So, a little about myself, well:

I'm an army brat, and damn proud of it.

I'm still a child at heart even though in the eyes of the government I am an adult (my little joke is if the government knew me then they wouldn't say I was an adult either).

I'm a fan of anime and manga, but not a super fan like I used to be. Though I fangirl over certain shows, like all the shows I grew up watching as a child: Hey Arnold, Cat Dog, Rugrats, and more. The newer shows that my little siblings watch aren't as good in my opinion, but I have been obsessed with Legend of Korra and Gravity Falls. Mable and Dipper are freakin' awesome and Gruncle Stan; best name ever.

John Flanagan is my hero, and who inspired me to write with his series Ranger Apprentice, along with Ray Bradbury who wrote Fahrenheit 451. Horace for the win!

I love anything that has Tim Burton attached to it.

I love ghosts, and my goal is to see one, don't judge. And I love Zak Bagans, Nick Groff, and Aaron Goodwin. They are so cool.

Dance Moms is an epic show along with Storage Wars. Barry for the win!

In the summer before my second year of college. I'm officially a V.A.S.T (Visual Arts Studies) major.

I'm the type of person who doesn't like to go with the flow. So if a ton of people like something, then I don't. For example: when 'High School Musical' was big, I hated it, along with The Jonas Brothers, Justin Beiber and Twilight. I also don't like, though not against, facebook, twitter, and myspace. That's just a creeper and drama knocking at my door.

I refuse to watch Transformers, Dear John, and The Lucky One, for reasons that don't have to with the movie being bad.

So, enough about me, but don't know what else to talk about; my stories maybe?

Might as well, so:

6/8/2013: All my stories have mistakes, somewhere. I can feel it. So, if you see an error, feel free to point it out. I don't bite about that sort of stuff. It helps me in the end after all. :)

9/5/2013: ...Well, I forgot to mention that I started college last week. I blame the internet, and I serious can because I spent five hours trying to get it to work in my dorm. So, yeah. Bones and His Heir will still be updated on Sunday. I have a least four special I need to write and then update before Bones and His Heir end since the ending it approaching soon. That's all I have to say now...

Origins: In progress...but might be permanently deleted. No motivation to complete it.

So, this is the sequel to Bones and His Heir. Basically this is a story centered around RC and magic after the race for One Piece is over. It's the story to all those...unanswered questions I left in both Bones and His Heir. Those of you that have read them probably already know some of those things, the biggest ones being Mortalitas's mission for Law and also Admiral Julian of the Mage Recruiting Division (and Gabriella and Kidd's you-know-what's-it). Plus, there is a whole lot of new characters to introduce plus expanding on others we haven't seen too much of. This was definitely more planned out than any other story I wrote, EVERYTHING in it having a purpose and meaning behind it; it may seem random, but I there is a reason. My madness simply works that way.

Bones: Completed.

This isn't the first story I posted (the other isn't worth mentioning, so don't worry about it), but it's my longest so far. It's the story of a necromancy mage named Ameria who is on a mission to find her master's mask somewhere within the Grand Line. At first, she is traveling with the infamous Strawhat crew, but now, there have been a change of plans and is now traveling with the Heart Pirates. And that's the basic rundown of Bones. If you haven't read it already, there is adventure, romance, humor, drama, etc. in the story.

His Heir: Completed.

The next story, which was inspired by Bones when Ameria had a run in with Kidd. It is the tale of a summoner mage named Roland Gabriella, child born in the bloodline of the traitor Caden. Her mission was simple, but then a certain red head decides he wants to compete with his rival who also has a mage under his command and he gets more then what he bargained for. This story had major writing blocks. At first, I was going to use a mage from Fort Lock that knew Ameria and was trying to find her, but I wanted to make it a romance (because I'm a sucker for a good romance) and the character I thought up would make our violent red head too OoC (more OoC than I have already made Kidd in His Heir, but worse). So, I thought I would make it work with Kidd in character, then the whole thing turned into a horror (I can read horror, but I most certainly can't write it). Didn't want that, and so, Gabriella was born because I needed a girl who could cause a conflict with Kidd without everything turning into a horror and rather be a romance.

The Girl Who Shoots Things: In progress

Originally a one-shot, but I decided to make it into a full story. It's pretty simple though, Drake takes one of his best marksmen, who is actually a woman named Leanne with him and they fall from the ranks of the marines into piracy. Now they must find a loyal crew to stay by their side while they join the race for One Piece. See, simple. Though, writing it is rather difficult since no one has really ever tackled a full Drake story. Plus making the OC a marksman was difficult since I know nothing about guns and had to research, but it was worth it in the end.

Choices: Completed.

My newest piece that is a one shot.

Twisted Mother: Completed

Based off of Coraline, but with One Piece characters. It's more of a little fun writing for me when I don't feel like making a plot and figuring out how it will all work out because this storyline is pretty much made up for me; I only need to make it more me and make sense, if you get my drift.

A Switch in Place: Completed

I saw the connections between One Piece and Soul Eater and could not resist. May it continue? Maybe, maybe not. Still deciding.

Strawhats to Hearts: Completed

Just a little one shot that explains how Ameria went from being with Luffy and the gang to being with the Heart Pirates, how she first met Law, and other stuffs, I guess... It was going to be a full story that explains everything, but I'm a rather lazy person, and cut straight to the chase about it, so just enough to answer everything in the end, you know?

Trafalgar Bros!: Completed

A troll on Mario with One Piece characters. Enough said.

What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vega: In progress

My first attempt at an AU story. It has to do with Gabriella, Kidd and there is also Doflamingo being a troublemaker and all with the gang business of the underground. I know how it will end, though finding my way to get to that ending will be the hard part.

Twilight Princess?: In progress...

A troll on the game Twilight Princess with One Piece characters. Enough said.

Protégée: In progress...

The name will probably change; I have the feeling I used the wrong word, but I'll worry about it later. I had the idea of this story for ages and I finally got out one chapter so that I can come back to it later.

Edited: Changed the name; used the wrong word, like I said above.


Duckys: Completed.

Bones's anniversary one-year-one-shot.

Aloe, Sunscreen and Burns, Ouch: Completed.

His Heir's anniversary one-year-one-shot.

Apprentice: Completed.

A little one-shot of an idea I have Assassin's Creed. I have the whole thing planned out in my head. I know the beginning and the end, but everything in between needs to be worked out. So, the next step for this story is outlining, which will happen over Christmas Break, but the story may not come out until either this summer or after Bones and His Heir are finished.

Frontiersman Tales: Completed.

A one-shot for the AC III game about the epicness of Boone and his myths.

Hoist the Flag!: Completed.

A story written by my lovely beta and me. :) Fatherly love is unstoppable. Not even Whitebeard can stop it, Chuck Norris can, but not Whitebeard.

Loving Justice: Completed.

A two-shot for the 100th chapter of Bones.

Slumber Party: Completed.

Oh-no-no, not in my house.

Thus a Baby was Born: In progress...

A three-shot for the 100th chapter of His Heir.

High School Dayz: Completed.

A combined two-shot for the two year anniversaries for Bones and His Heir. Tanner is starting his freshman year of high school where as Caden is beginning his junior year.

Other stories for the future:

Releasing a Mess, One Piece

Road to El Dorado, One Piece

Life's Runic Magnets, Fairy Tale (co-op with praeses)

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