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Author has written 4 stories for Naruto, and Pokémon.

Hello everyone,

I would give you my name but where is the fun in that. You can call me Ferdawg. I love to read and write. So after watching/ reading a lot of the stories, movies, anime, and manga. It is fun to read what the fan thinks the story should be. it is also fun to read how all the change can affect the story, and make it sometimes better, and sometimes more interesting (AKA Crap). Fanfic's can also give you some great ideas, and new ideas.

I can't wait to see what has all been written, and to be compared by some of the thing I read, and watched.

Challenge's at bottom after the Bonus added info...

I Don't Care For:

I don't care for authors who bash characters in their stories. I think that it is immature, and a low blow below the belt on the creators, screenwriters, directors, authors, etc. for anything. Not to mention I believe and think that it is an insult to them. Let’s have more class people.


I love leaving reviews. I also really love to get reviews for my work. For the most part, reviews are opinions. Not everyone has the same opinion. I like to go, and only give reviews if I like the story. If I don't like the story I don't review. And if the story has or is bad, I hate to do it. And I don't do it to be a pick. I do it because I care for the other members and I really don't want them to read it. So hopefully the author takes my review and learns and corrects and fixes his writing so we don't have to suffer.


Okay, let me tell you a little more about me. I like Harry potter, Naruto, Fairy Tail, Kim Possible, X-Men Evolution, Full Metal Alchemists, My Little Pony, and about a hundred more. Oh and I love CROSSOVERS!!!

The stuff I read is and/are a lot of grabbers, hanging onto the edge of your seat, laugh your ass off. Remember if I like it, I review, and if I don’t like it, I leave nothing. If it’s really bad, I will tell you it’s bad.

When I read something I will start to read and read until I get done with the chapter. That is when I decide if I liked it or not. I will not stop in the middle of a chapter. Only once have I wanted to stop in the middle of the chapter, and I was warned by a very good friend that the start to the fanfic was shit. Like three day old, sat in the sun shit. However if I could make it through the first chapter, it got better. He was right, but it was so bad, and terrible. It is and I hope the only review that I give to an author and rip into them, and really let loose.

Rules of the sight…

If you violate the rules, most often I don’t care, so long as the story in question or your story is good. I would like you to keep the rules, but I guess in the famous words of my father, and I quote “you can shit in one hand and wish in the other, and see which one fills faster…” you are a big boy or girl, and you can choose to keep the rules or break them. It doesn’t matter to me. Plus it is easier to ask for forgiveness then for permission.

Check your grammar!

A few mistakes here and there are excusable, but don't make excuses for your poor writing or being lazy… when the whole page is riddled with error, it drives me crazy. I know I am not perfect, and I make a lot of errors in my writing. I have a friend who reads my stuff before I post though. Plus I re read it to. Fix the problem.

As an added bonus PM’ing me: If you're going to send me a message, DO NOT rant at me in a caps lock curse filled rage. I don’t like people that yell or swear at me. If you're old enough to be on this site, you should be mature enough to respond like a mature individual. Ask me questions; make comments on thing you like about me. Tell me how good looking I am, and how sexy I am… wow TMI!!!

Naruto Challenge!!!

This is inspiration that came to me one night, and I cannot stop myself and not write. So I write to you now. If you are reading this I consider you my challenger. Because this is a challenge.

You will have 3 options to choose from.

First challenge…

-Naruto is smarter than he is in the Anime and Manga.

-Naruto will have three blood lines. First will be able to control and use of the five elements. Meaning that he can use fire, water, earth, wind, and lightning jutsu. Second bloodline, he has complete understanding of fuinjutsu ‘’ Sealing Jutsu” and he can make any seal he wants, so long as they aren’t out there… the third bloodline I will let you choose.

-NO, Naruto with Sharingan, Byakugan, Rinnegan or combinations of them!!! I think that’s bull and I think it makes Naruto over powerful.

-Naruto will have Harem. Five girls and each girl will have one element that they can use. (Example: Hinata- Water, Sakura- Fire, TenTen- Earth, Ino- Lightning, Temari- Wind) must have if you choose this challenge. They will be linked by a seal to Naruto, that gives them their element. Even if one has diferent element. (Ex: Sakura natural earth, she can be changed to water or have water and earth…) changed element becomes their dominate element use. You must have one OC (Original Character) as a girl for Naruto.

-Haku form the wave mission cannot be gender bended into girl! Haku is a boy.

-Naruto cannot be immortal.

-NO Bashing on other character that you don’t like. I no like…

Second challenge…

Same as first only few changes…

-No Harem… one girl and only one. No adults (Example: Anko) you may choose character “GIRL” from series, or make an OC (Original Character). The chosen girl will have a seal that gives/ links her to Naruto that allows her to control all five elements.

-Naruto ‘MUST’ be immortal, and that of his pairing partner. He cannot lose his immortality. He can be fatally wounded, (ex: he can be stabbed through the heart and he will still live.) Same rule for his pairing partner.

Third challenge…

-Change Everything about Naruto…

he can be boy or girl… if boy he can have harem or single girl. No adult pairings! No gay or single. Choose from GIRL characters, or make OC or OC’s… If girl she can be lesbian, strait or single. No boy harem, must be OC boy pairing.

Naruto must have weapon that he uses in fight. no sword, and he/she cannot become a swordsman or woman of the seven swordsmen of the hidden mist!!!

Naruto must use a new throwing weapon besides his kunai, and shuriken. (Ex: playing card that are made of special metal. They feel like playing cards and act just like real playing cards, but channel little chakra into them, and they can be thrown and can cut like kunai. The cards can also have concealed explosives hidden under the paint of the card. [Can use if you want])

Naruto can have up to three blood lines. Or no bloodlines… again NO Sharingan, Byakugan, Rinnegan, or combinations of them!!! I think that’s bull and I think it makes Naruto over powerful.

-Naruto must have hobby, other than training.

-Naruto must have Pet. The pet can be just a regular pet that stays at home and guards Narutos house, or it goes on missions with Naruto; or the pet can be a ninja animal.

-No bashing

- Haku can be girl... i discourage, but can have.

I hope that you like this challenge and take the challenge. If you want to take it, PM me and let me know, and tell me what one you want to do. I will post who takes the challenges and updates/when they publish them. thanks for reading and later…

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