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Doll is my very first attempt at fanfiction. I'm glad to know that it has attracted lots of readers, especially many who like it so far.

Timeline help. (Warning: may contain spoilers for Doll.)

I haven't been using them, but follow me on Twitter (https://twitter.com/sefirosu347) or deviantART ( if you want to.


2013 年4月14日(日) -- I've had multiple ideas for stories in the past two or three years, but have never written them down. I don't know what made me write down the ideas for Doll, but they got written and posted. So, since I've given Doll a chance and many seem to like it, I had decided to give Assistant a chance, too, and that one has attracted a few readers as well. Well, an old idea of mine which has died out around last year is resurfacing again, though I'm not entirely sure what it's going to be about other than a quick and incomplete premise that includes a female Sephiroth. The premise includes way too many "somethings" in it that I haven't filled in, and that's the only reason I haven't even started to write it. If anybody's interested, feel free to ask me about it, if you like.

2013年4月16日(火) -- Please check out Invictus (http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8564193/1/Invictus) by Cpl.Hicks and A Coming Out Story (http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8906923/1/A-Coming-Out-Story) by Yooney. Don't forget to follow, favorite, and/or review them!

2013年4月28日(日) -- Looking through the story stats, I've noticed that Assistant has a little over half the amount of followers Doll has, and the former only has five chapters. If Assistant becomes more popular than Doll, I swear I'll be pissed, haha. I feel that Doll is much more superior, but I guess that's just me.

2013年5月6日(月) -- Another story?! O_o Yep, I've been attacked by strange ideas again. I get into the habit of daydreaming a lot, and that's often where I think everything up. I don't expect Don't Die Before I Do to be anywhere near as popular as the other two because of the pairing and because of what it will eventually contain, but I decided to write it anyways. It's sort of like a way of testing myself, I guess. I've also figured the female Sephiroth story out, and it's very different from what I originally thought of it to be. I need the ideas to sit a while until they finally cooperate and get together to form something. It'll happen... eventually.

2013年5月7日(火) -- Alrighty, I've decided to announce some stories that are coming soon and more or less when I will start writing them along with other story updates. So far, they are as follows:

Doll - Number one on priority list. Right now, I'm going to update it frequently until it gets to August 19, 1980.

Assistant - Sorry for anybody that's been waiting for an update on this one. After Doll gets to the date mentioned before, there will be more regular updates for this.

Don't Die Before I Do - This one really has my interest, and I'll update whenever I'm not working on the other two fics.

Another Nail in the Coffin - Side story to Doll taking place after 1980 (I'm not revealing when exactly). I'll start writing this one when Doll gets to the point in time this one will take place in.

Doll: Origins (title may change) - Prequel to Doll giving more insight mainly on how Sephiroth grew up. I have not decided when to start this one.

Sequel to Doll (I'm keeping the title a surprise) - I'll start it after Doll's finished.

New story that's still untitled - Patience will be needed for this one. I still need the ideas to get together, since I don't have even a vague idea of where this story's going to go.

I will never ever abandon or discontinue a story. If there are no updates for a long while, it's either because something came up or because I'm still trying to decide how the next chapter will turn out.

2013年5月19日(日) -- I don't know why FFNet messed up the profile page. What's funny is that it comes out the way it's supposed to when I try to reedit it, but it doesn't display properly when I post it. Bleh. Anyways, August 19, 1980 is coming soon. I might be mean and leave the readers of Doll hanging once it comes around. Also, don't get frustrated at the lack of yaoi in either of my stories. Gawd, did you guys seriously expect that I was going to skip over the scenes that happened before The Deal in Doll or that Cloud and Sephiroth would immediately get together on the first or second day in Assistant? I'm sorry, but I find that to be highly unrealistic. And I'm only saying this because of the unfollows Doll has been getting. The yaoi will happen, just not immediately. But whatever. It's not making me feel bad, but it is ticking me off a bit.

2013年5月26日(日) -- Some news here: I'm taking a break from writing to rest a bit and recharge my brain. Hehe, I don't mind putting all of my extra time towards updating, but it's gotten to me, and I need more sleep time. I'll be back by the end of the month or by the beginning of June. I'm also going to be traveling out of my home state in June. I'll definitely have time for updating, but whether I have internet at the places I'm going to stay or not is what will determine if there are any new chapters. I'm crossing my fingers. I don't want to miss out on reading epic or upcoming fics, even if I don't get the chance to type. XD

2013年6月5日(水) -- Forgot to post this earlier, but I'm already working on the next chapter to Doll. It's taking a while to come out, and my only two excuses are because it's a longer chapter (yay, another one!) and because of laziness (it's like a disease, I tell you!). I swear I have a short attention span sometimes, and there have been two occasions where I ditched Doll in the middle of writing it to work on something else. Don't be surprised and/or disappointed if another story gets updated first, but I am most definitely back. I'd like to thank everybody for being patient. :D

2013年6月17日(月) -- Good gawd, Doll is refusing to get written. I had hoped to get the new chapter out before leaving home, but the story didn't want to cooperate with me. (-_-) What's worse, now I have an eye infection (sty) on my right eyelid, and reading is a little hard to do. Balls! /_;\

2013年6月30日(日) -- Well... Nearly a month gone by and still no new chapter. I can say all I want about why that is (lack of motivation and being away from home are the main reasons), but there really isn't any excuse. I'm sorry guys. But I won't abandon or discontinue any of my fics. I made that promise some time ago, and I intend to keep it.

Oh, and Jolly, I finally finished reading that fic! At least I finished doing something. ;_;

2013年7月12日(金) -- Motivation: I love him when he cooperates and hate him when he doesn't. Awesomely enough, I've managed to get some of the next chapter written! It's been sitting on my laptop, staring back at me for too long, and I'll try to have it finished by tomorrow or the next day. Major thanks to Cpl.Hicks (I missed hearing from you in the comments and from your story updates when you were gone, by the way!) for helping me out just by continuing Invictus. I can go on and on forever about the awesomeness of both writer and story and still not be able to fully express my love. :D I've said it before, but go and check out her stories. You won't regret it. ;)

2013年8月1日(木) -- Long time, still no update! I'm working on it, though, I swear. It's coming a lot faster than before, but I'm not going to set a date for when it'll be out. The entry above this one can be an example of why I usually never promise update dates. Meanwhile, I've been hanging around other sites, Facebook being one of them (a tiny bit of convincing from a good friend and I was sold!). I've also messed around at Livejournal and, so far, re-uploaded four chapters of every story as of this morning. Check it out, if you like, but I'll still be frequenting this site, though the lack of updates from people I'm stalking is starting to drive me nuts, but I can't complain...

Edit: Screw you, FFNet, screw you! This is the second time you messed up the profile because I used HTML. Gah! Here's the link to the Livejournal:

Other Edit: I knew it! Everything's back to normal. I'm never using HTML on here ever again.

2013年8月9日(金) -- Ohhh, something I've been waiting for has finally come! Extreme happiness over here! Ah, but onto more stuff. Doll is closer to getting a new chapter. Just a few more scenes. Here's some additional info on updates:

Doll - Still number one on priority list.

Assistant - On hiatus until further notice.

Don't Die Before I Do - Will be updated when I have the urge.

Helter Skelter - Same as the above.

Two-Faced (new story) - On hold. This is because I still haven't completely worked out the beginning, and also because of bandwagon reasons. I don't like bandwagons, and I try not to join them if I can help it.

Another new one (still untitled) - When I come up with a plot for this, I'll start it. Let's just say that it's different from the other ones; more so. Though I do try to keep a difference between my stories so they aren't the exact same thing every time.

Tanuki (yet another new one) - Whoo, I've got something productive to do today!

I've also made an AO3 account. It's just another backup in case stuff happens on here. I'm getting totally paranoid...

2013年9月15日(日) -- Made a Facebook page dedicated to Sephiroth/Cloud. There will be daily posts of pics and links to fics. Drop us a like or at least check out the page! https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Puppet-Master-and-His-Puppet/425599170883562

2013年12月29日(日) -- Yet another site to add to the collection:

2014年1月22日(水) -- A thank-you pic for the 300 reviews left on Doll. Yes I know it's late, but I did it despite my lack of art skills.

2014年3月13日(木) -- Another temporary hiatus. I will be using the downtime to work on oneshots, but I don't have it in me to continue any of the main fics at the moment. I was in the middle of reviving one of them, so I will try my best to finish it off. But, in the meantime, I'm going to focus on what I had mentioned above, on the doodling skills that I don't have, on fixing typos and errors, and on fixing up what I have on LiveJournal. I'll apologize here, because I absolutely hate being on hiatus for any amount of time, but I really can't help it right now. I hope to be back on an updating spree as soon as possible. You'll be seeing more updates instead of just completely new content then.

Oh, and this was a bio? :P Other than teenagers and their copypasta, who actually fills it up or uses it as a bio? (I'm keeping it blank when it comes to the "about me" parts, though. I like doing that -- it's pretty fun.)

2014年5月25日(日) -- Chocoboy and Gold and Silver have been deleted by the site. Everything else has been done by my own hands. I'm not sure if they were reported or if the site admins themselves are out looking for what violates the guidelines, but I'm sure that this was no coincidence. Nothing was "wrong" with the titles or summaries, so there was no way to know if explicit content was in the story without reading it. That being said, FFNet is getting smarter...or actually listening to reports. I don't know if this was reported by somebody who follows the rules and demands that others do as well , by someone who has a bone to pick with me, or if the site admins are truly going to deep clean the entire website, but take this as a warning. Warn other authors with heavy explicit content to back their stories up and/or move sites. Download your favorite stories while they're gone. Do it before it's too late. I've had my own stories backed up and fully updated to everything I had on here on two other sites just in case something like this happened. I didn't expected to nor did I ever want it to happen, but it did and there's no changing it. I'm just thankful I took the time to repost on other sites. It was definitely worth it. And to think that I had called myself paranoid back then...

I am not going to whine and cry over deleted fics. It was in the rules, after all, has been for twelve years or so. Whether this is goodbye or not from me to this site remains to be seen. The fics clean of anything that can violate the rules will remain here, though I'm not sure if Doll is, considering the pornography references... Anywho, I will be forced to move sites. If a story of mine you were reading has been deleted, fear not. I have links to my AO3 and LiveJournal accounts where all stories are still there. All of them. I am disinclined to write anything at the moment, however, but rest assured I won't give up on writing.

I'd like to thank all of you. Without your feedback, I would've given this up a long time ago. It's the part that I'll miss about FFNet, really. Thank you again, everybody. I don't want this to be goodbye, but if that's what it comes to, then so be it. You'll be able to find me and the other fics at the following links:

It was a good ride and I had lots of fun while it lasted. I only wish that it lasted longer than a year.

I'm sorry, everybody. I'll miss you all.


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