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You want a bio??? I'll show you a bio!! *brings out her mini Vivi doll* (from final fantasy ix)Okay Vivi, Show them a bio! *the vivi doll pulls out his little staff and does the spell "bio" and blows up her brother's Barney doll* MUAHAHAHAHA!!!

Ok I gave up on my first fic cause I lost interest in Yugioh...And i also found that it is extremely hard writing these fics...I have no problem coming up with the story, it's just getting it on paper err...on computer that I have trouble with...

What I'm currently working on:
When Blue Creatures Attack-
A DBZ story where Pan starts getting this strange feeling that something bad is going to happen and everyone just thinks that she's stressed out. So she takes it into her own hands and goes to the Hyberbolic Time Chamber..by herself..to train. But is this feeling really just stress or something more...It's gonna end up being a T/P at least thats what I'm aiming at..

Update: I haven't discontinued my DBZ fic.. just postponed it...I lost interest in DBZ, but I'll pick up on this story later.

Right now I'm tring my shot at a Naruto fic...

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