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Author has written 4 stories for Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter, Troy, and Lord of the Rings.

I finally got a new email account!Yay! is evil. I had a huge thing written here and it didn't save when it said it did. So what I'm gonna do is write what I can remember.

I'm a seventeen year old...person. Most people describe me as an original, because I don't follow what everyone else does. I say that I'd rather be myself acting fool. (though I do love acting!) I play the violin and have a tendency to break my E string constantly.

My two best buddies on the internet are Dreamstrifer and Ryu. And Dreamstrifer is the best speller I've ever met. She corrects me constantly. I just get all screwed up with my keyboard!

I love Rping! Old fashion rp that's like a story more than and rpg. My POTC fic is actually all written up in rp for. My cousin and I got together the day after we saw the movie for the second time(which was the second day it came out) and wrote it up. As soon as I find time between school and my strange social life it will be posted.

And to make one thing clear about LotR. I Love it. I read the books before they made the movies. I loved Legolas for the fact that he acted like a child and was goofy like that. In the movie he's very quiet and mainly speaks only when he needs to. So, in my opinion the movies could have been made better, but I'd rather they stay the way they are. As for Orlando Bloom. He's cute and a good actor, but I'm not obsessed with him. Only the elf he plays because I think he did it exceptionally well. I would like to steal his dog , Maud, though.

Oh! I have a Harem!

Book Legolas
Westley (the Princess Bride)
Javert Clone (from Dreamstrifer)
Navy (He's some guy from POTC that doesn't have a name so we call him Navy)
Achilles (I must have him!)
Patroclus(Too bad he 'got the axe')
Edward Scissorhands (..'Just think of what those hands can undo...')
Lucius Hunt (..I just like the name. although the guy is awesome. Kinda nearly dead, but awesome)
Boba Fett

As for now. Namarie. Goodbye and Fairwell! *Bows and exits*

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