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Author has written 9 stories for Smallville, Doom, Star Trek: 2009, Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, Supernatural, Mass Effect, and Doctor Who.

A fanfic writer from the wilds of Canada. Loves movies and TV and enjoys putting her own spin on things.

Updates as of Mar 24, 2014

After a hiatus I really didn't plan on taking, I am back and updating. Grudge Match has been completed, though I may write a short epilogue wrapping up or expanding slightly on a couple of things. The second part of Chemicals Between Us is nearly done. Road to the Apocalypse #14 is in the works, as is Wibbly Wobbly #9 and Ghosts of Mars #6. Look for those in the upcoming weeks.

I have also posted a new story, Leave the Rest to Heaven, which is set in the Mass Effect universe. This will continue in sporadic updates as I play through Mass Effect again. It tells the story of a woman on the periphery of Shepard's adventures, a retired N7 sniper whose peaceful, boring retirement is thoroughly derailed by the attack on Eden Prime.

Comments and queries are, as always, very welcome.

Updates as of Nov 29, 2012

After several very difficult life events, including death in the family, illness, school- and work-related things, I am back to writing on a (hopefully) semi-regular basis. I never did manage to recover the files lost when my computer had its seizure, but based on notes and partial drafts saved to Google Drive and LiveJournal, I have been able to reconstruct several chapters. GoM #5 is almost ready to be posted, it just needs another couple of days worth of polishing. Chemicals #2 is approximately halfway done. Grudge Match #2 is still in the ether, as is Five Times #4.

On the upswing, in recent months, I have posted Wibbly Wobbly, a Yet Another Halloween Fic (YAHF) which is a Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Doctor Who crossover, detailing what might have happened if Xander had chosen a different costume that night. As well, I have written a flash piece which (I'm thinking) will be a jumping-off point for a longer fanfiction based in the Supernatural universe during the fifth season, mainly pairing Gabriel and Sam. This fic is called "To Weather Any Storm".

Updates can be usually found slightly faster at my LiveJournal. My username there is ficlishiss, and anyone with an account there can feel free to friend me. I don't f-lock my posts, but you might see the updates faster.

Thanks, and we now return you to your regularly scheduled fanfiction.

Updates as of Aug 08, 2012

Somehow, my computer suffered a critical error a few weeks ago that resulted in my entire hard drive needing a format. I lost a lot of documents, including Five Times #4, Grudge Match Part 2, Chemicals #2 and GoM #5. I'm still trying different third party programs to recover these files, along with others that are more important (tens of thousands of words of original fiction), but it's been no luck so far on most of them. I even lost my outline notes, though I do remember in a roundabout way what I had planned.

I'm not throwing in the towel, but it might take a bit longer than I expected to restore/rewrite the pertinent fics. Sorry for the delay, your service will resume sooner or later.

Updates as of May 21, 2012

Ghosts of Mars chapter 4 complete and posted. Chapter 5 is in the works, with almost 1000 words in at last Save.

The Chemicals Between Us chapter 2 is 500 words in, and going slower than I'd like. Having lost my Season 10 DVDs has slowed me down somewhat. Update: This work is practically stalled. It has not been abandoned, but might take a bit longer than I originally thought it would. Still can't find my S10 DVDs.

Breaking Atlas is, despite some private requests, complete. I may do a one-off epilogue, but I consider the fic finished as it stands.

A Mirror Darkly is the working title for another Smallville Collie fic, where the unexpected visit to Earth-2 (Luthor, 10x10) carries some pretty heavy ramifications for the nascent Justice League. As of right now, AMD has only entered the planning stages.

And last, but not least, Dimension Hopping Through Infinite Earths, a humor fic where a version of Clark goes skipping uncontrollably across dimensions, righting wrongs, saving the world(s), and attempting to fix his love life. It was inspired by nonjon's Harry Potter fandom fic, Dimension Hopping for Beginners.

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Emily's retirement was peaceful and boring. Then the geth attacked Eden Prime, and suddenly, retirement was out of the question. Told on the periphery of Shepard's storyline, this tale looks at the other people in the ME universe, and how they might have stepped up to fight for the right to survive.
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