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Hey what's up! I happen to be from New York City and lived there most of my life. I decided to sign up for fanfiction ever since I read several advanceshipping stories from some wonderful authors out there. You've probably noticed that I'm a suporter of Advanceshipping and have given up hope on it since I was first introduced to it.

I ended up on fanfiction thanks to google. Back at the time I ran into many fanfics dealing with Advanceshipping because I was very caught up with the pairing and read various Ash and May fanfics, most notably May's Crush and Two of a Kind. Then I started to explore things outside Pokemon and became very intesister with the site. It was interesting to see how everyone had their own special writing style that allowed them to create such compelling stories. They created these alternate worlds that followed everything that occurred in the mainstream. What impressed me most was the ability to make series like Pokemon go from innocent to more adolescent and even sometimes for young adults. Sure it might be a bit controversial, but they managed to make it much more serious yet retain the sense of the characters and the environment in a way, they kept it real in their own way. After reading May's Crush and Two of a Kind, that's when I realized that I wanted to try this out for myself and that's how One Love, One Heart started.

This is a link to my first Advanceshipping video, let me know what you think. Enjoy!

This is a link to my second Advanceshipping video, let me know what you think. Enjoy!

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To start off I'm only familiar with Pokemon shippings and these are the shippings I support.

Advanceshipping: It is a shipping I will always stay support. I only realized how much Im satisfied with this pair a few months ago. The reasons why are because: Ash has taught May everything he knows making the mentor/student relationship look adorable. Another thing is if May hadnt met Ash would it be possible that she would still despise Pokemon and refuse to go on her journey with one? Probably be and their personalities are so compatible, she has a determination that can only rival Ashs. Her appetite is the only one that reaches Ashs own making them ideal for each other. Date Expectations is my favorite Advanceshipping episode, since it shows a lot of emotion when May and Ash get lost in the forest alone. Now this doesnt mean I despise any other shipping like Contest, Pearl, or Poke as a matter of fact I would be ok with it as long theres a decent plot ato each shipping, nevertheless Advanceshipping all the way!

Egoshipping: Gary and Misty? Well I know its not as popular as Orangeshipping, but I just find these two fit for each other regardless of the lack of evidence. Not much is known except that their strongest companions are a Water-Type and they find enjoyment in taunting Ash from time to time, which is why I find them so compatible. Anyway Misty, to me has always looked good with rivals.

Ikarishipping: Dawn and Paul is definately worth notting. Like the saying goes, "Opposites attract." I know some speculate Dawn and Gary, but the way Paul opens up to Dawn is something intriguing and how Dawn always seems to try to get his attention. This is like Pokeshipping, except with the cold attitude since both have argued constantly every time theyve come across each other. Nonetheless, this would Dawn and Paul would be something worth seeing.

Luckshipping: Not as popular as Gymshipping and such, but I believe this is one of Brocks most likely pair ups. Aside from Lucy being one of the few girls being flattered by Brocks flirting techniques, they seem ideal. It is obvious that she took a liking to him when she blushed after being complimented and appeared to almost agree in to traveling with him, before the scene is interrupted by Max. The clear attraction between the two could make it one of the less speculative shippings.

Rocketshipping: Ok, Jessie and James are visibly one of the most likely shippings in Pokemon. The most obvious being how Jessie ends up prgenant with James as the father in the Electric Tale of Pikachu. Even if you dont find it canon, from time to time you can see both of them embrace each other and when James fell on her once she had a visible blush. In Noodles! Roamin Off! if you watch the episode it is one of the most clear Rocketshipping episodes, which thus expresses the Rockets feelings for each other.

Wishfulshipping: It hasnt gone in to much depth yet, but I find Cilan and Iris a cute couple. There is some evidence of a connection between the two. For example: The Bloom is on Axew chooses to battle Cilan rather than Ash because she knew Ash would be too hasty and might hurt Axew. This shows that she felt much safer battling Cilan. She later says that he and Pansage adjust to her and Axew like "gentlemen.

Amourshipping: Info will be given in the future.

Significant Original Characters in the Pokemon Advanced Wishes Universe:

Omega- Leader of the Majestic 12, not much is known about the mysterious man, except he often crosses paths with Ash and May. His ambitions are unknown and his agenda remains hidden, but it seems to involve the couple. Omega uses a complete set of Pseudo Legendary Pokemon, which are Dragonite, Metagross, Tyranitar, Salamence, Garchomp, and Hydreigon.

Cloud- A member of the Majestic 12, but around Ash and May's age. He is exceptionally powerful and his primary Pokemon are Latios and Latias, the Eon Duo. His encounter with Ash and May led to a difficult battle where Cloud pummeled Blaziken and Pikachu, but the couple came through and defeated Latias, however, the battle was cut short and Cloud fled. Not much is known about Cloud yet, except he seems as stern as the other members, but shows signs of a good heart.

Genesis- the second in command of the Majestic 12, like other members of the organization, Genesis proves that they are no joke. His knowledge in Pokemon Battles makes him a formidable opponent and was able to hold off Ash's Pikachu and May's Blaziken just by using Rapidash. He conceals his identity with a red helmet.

Silver- Based off the rival of the same name in the HeartGold and SoulSilver games. Apart from that, not much is known about the red-haired member. Like the other members, Silver is a tough battler having been able to defeat Ash and Trip with ease. Like Cloud, Silver carries around two Pokemon, which are a Scizor and Red Gyarados. He seems to have a preference for the color red since his hair is red and his Pokemon share the color.

Archer- Based off the character from the HeartGold and SoulSilver games, but in this universe he never was a Team Rocket operative. His motivation for joining the organization are still unknown and not much is known about him, Archer has implied that the Majestic 12 is working with Team Rocket and Team Neo Plasma.

Roxas- A man who hides his face under a black hood remains shrouded in mystery. The only things known about him are that he uses a Lucario, Shiny Charizard, and a Shiny Metagross. His name was revealed to be Roxas and a Zoroark appeared under his possession when he attacked the Plasma Organizations and Charon in Nacrene City. Not much is known about him, except he seems to have a strange connection to Ash and May.

Auro- (Inspired by Hugh from B2W2) A boy with blue hair and dark eyes. He comes off as stern, but is actually very caring and is always looking out for his friends. He especially seems to have a brother-like bond with Roxas and he despises the Majestic 12. Like the other members of Roxas's team though, he remains as an enigma.

Rosa- (Inspired by Female Character from B2W2) She bears an uncanny resemblance to Hilda although she's clearly a much more powerful trainer. The girl seems to have a close relationship with Nate, Auro, and Roxas. Like the others though, much about Rosa remains a mystery.

Nate- (Inspired by Male Character from B2W2) He looks a lot like Hilbert, except much stronger since he is able to hold his own against the Majestic 12. Nate appears to be close to his friends and tends to be goofy, however, he will serious as serious as Auro, Roxas, or Rosa when the time calls for it.

Summary of the events currently taking place in Black or White:

The training has ended, the real battle begins.

Current Projects: Advanced Wishes. Man in the Mirror

Regarding Advanced Wishes...

Not everything will be based off the anime, only the major elements that I find important and as we progress, it'll step away from it even more. An example of this would be, N making his debut in Chapter 4, unlike the anime where he's popping up halfway through. So keep that in mind, and another thing I'll be doing is taking some elements from the games to put into the story like the Accumula Town incident and Hilda's debut. By the end of the story, only a few major things will be kept from the anime, thank you for your time!

By the way, I tend to leave Easter eggs in my stories that make references to things from the real world or other fictional universes, including Kingdom Hearts, so good job to anyone who notices them.

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